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Rod Miller: High Noon In Bondurant (or) Doug Vickrey Is Cowboy As Hell

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Columnist Rod Miller writes: “The cowboy is Doug Vickrey, a Sublette County commissioner who has had a bellyful of billionaire big talk and bullshit. Vickrey says, and I quote, ‘I would like Mr. Ricketts to know that with all his wealth there are some things in this world money cannot buy, and by God I’m one of them.'”

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Rod Miller: March Madness and Human History

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Columnist Rod Miller writes: “Participation trophies throughout history have included having your village plundered and burned, your land taken, your gods overthrown and your children sold into slavery by the winner. Knowing that alone should make you want to toughen up and hone your competitive skills.”

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Rod Miller: A Challenge To Sponsors Of The Moronic Crossover Voting Bill

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Columnist Rod Miller writes: “For years we have watched the legislature try to impinge on the voting rights of Wyoming citizens by outlawing crossover voting, with each effort dying somewhere in the legislative process. But each time it fails, this wrong-headed notion crops up again like a persistent case of herpes.”

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Rod Miller:  “Coach” – Say It With Respect

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Columnist Rod Miller writes: “His players revered Coach Young not only because he helped them win, but because he helped them become better men. Masculine virtue isn’t only winning, but also becoming better men, fathers and citizens. A proud dad could ask for no better influence on his jock son than that.”

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Rod Miller: “The Paradox of Plenty,” Dave Freudenthal’s Unfinished History of Wyoming

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In reviewing former Wyoming Gov Dave Freudenthal’s new book, Rod Miller writes: “Pardon the mixed metaphors, but Freudenthal eloquently describes the kicking-the-can-down-the-road, all-eggs-in-one-basket corner into which we in Wyoming have painted ourselves.”

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Rod Miller: Observations At The Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame

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Columnist Rod Miller writes: “My dad, Frank Miller, was posthumously inducted into the Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame on Saturday in Cheyenne. My bro, Dr. Mark “Segundo” Miller and I agree that he was the best cowboy we ever saw or even heard about, and the best man we ever knew.”

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Rod Miller: Will Wyoming’s Silent Majority Speak Up?

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Photo by Mike Vanata

Columnist Rod Miller writes: “If Wyoming’s Silent Majority comes down on the side of Oral Eathorne’s MAGA carnival, then we can expect a future in which Romeo Bouchard is appointed Superintendent of the State School for Wayward Girls, and the Wyoming Supreme Court is replaced by the Park County Men’s Full Gospel Gun & Glee Club…”

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Rod Miller: Political And Journalistic Cowardice In the 307

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Columnist Rod Miller writes: “Pardon my French but I’m pissed off. Wyoming PBS announced that the U.S. House debate will be closed to public. If the candidates decided to exclude the public from their debate because of personal or political fear, they are not worthy of the legacy of our Founders.”

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Rod Miller: Corner Crossing With Dollars

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Photo by Mike Vanata

Columnist Rod Miller writes: “The BLM just purchased 35,000 acres of private land near Casper. They did two things with this purchase: They increased the amount of recreational access to the North Platte and they proved the best tool for unlocking land is the good ol’ American dollar.”

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“Romeo” Bouchard, “Oral” Eathorne and Big Table Politics OR There Ain’t Enough Democrats in Wyo for a Decent Orgy

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When you play for high stakes at the Big Table, the chips get a lot heavier and the competition a lot less friendly. Frank Eathorne, the Ayatollah and Chief Cleric of the Wyoming Republican Party is learning that painful lesson very publicly.

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Rod Miller: Rex Rammell And The Sagebrush Rebellion Redux, Version 2.0 — The Sequel

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Columnist Rod Miller writes: “Rex Rammell, a self-described ‘constitutional conservative’ should spend a bit more time reading the constitution of the state that he wants to govern. It wouldn’t hurt him a bit to browse through Wyoming’s Act of Admission to the Union, either.”

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Rod Miller: Unintended Consequences Of Corner Crossing Case

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Photo by Mike Vanata

Columnist Rod Miller writes: “Let’s look at the court’s decision from another angle. According to that legal reasoning, airspace above private property is public. And if drones are hovering over your backyard while your wife and daughter sunbathe, or they peek into your windows at night with infrared cameras, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

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Rod Miller: My Village Is Marked SAFE From Alien Space Goo and Liars! How ‘Bout Yours?

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Rod Miller writes: “President Biden just announced his own cadre of comic book superheroes. sent into harm’s way to keep our village safe. Biden calls this new arm of Homeland Security the Disinformation Governance Board. Orwell called it the Ministry of Truth.”

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Rod Miller:  Colter’s Run Through the Disneyland of Death, Version 2.0

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Columnist Rod Miller writes: “Instead of marketing Yellowstone as some sort of benign, Eden-like fantasy land, we should be honest and say that its one of the few places left on earth where we are not on top of the food chain. I’m convinced that we’ll attract a better, smarter bunch of visitors with that approach.”

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Rod Miller: Leaked Minutes Of Park County GOP Men’s Club Full Gospel Gun & Glee Club, Kanye West Chapter

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Photo by Mike Vanata

Columnist Rod Miller writes: “The following minutes are provided by one of my operatives, disguised as an arms dealer, who secretly and at great risk wore a wire to a recent meeting at an undisclosed location – probably a garden shed behind a member’s mom’s house.”

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Rod Miller: The Many Flags Over Wyoming (And Why It’s Hard To Find Good Fish & Chips In Cokeville)

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Columnist Rod Miller writes: “While we argue over whether the buffalo should face left or right on our state flag, or about how many of the stars on Old Glory represent communist sympathizer states, we often forget how many other flags have flown over Wyoming.”

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Rod Miller:  Change Is Coming. Like It Always Has, Like It Always Will

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Columnist Rod Miller writes: “There are the whispers when two women are seen holding hands, or the ‘wrong’ book shows up on the library shelf, or the ‘wrong’ candidate gets elected….whispers like ‘this used to be such a good place’ and ‘our Wyoming values are changing.'”

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Rod Miller: The Republican Firebrand “Gang of Six” of Wyoming and the Legacy of Liberty Valance

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Columnist Rod Miller writes: Until ‘Romeo’ Bouchard, ‘Boondock’ James, ‘Third Rib’ McKeown and the rest of that noisy, ill- mannered crew can behave themselves and act like adults, they need to be relegated to the kids’ table where they can throw food and pitch hissy-fits at each other ‘til the cows come home…”

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Rod Miller: Frank Eathorne Is On The Wrong Side Of History

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Columnist Rod Miller writes: “Eathorne’s credentials as a secessionist were recently bolstered when leaked documents revealed that he is a member of the Oath Keepers, the paramilitary organization whose leaders were just indicted for their role in inciting that attack on our capitol on January 6.”

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