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Letter To The Editor: Chuck Gray’s Record In The Legislature Has Been Abysmal

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Dear editor:

The most critical political races in Wyoming this year is that of Secretary of State. Not only does the Secretary of State oversee Wyoming’s election security but is also Wyoming’s de facto lieutenant governor – a heartbeat away from the Governor’s office. Wyoming deserves someone who will take election integrity seriously and someone who has the education, demeanor, and proven ability to get things done.                                                                     

The answer is clear – Wyoming needs Tara Nethercott to be our next Secretary of State. 

Her opponent, Chuck Gray, was educated far away from Wyoming’s borders and ideals – in California and Pennsylvania. His service in House District 57 has been abysmal – managing to get only three bills signed into law in six years.

Most telling, however, is the fact that despite his tenure as a legislator, his peers in the Wyoming House have never trusted him enough to give him a committee chairmanship. If his own colleagues, who work with him most closely, don’t trust him to lead a committee, why should we trust him to lead a constitutional office of our state?

By contrast, Tara was raised and educated in Fremont County, graduated from the University of Wyoming College of Law and has a successful law practice in Cheyenne. She has served the residents of Senate District 4 since 2017 and was elected by her Senate colleagues to Chair the Senate Judiciary Committee. Her commitment to hard work, listening to constituents, and striving to make Wyoming a better place has earned her accolades such as legislator of the year from the Wyoming County Commissioners Association (2021), which I am a member of, and the Wyoming Business Alliance (2022). 

In addition, Tara was a co-sponsor on 2021 legislation regarding voter ID, ensuring that identity be proven before a voter can register to vote or cast a ballot.

Tara’s proven track record has led to endorsements from major Wyoming industry groups like the Petroleum Association of Wyoming, Wyoming Mining Association, Wyoming Stock Growers Association, The Wyoming Business Alliance, and the Wyoming Hospitality and Travel Coalition because they know Tara will support our businesses, oilfield workers, miners, farmers, ranchers, and tourism employees.

For these reasons and many more, Tara Nethercott has my vote for Secretary of State on August 16th, and I encourage you to vote for her as well.


Rob Hendry, Natrona County rancher and dirt contractor

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Letter To The Editor: The Facts Chuck Gray Is Forgetting

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Dear Editor,

As I observe Representative Chuck Gray’s campaign for the Wyoming Secretary of State position, I find it hard to watch him take credit for how he successfully “authored and passed our state’s Voter ID law”. He seems to have forgotten the true facts behind the bill, so I have decided to come forward with the rest of the story.

Representative Gray had previously drafted and tried to pass two versions of a voter ID bill.  Both attempts failed miserably. Why?  In my opinion, this was due to two things:  1) he lacked credibility in the legislature, and 2) the bills were poorly conceived and poorly written.

On the third year, I was anxious to see a voter ID bill passed, so I decided to prepare one myself.  I did the research on voter ID laws and drafted a bill that was straight forward and effective. It was at that time that I received a phone call from Mr. Gray.  He was upset and quite condescending.  He demanded to know what I was doing. He had drafted yet another bill and felt that he had earned the privilege to be the sponsor.  He requested that I back down and cancel my bill. I refused to do so.

A few days later, Mr. Gray called once again and began to badger me into dropping my bill.  I resisted because I felt my approach to the Voter ID was superior to his approach.  He became angry and began to yell.  I told him I would hang up if he didn’t calm down to discuss the issue.

It was clear we had different motives.  Mr. Gray wanted the glory and prestige of being the “author” of the bill; I simply just wanted a clean bill that would pass the legislature his time and be easy to implement.  We finally agreed that he would remove the guts of his bill and insert the main language from my bill.  In turn, I would let him take the lead.  This was a decision I now regret seeing how he is taking all the credit for writing and passing the voter ID bill.

