In Brief: Abortion waiting period bill approved by House

A bill that would impose a 48-hour waiting period for those seeing abortions won initial approval from the House on Friday.

February 01, 20191 min read

A bill to impose a 48-hour waiting period on women seeking abortions won final approval in Wyoming’s House on Friday.

After extensive debate, HB 140 was sent to the Senate for its review on a vote of 36-22.

State law requires doctors to offer women seeking abortions a chance to see an ultrasound of the fetus or hear a recording of its heartbeat. Under HB 140, an abortion could not be performed until 48 hours after that offer is made.

Supporters argued it makes sense to set a waiting period before undertaking such a procedure.

“Unless it’s an emergency surgery, to go in and have an invasive surgery the very same day, that’s not health care,” said Rep. Scott Clem, R-Gillette. “That’s pure negligence.”

Opponents maintained the state should not be involved in a decision to seek an abortion.

“I want me, my husband and the doctor (involved),” said Rep. Cathy Connolly, D-Laramie. “You stay out.”

The bill would waive the waiting period in emergencies.

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