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Pat Maio

Pat Maio is a Cincinnati native who graduated from the University of Cincinnati and Ohio University. He has covered major news events ranging from the dot-com bust of the late 90s and the S&L crisis, to electricity deregulation in California and messy labor battles in the port complex of Los Angeles and Long Beach. He began his career in Ohio and West Virginia where he reported on a 97% complete nuclear power plant converted to coal (Zimmer), insider UMWA politics, and foreign labor imported from Jamaica to harvest apples and peaches. He moved on to Baltimore and Washington, D.C., where he had the inside scoop on the sale of the Orioles baseball team to Peter Angelos and reported on enriched uranium cleanup work at Fernald, Ohio, and the Star Wars ballistic missile defense program. He won journalism awards for a Navy medic killed in Beirut, America’s return to space after the Challenger explosion, commercial jet assembly line problems at the old Douglas Aircraft Co., the possibilities of a space mission to Mars, worker shortages in the avocado groves of Southern California, and recovery of the welding industry following the Great Recession. In his spare time, he enjoys mountain biking.