I believe that without my language in the bill and without me bringing a strong contingency of support to the bill, Mr. Gray would have struck out the third time.  So, let’s be clear, it wasn’t his leadership that helped the bill be successful.

So, the next time Mr. Gray states “I authored and passed the Voter ID bill” as justification for why you should vote for him.  Raise the question about his honesty and integrity.

Vote for the person who doesn’t seek power and glory.  Vote for Tara Nethercott!

Evan J. Simpson, Representative
Wyoming House of Representatives

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Letter To The Editor: Who’s Afraid Of Liz Cheney?

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Dear Editor:

Who’s afraid of Elizabeth Cheney?

I doubt that it is fear of a January 6th investigation or fear of Liz Cheney that concerns the Republicans.

It is the lack of “due process,” in the Jacobin atmosphere of the Washington D.C. elite and considering it is probably wise to fear.

Liz Cheney’s voting 90% of the time with President Trump does not make her a conservative any more than voting with him 100% of the time would make him a conservative. Go to Govtrack congressional votes database, check the voting record of all Cheney’s votes and judge for yourself how she has voted.

Liberty Score by Conservative Review gives Cheney an F rating in what it considers a 53% conservative record due to her voting. My personal opinion is; she just as well be in the Democratic Party, even though it is often difficult to tell the party differences.

What if Biden had said “Clinton won the 2016 election.” Would I have been outraged? The answer to that is, NO. Would I have thought it was ludicrous? Yes! I certainly wouldn’t have thought his saying so was illegal.

Do I think Hillary Clinton’s refusal to accept the results “triggered” the Nov. 2016 protests and riots across the country? It would be as absurd to believe she “triggered” those as it is to believe anything President Trump said “triggered” the Jan. 6th Capital riot. The legal system in this country used to hold people accountable for their actions not their beliefs.

I don’t know the 2020 election was stolen but then I don’t know that it wasn’t either. I know there is something not lining up with the narrative the establishment is trying to promote and until it is properly vetted I will remain a skeptic.

The Wyoming voter knows the Jan. 6th Committee is a sham, they are skeptical of the election results, and quite aware of the “Due Process Clause” of the United States Constitution and have an awareness of “procedural due process” requiring government officials to follow.

It does not exempt Congressional Officials. Article I of the Constitution does not give Congress the authority to be an investigating agency outside of legislative investigation or pertaining to its own members. Any outside Tribunals are subject to the Supreme Court.

Liz Cheney maintains she is “standing up for the Constitution” and all her new found friends keep parroting kudos but as Mark Levin says, “What constitution is she wrapping herself in, the 1930’s Soviet constitution?”

Lee Groshart, Encampment, WY

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Letter To The Editor: Tara Nethercott Is A Proven Leader

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Dear Editor:

I have devoted much of my adult life to preserving the Wyoming that we know and love. We agree on many things, including keeping Wyoming businesses and families strong.

We do that by ensuring taxes stay low, guarding against over-regulations, protecting and supporting all Wyoming businesses, including minerals, agriculture and tourism, protecting life, and providing good paying jobs for young families.

That is why I need your help to support my friend, Tara Nethercott for Wyoming Secretary of State.

Tara is a Wyoming businesswoman and lawyer. She works hard. I have worked with her in the Wyoming Senate for many years. We share the same Wyoming values.

Because of her honesty, integrity, and hard work, she was appointed as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. She also currently serves on the Senate Corporations, Elections, Political Subdivisions Committee, Capital Finance and Investments Committee, Blockchain Committee, Finance and Digital Innovation Committee, as well as serving as a liaison to the Wyoming Retirement System Board.

Her leadership has helped keep Wyoming’s election laws sound. She is conservative and one of the most effective and successful senators we have.

Tara has supported legislation to help protect Wyoming oil and gas from both over-regulation and over-taxation. She has helped reduce regulations. She sponsored legislation to support Voter ID. She is pro life, pro gun and pro business.

