Gordon Endorses Trump’s Coronavirus Plan

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Gov. Mark Gordon on Wednesday endorsed the recommendations issued by President Donald Trump to slow the spread of the coronavirus within 15 days.

Gordon, in a statement, urged Wyoming residents to follow the recommendations issued by the president, which include avoiding gatherings of more than 10 people, avoiding eating or drinking in restaurants or bars and traveling only when necessary.

“Where counties find it appropriate, in consultation with our State Health Officer, I am supporting the Coronavirus Guidelines President Trump has issued for America,” Gordon’s statement said. “Accordingly, over the next 15 days, I ask that we do all we can as Wyomingites to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in our state.

“We should use good judgment, avoid unnecessary travel, keep social gatherings to groups of fewer than 10 people and use drive-through, pickup or delivery options form our local restaurants,” he added.

Teton County officials have already ordered the closure of bars, coffee shops, museums, fitness clubs and other places where more than 10 people might congregate.

Michael Pearlman, Gordon’s spokesman, said the governor will leave the decision on whether to issue such restrictions up to individual counties.

“Individual county health officers should work with county commissioners to determine whether closures are suitable given their circumstances,” he said in an email. “The state health officder would authorize the closure at the request of a county health officer and elected officials.”

Gordon said he understood such actions would create difficulties for the state’s residents.

“These are going to be perhaps the toughest times any of us will see in our lifetimes,” he said. “Although absolutely necessary, I recognize the toll these measures will take on those most dependent on a working wage. But by working together and practicing good hygiene, kindness and charity, we can keep vulnerable adults healthy, avoid overwhelming our health care system and support those most in need.”

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