Ray Peterson: Are We Going Crazy Or What? Panic Is Worse Than The Bug!

I don't mean to down play this flu bug, but, wow, people have gone crazy.

March 18, 20203 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

By R. Ray Peterson, former Wyoming Legislator

I can’t help but wonder where our nation would stand if a real crisis hit us?

I don’t mean to down play this flu bug, but, wow, people have gone crazy.  This craziness and the panic our reaction promotes is having a worse effect than the flu bug itself.  I fear that we have become a spoiled and weak nation if something like this sets us back years. 

Our reaction to this flu, as a nation disturbs me a great deal.  Media exaggeration, political parties using a natural event as an opportunity to accuse one another, pointing fingers, blaming anyone else, is nothing but childish and weak. 

Someone recently posted on social media that this generation surely would have lost World War II.  We’ve become a nation of weak-minded idiots. 

I can’t help but think the cause of all this is our easy lives we live.  We don’t believe in God, we don’t trust our government, we expect our fair share, earned or not, and we have lost all feeling toward our fellow man.  Wolves have a higher sense of community. 

The only thing this flu bug has reiterated to me is to prepare to protect myself and my family from the crazies out there.  We have become pansies.  We expect government to give us money for lost wages, free health care, free education, and a guaranteed job. 

Better yet, not having to work at all, except for going to the post office to pick up our entitlement check.  God help us all.

I have no doubt that this once strong nation would collapse completely in less than a week when a real catastrophic event happens.  How far we have fallen!

I think our grandparents who lived through a depression, fought in two world wars, fought polio. small pox, typhoid fever, swine flu, bird flu and a host of other life-threatening diseases are looking down on us wondering who we are and who we belong to?

Do you think that perhaps we are overkill with the media coverage?  This has been described as a pandemic event but I think the better definition would be a pandorum event. 

Do we have the mortality rate? accurate numbers? all we really have is panic and distress. 

Thanks to you media and now I have to pull myself away from the TV long enough to go to the store and fight someone for a package of toilet paper. 

Good times!

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