She is a champion of the United States and Wyoming Constitutions. She strongly believes that the answer to government overreach is not more government.

Tara has accomplished so much in the last six years. Help me get Tara elected to be our next Secretary of State. We need her there-Wyoming needs her there! VOTE for TARA NETHERCOTT!

Eli Bebout, Riverton
Retired President of Wyoming Senate

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Letter To The Editor: I’m Highly Disappointed In Dick Cheney And His Daughter Liz

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Photos by David Hume Kennerly/Center for Creative Photography/University of Arizona

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Dear Editor:

To say that I am highly disappointed in Dick Cheney and his daughter, Liz, is a gross understatement.  In Dick’s ad stating that President Trump (although he did not call him “President”) is the greatest threat to our country is shocking.  In less that two years, the current occupant of the White House has accomplished the following:

— Our country’s security is greatly endangered by opening the southern border while trying to secure Ukraine’s border.
— The flow of illegal and killer drugs over the southern border is at an all-time high…with most of the drugs coming from China.
— Human trafficking across the southern border has increased exponentially.
— Some terrorists have been stopped from crossing the border and many have been allowed in.
Inflation is now at historic proportions by wasteful spending and printing money as fast as the presses will run.
— We see hideous sexual teachings becoming “normal” to our elementary school children where parents don’t care.
— The price of oil, and hence gasoline and diesel have gone through the roof by shutting down drilling and the Keystone Pipeline.
— Biden has made himself the laughing stock of all governments in the world.
— He has bowed to China and even sold them oil out of US Oil Reserves.
— The military leaders he has appointed are more enamored with woke-ness than military strength. (And as a 26-year USAF veteran this saddens and angers me greatly.)
— The current administration has allowed something as simple as baby formula to be a crisis for families.
— He also sat by and watched over 45 food processing plants in our nation burn down since less than a month after he took office.
— Now he has declared monkeypox to be a national health emergency to try to gain more control over the populous.

And Dick has the audacity to say that Trump is the greatest threat?  It is important for me to point out that my father and Dick Cheney were friends for many years.  When Dick came to speak at the USAF Air War College during my time there as a student, he told me, “Your dad, Dave, kept me well supplied with jokes all through Desert Storm.  And I needed that during that tough time.”

Then there is Liz.  It is so sad to read people’s remarks that she is a protector of our Constitution.  Not only is she subverting the Constitution, but she is also not supporting nor protecting the people of Wyoming.  Here are facts behind this statement.

Liz voted for the most recent gun control bill and then lied to everyone when she said it will not impact anyone’s 2nd Amendment rights.  

Here is one example of the content of that new bill.  If I were to buy a gun for $500 and then decided to sell it to someone else for $600, I would have to obtain a Federal Firearms License and provide all the records that gun shops have to provide.

Another aspect of this gun control law is that if you buy more than one gun in one purchase, you may very well get a visit from law enforcement wanting to see your new guns and check the serial number.  The new law indicates that anyone who buys two or more guns in one purchase is a possible threat. 

Liz serves on two committees:  House Armed Services Committee and the January 6th Committee.  Neither of those provide anything of value for the people of Wyoming.  This is why Harriet Hageman will serve on the Natural Resources Committee and the Oversight Committee when she is our Representative. Natural Resources will help Wyoming to use our resources and not be dictated to by the Feds.  The Oversight Committee will allow her to help stop the hideous Federal overreach that attempts to control our everyday lives, such as the EPA telling ranchers they cannot allow their cattle to drink water from ponds on their own ranch land.

The January 6th Committee is an unconstitutional committee completely outside the bounds of the powers to be exercised by the Congress.  Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution specifically states what powers Congress can exercise.  The 15th paragraph of Section 8 speaks of calling forth the Milita (today’s National Guard) to “…suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.”  So Nancy Pelosi called the events of January 6, 2021 an “insurrection,” to justify her formation of the committee.  

