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Annaliese Wiederspahn

March 31, 20206 min read

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Since we’re all stuck inside right now, you’re probably watching more TV during your work hours than you’d like to admit.

We at Cowboy State Daily have compiled some binge-watching options for you to check out while you’re stuck at home for the next few weeks:

Jim Angell: 

“Father Brown” — Netflix

The writing for this BBC mystery series is snappy, witty and just plain fun. Mark Williams (for those of you who don’t remember, Mr. Weasley in the “Harry Potter” movies) is wonderful as the friendly, inquisitive Catholic priest who solves murders with the help of his rich duchess friend, church secretary and anyone else who happens to be around, most often running afoul of the local police detective in the process.

“The Musketeers” — Hulu

Another fun offering from BBC, this three-season series adds a real dash of fun, adventure, excitement and personality to the old “Three Musketeers” story. The characters are wonderfully developed, there’s action, conflict and explosions. What more could you ask for?

“Wings” — Hulu

We enjoy this pre-“Friends” sitcom about a group of friends who spend most of their time at an airport in Nantucket, Massachusetts, largely because of the well written interactions between the characters. Two of the main characters run a small commuter airline and a third runs the airport’s lunch counter. Larger issues weave their way through the episodes and you even have several on-again, off-again romances. It’s witty and fun. Perfect light fare.

“Sherlock” — Netflix

This dramatic retelling of the Sherlock Holmes tale is a great sort of “buddy cop” approach to the timeless detective stories. Benedict Cumberbatch is perfect as a modern-day Holmes — edgy, rude, wildly intelligent and somewhat self-destructive — while Martin Freeman is the perfect Watson, although he is much more useful and competent than Arthur Conan Doyle’s good doctor. Many of the stories follow the original Holmes mysteries, but exceptional writing weaves in wonderful twists, turns and new elements, all while updating the stories for a modern audience.

Ellen Fike: 

“Tiger King” – Netflix

If your Facebook feed is anything like mine, it’s been filled with memes about the newest Netflix true crime sensation, “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness.” It’s difficult to completely summarize the seven-episode series in just a sentence, but the basics are that it focuses on the eccentric Joe Exotic, a man who owned a zoo in Oklahoma where people were allowed to interact with tigers and cubs. Joe employed a colorful cast of characters and interacted with people possibly running sex cults. It’s weird, wild and the only show anyone’s talking about right now. After you binge the series, make sure to take the Buzzfeed quiz asking you which “Tiger King” character you are. I got Joe! 

“Schitt’s Creek” – Netflix

If you’re looking for a happy, uplifting show to get you through these dark times, this is the one you want. The wealthy Rose family are forced out of the lap of luxury and end up living in a rundown motel in a town they bought their son as a joke when he was a teenager. At first, the show is all about poking fun at the Roses learning to adjust to “simple” life among some of the oddballs who live in the tiny titular town. But then, you realize you’ve watched three seasons of the show in 24 hours and you’ve fallen in love with the Rose family and their quirky dynamics. This is a show where you truly watch the characters evolve from shallow jerks to a real loving family. Plus, you get the added bonus of deciding which of Catherine O’Hara’s wigs you like the best throughout the series.

“Fleabag” – Amazon Prime

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be on the floor feeling destroyed after the short two seasons are over. Phoebe Waller-Bridge managed to create possibly the perfect show in 12 episodes. Waller-Bridge stars at the titular character who regularly breaks the “fourth wall” to talk with the audience as we see her struggle through life in London after her best friend dies. The show has this incredible biting wit and Waller-Bridge is just phenomenal as Fleabag. Sometimes you hate her. Sometimes you want to shake her. Other times, you want to throw your arm over her shoulder and tell her things will be OK. That’s just the first season. When the Hot Priest (played by Andrew Scott of “Sherlock” fame) comes in for the second season, it’s even more of a roller coaster ride.

Bill Sniffin: 

We loved watching “The Kominsky Method” on Netflix.  Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin are simply terrific as they explore geezer-hood while adding in lots of real-life issues. It’s a mix of compelling situations with outstanding acting. “Dead to Me” on Netflix is also a good watch.

“Breaking Bad” (streaming on Netflix) was probably my all-time favorite show.  Thus, we have been catching up with “Better Call Saul” on AMC (most of the series is streaming on Netflix), which is a prequel with many of the same characters. It’s well-crafted and always a surprise.

I love sci-fi, so the reboot of “Lost in Space” (Netflix) is actually well done. Also watched the Mars series from National Geographic. My friend Judy Legerski recommended “The Crown” (Netflix), which we just started watching. It looks interesting so far.

A few shows on HBO always get our attention — “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Avenue 5” and “Westworld” are great. “Game of Thrones” is a total classic and for the few folks who haven’t seen it, you’re in for a binge treat!
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