While some dumb people (specifically Antifa and BLM) did some really dumb things, it was not an insurrection by any stretch of the imagination.  Look up “Insurrection” in the dictionary to find out. 

One person was murdered during the entry to the capitol building after the Capitol Police opened the doors and allowed people to run through the building.  

When some of the idiots were trying to break through doors and windows inside the Capitol, Ashli Babbitt was trying to stop them.  As a result, a Capitol Policeman shot her in the back of the neck and killed her.  She was the only fatality and injury on that day.

Meanwhile President Trump was a mile away on the Capitol Mall wrapping up his remarks and told the people to “peacefully march” to the Capitol Building and make their voices heard.  “Peacefully march.”  He did not incite them to violence or stupidity that was already in progress up the hill in the Capitol.

When the people were running through the building, the House Chamber was told to evacuate.  Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) was working to get the women out first as they had no idea what was going on.  Liz walked up the Rep. Jordan, shook her finger in his face, and said to him, “This is your f****** fault!”  What was his fault?  No one understood what was happening.  Therefore, Liz had to have been part of the plan for this craziness because she knew what was happening.  (In case you have not heard about this, check with Rep. Jordan.  He reported this on the news…on the news that has true journalists.)

Also remember, that even though President Trump asked Pelosi and the Mayor of DC to accept 10,000+ National Guard (i.e., Militia) to protect the Capitol on January 6th just in case trouble broke out, both of them refused the support.  After all, that would have messed up their plans.  And this point has never been made during the January 6th Committee.  Pelosi and the DC Mayor should be called as witnesses to this illegal committee and asked about this.

Jim Jordan and one other Congressman were not allowed by Pelosi to be on the Committee because she considered them too biased.  Really?  So, did she believe that Liz and Kitizinger and all the Democrats on the Committee were not biased?

The Committee has not called witnesses to support the Conservative view of events.

They have declared President Trump guilty without due process…and this is a heinous act of the Committee regardless of your feelings about the former President.

Liz has lived in Wyoming for 2 years — 6th and 7th grade.  Does this sound like someone who has the true interests of the people of Wyoming at heart?  Does she really understand the challenges of the oil, coal, and mineral industries?  Has she ever gotten her hands dirty to dig into he challenges faced by ranchers and farmers?  Does she even care about the many, many small businesses that help keep this State running well?  Have she and her husband divested themselves of the tremendous investments they have in China?  Has her husband denounced Bill Clinton for his association with him for many years?

When Liz decided to run for Congress from Wyoming by using her daddy’s name recognition, she ran to Teton County, bought a vacation home, and declared that to be her primary residence…one which she very rarely occupies.  Then she immediately bought a lifetime Wyoming fishing license…for which she was fined by Game & Fish as she had not lived in the State for 3 consecutive years.  (That was great!)

For the recent debate that she had with others running for Congress, she flew in for the debate, and flew out to her buddies in Northern Virginia and DC immediately after the debate.  She did not stick around to talk to the people to find out what is on their minds — because she does not care what the people of Wyoming think.

Her greatest support base of money and endorsements is coming from Democrats outside of Wyoming for the current election cycle.

So here is the big question:  Does Liz sound like a protector of the Constitution?  Does she sound like the kind of Representative we need in the US Congress to take care of Wyoming’s interests?  Keep an eye on post-election events — my prediction is that when she loses, she will receive an appointment to some post in the Biden Administration.

By Steven Kahne, Pinedale

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Letter To The Editor: Liz Cheney Is Guardian Of Democracy

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To the Editor:

Before casting their vote in this primary, Republicans need to ask themselves how they would have reacted if a Democratic president had done what Donald Trump did in the wake of the 2020 election.

What would have been their reaction if false claims of election fraud were repeatedly made by that Democratic president and his or her minions, even after the courts had ruled that those claims had no validity?

Would they have calmly stood by while the president urged his supporters, many of whom he knew to be armed, to march on the Capitol to stop the certification of the election, and then did nothing for hours as the mob went out of control, even threatening the vice president?

And how would they have characterized Democratic party leadership who initially condemned the president’s actions, only to backpedal in order to curry favor with him or her?

We all know the answers to those questions. Republicans would be up in arms, demanding the president be held accountable, and they would rightly condemn the Democrats who supported those actions as spineless and unworthy to represent the people in Congress. How ever much we like a person, or their policies, we cannot let them get away with intentionally endangering our cherished democracy.

A fundamental principle of democracy is that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. True patriots support this concept.

Liz Cheney is a true patriot. Her conservative credentials in Congress are second to none. But she knows that Donald Trump tried to subvert the will of the people after the 2020 election, and this cannot go unchallenged and unpunished. Because if Trump is not held to account, it could happen again.

Vote for a patriot. Vote for a guardian of democracy. Vote for Liz Cheney.

Carolyn Williams, Cody

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Letter To The Editor: Tara Nethercott An Insider? Yes- Thank Heavens

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Dear Editor,

When Senator Dan Dockstader pulled out of the race for secretary of State and gave his support to Senator Tara Nethercott, the other candidate, Representative Chuck Gray referred to them as “insiders.”  Since that time Representative Gray has continued to apply this reference to Senator Nethercott publicly and now in his mailers.

In contemplating the term “insider” and what that might mean for the voters of Wyoming, I have come to agree that Tara Nethercott is indeed an insider and thank heavens for the state of Wyoming that she is.  As an insider she is familiar with our history, culture, and ethics, and as the daughter of a law enforcement officer whose conservative family has been in this great state for five generations, she fits the bill to be the next Secretary of State.

Attending elementary school as a Shoshoni Wrangler and graduating as a Riverton Wolverine she was immersed in the state’s conservative hard-working culture all through her formative years.  She attended the University of Wyoming for her undergraduate work and went on to receive her Juris Doctorate from the University of Wyoming Law School.  Those choices certainly put her on the inside track to step in and help move this state forward in true conservative Wyoming fashion.

Since she was elected to the Wyoming State Senate in 2017 Tara has amassed an impressive record that can only be attributed to the talents she has developed working with citizens across the state, state agencies, and her fellow legislators.  In 2021 the Wyoming County Commissioners Association honored her as the legislator of the year, rewarding her for habit of listening, and her support of policies needed to maintain Wyoming’s legacy of small government closest to the people.

Do I like a public official working inside the structure of state government to provide support for our county commissioners? Yes, that is my kind of insider.

Representative Gray claims he is not an insider.  This leaves us to believe he is an “outsider,” which I would again agree with.

Since Gray received his high school education in California and higher education from a liberal Ivy League university, I don’t think anyone would argue he is an outsider.  And now this outsider wants to tell the citizens of Wyoming how he plans to run the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office using his embedded West-coast and East-coast influences.

Since her election, Senator Nethercott has personally sponsored 26 legislative bills with 11 of them (42%) being passed by both the House and the Senate and signed into law by the Governor.  Of her 26 bills, all but five were passed by the Senate.

Only two years after being elected she was selected by Senate leadership to be the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and as such, serves as Co-chairman of the Joint Judiciary Committee.

Under her chairmanship, 67% of the bills sponsored by the Judiciary Committee have been signed into law, a very high percentage considering the complexity of the topics assigned to this committee for consideration.  Senator Nethercott’s intelligence, experience as a practicing attorney and her experience in establishing a small business all on her own provide a solid foundation in providing confidence to businesses in the state.  These successes also send a message nationally and globally that Wyoming is open for business, with a competent, self-defined Secretary of State dedicated to protecting the interests of businesses and helping them thrive in a small-government economic environment.

Is Representative Gray an outsider in the legislature?  Statistics from the legislative web site would validate he is.  Like Senator Nethercott, Representative Gray was also elected in 2017 and he personally sponsored 39 legislative bills with only three being signed into law.

That’s a mere 7% success rate.  Perhaps more telling that his lack of ability to pass legislation is that of the 39 bills he personally sponsored, only five made it out of the House of Representatives where he is an elected member.  This show his inability to work collaboratively with a House that has a strong majority of his own Republican Party in a way that would garner support to his bills.  The Wyoming legislature has historically rejected the influences of outsiders whose ideas are contrary to long-standing conservative Wyoming values.

Unlike Senator Nethercott, Gray has not been assigned to chair a committee.  Perhaps this sheds some light on the lack of confidence multiple House leaders have in his leadership capacity and ability to work with others. 

We call ill afford a Secretary of State who as an outsider is either not willing or does not have the ability to work with others for the benefit of Wyoming.

Join me in voting for a true Wyoming insider.  Vote for Tara Nethercott to be our next Secretary of State.

Representative Lloyd Larsen


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Letter To The Editor: What Is The Wyoming Republican Party Afraid Of

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Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Dear Editor:

What is the Republican Party in Wyoming afraid of? Why are they supporting those in the GOP leadership that don’t want January 6 investigated?  What’s to hide if you were not involved? Don’t we want to know the facts?   

What if in 2016 Vice President Biden said, “No I certify that Hillary Clinton really won the election”?  We would be outraged and rightly so.  Don’t we want to know what or who triggered January 6? Oops sorry “trigger” like “compromise” are bad words. 

Why are they afraid of Congressman Liz Cheney? If the party is as conservative as they say they are then why would they “kick out” a congressman who voted over 90% of the time with Trump? All the sudden she isn’t conservative enough?

In fact, in the latest missive from the WY GOP Liz is called “Woke”.  What is the new definition of conservative? Who changed the definition? All of this should make you wonder, is the Former President a man or a golden calf we now must worship because we got tired of waiting on Moses to bring the 10 commandments down from the mountain.

In this case Rudy Giuliani to bring actual evidence, not hearsay, actual evidence that showed there was voter fraud and Trump won. Believe me, I wanted there to be evidence.  I could not believe a bumbling glad hander who campaigned from his basement won.  

I streamed news on my computer at work all day then beat it home to watch the news with my dad.  Many hoped for a News Alert that said, “Major Smoking Gun; Biden concedes, and Trumps stay in WH”. But it didn’t happen. And after a few weeks it started getting old and embarrassing listening to “we have the proof we have the proof” only to find out the sky was not going to fall, and that Giuliani used a bad batch of Just for Men hair color.  

Some still believe and blame the judicial system. Really? The emperor doesn’t have any clothes on, there is not any evidence, and someone needs to tell him.  Oh, wait that is what Liz is doing but she is being tarred and feathered for speaking and searching for the truth. Remember she was on the floor of the US House when rioters were trying to break down the doors of the Capitol and the House and Senate chamber. 

We were not there.  If you still believe the big lie look up a PBS Frontline interview with Frank Luntz the Republican Pollster.  He told President Trump the polls are NOT in your favor; you are going to lose. But Trump mocked him and like the smarmy salesman he is convinced others to mock Luntz also.  It’s hard to hear but sometimes the truth is hard to hear. 

Rally calls in Wyoming are, cross over voting is bad. There always is cross over voting.  And why do you think that is?  Because the GOP in the state is angry with a petite conservative blond who believes the brand, she rides for is the Constitution of the United States and it is her duty to protect it. 

This small powerhouse is not afraid to speak truth to power and say, “hey what Trump was asking Vice President Pence and others to do regarding the certification of the election was unconstitutional.”  This is not a controversial stance to take.  It’s the only stance to take. 

 The WY GOP is so afraid of Liz they have “disavowed” her.  Yep friends, the State GOP are acting like Liz is a rouge CIA agent the Russians have caught, and the CIA is no longer recognizing her as a member of their gang. If you voted for Liz last election, the GOP is now disenfranchising you. 

Again, what is the GOP afraid of? Why is Trump afraid of Cong Cheney? She is one member from a small population state, a fly over state. There is a bur under Trumps and the WY GOP’s saddle over Liz. Could it be that what she has been saying is hitting too close to the mark, so they want to deflect and say, “she isn’t Republican enough”?   

When you go to the county clerk to register to vote there is no written test. You choose.  It would be unconstitutional to do otherwise.

What made Liz a RINO? I’ve heard she does nothing for Wyoming. Seriously? She introduced legislation to protect fire fighters, coal, guns, stop Executive orders that hinder oil and gas production without Congressional approval, protecting and strengthening rural healthcare, access to tele-health, working to stop the 30 by30 Biden land grab.

There is more but I’m over my word limit.  Republicans are in the minority. Getting anything passed is impossible.  No new congressman from WY will do a quarter of what she’s done.  Besides that, anyone but Liz, will listen to a guy from New York City on how to vote.  NEW YORK CITY?! 

Please don’t take the constitution for granted.  If you choose to vote for someone other than Congressman Cheney, remember, she is working right now to keep your right to vote against her, she knows full well she could lose but defending the constitution is more important for her.  

This Cowgirl is riding for the Constitution not a New Yorker that has weaponized the English language to con people into following him.


Jackie Van Mark
Torrington, Wyoming

Letter To The Editor: As Former Sec. Of State, I Urge Citizens To Vote For Tara Nethercott

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Dear Editor,

Having served the state of Wyoming for Secretary of State for 8 years, I feel confident that Tara Nethercott is the right candidate for this important office.

Do you want a Secretary of State with the expertise and experience to successfully conduct all the responsibilities of the office? I do. There is no better candidate than Tara Nethercott. The varied responsibilities of the SOS require a broad base of experience which Tara Nethercott has. The office requires professional leadership for all the many responsibilities included in the office of Secretary of State.

Tara has served on varied boards and commissions including Corporations, Political Subdivisions & Elections. As a Wyoming State Senator, she serves as chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Tara Nethercott has gained the knowledge and expertise to successfully serve the Cowboy State as your next Secretary of State.

Tara is true Wyoming. She was born here, raised and chose to build her life here. Her family has deep roots in the state having homesteaded here. She is accountable to the people of Wyoming.

Again, I urge my fellow Wyoming citizens to go to the polls on August 16th and cast their ballot for the candidate most experienced for the job. The people of Wyoming deserve Tara Nethercott as their next Secretary of State.

Max Maxfield, Retired Secretary of State
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Letter To The Editor: Liz Cheney Is A Staunch Conservative; Check Her Voting Record

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Dear Editor:

Liz Cheney deserves your vote in the Republican Primary.  Liz is staunch conservative as borne out by her voting record in Congress and who was respected enough by her Republican colleagues to be voted in as the chairwoman of the Republican Conference.  

She has also received strong support by Wyoming voters in each of her three elections.

But her Republican support took a hit when she voted to impeach President Trump and favored appointment of a House committee to investigate the January 6th attack on the Capitol.  

She was stripped of her Conference Chair, Wyoming Republican leadership censured her and she was kicked out of the party. 

When Liz was elected to Congress, she swore to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and that she would “bear true faith and allegiance to the same.” 

Nowhere in her oath did she swear allegiance to a political party or to the President.  This country was founded on the principles of the Rule of Law and the orderly transfer of power. 

No man, even a president, is above the law or can be permitted to interfere with the transfer of power from one president to another which Trump attempted to do.

Liz Cheney would not stand for this and in an act of vengeance he picked a challenger who agreed to sell her soul for his support to run against Liz. 

No matter the degree of love, loyalty or admiration one might have for the former President, this election is not about him. 

Trump is not on the ballot and his hand-picked candidate cannot be used as a stalking horse to carry out his vendetta. 

Whether he instigated the Jan. 6th attack on the Capitol, attempted to prevent the orderly transition of power, or committed a criminal act are not the issues in this election. 

No, the sole issue is selecting the most qualified candidate and that candidate is Liz Cheney who will continue to fight for the people of Wyoming.  Vote for Liz Cheney on August 16th.

Rex Arney, Sheridan
Arney served in the Wyoming Legislature from 1973 – 1988

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Letter To The Editor: Drew Perkins Is A Proven Leader

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Dear editor:

I have devoted much of my adult life to preserving the Wyoming that we know and love. We agree on many things, including keeping Wyoming businesses and families strong.

We do that by ensuring taxes stay low, guarding against over-regulations, protecting and supporting all Wyoming businesses, including minerals, agriculture and tourism, protecting life, and providing good paying jobs for young families.

That is why I need your help to support my friend, Drew Perkins, State Senator from Casper.

Drew is a Wyoming businessman and lawyer. He works hard, loves his wife and family, and has raised great kids.

I have worked with him in the Wyoming Senate for many years. We share the same Wyoming values. Because of his honesty, integrity, and hard work, he was elected and served as the President of the Wyoming Senate.

He is currently the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. His leadership has helped keep Wyoming’s most recent budget nearly 2% lower, dollar for dollar, than it was twelve years ago. He is one of the most effective and successful senators we have.

Drew has supported and introduced legislation to help protect Wyoming oil and gas from both over-regulation and over-taxation.

He has helped reduce regulations, on everything from small sand and gravel operations, to after school care. He passed legislation that helped increase the efficiency and effectiveness of state government. He is pro life, pro gun and pro business.

He is a champion of the United States and Wyoming Constitutions. He strongly believes that the answer to government overreach is not more government.

Drew is running for re-election and has an opponent who is short on Legislative experience. Drew has accomplished so much in the last 16 years.

Help me get Drew re-elected and back to Cheyenne. We need him there-Wyoming needs him there! VOTE for DREW PERKINS!

Eli Bebout
Retired President of Wyoming Senate

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Letter To The Editor: Hageman Would Be More Effective Than Cheney

in Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Regarding the upcoming congressional primary I’ve been struck by the certitude of most people I know. They are entirely in the pro-Cheney or anti-Cheney camp and it seems to depend on whether they love or hate Donald Trump.

Well, to paraphrase my old friend the late Senator Hank Coe of Cody “Some of my friends are for Liz Cheney and some of my friends are against Liz Cheney. I’m with my friends.”

Let’s assume the best about both Liz Cheney and Harriet Hageman. They’re both smart. They’re both sincere. Their political positions aren’t far apart, excepting their opinions on Donald Trump. It seems a candidate’s view of another politician is thin gruel to base your vote on.

A consideration I haven’t heard in all the noise is who can be the most effective for Wyoming. If Harriet Hageman wins she’ll enter congress as a freshman with a blank slate, so to speak.

I assume she’ll try to get on those committees that affect Wyoming such as those dealing with land use and energy development and  she’ll probably be successful. After all, these are not the powerful or sexy committees to be on.

What happens if Liz Cheney wins? What committees will she be able to get on? Fairly or unfairly, she has alienated the Republican caucus and is a toxic presence to them.

They are the ones who decide committee assignments. Even the most avid Cheney fan can’t believe she’ll get any of the assignments she wants that benefit Wyoming the most.

I mean no disrespect to Ms. Cheney with this letter, but I don’t see it any other way.

I might be wrong. I have been before.

Bruce Burns, Sheridan
Burns served in the Wyoming Legislature from 1995 – 2018

Letter To The Editor: Liz Cheney Is Lying

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Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images

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Dear Editor:

With regard to today’s article regarding Ms. Cheney’s concern for protecting the Constitution, some facts are in order. Ms. Cheney voted to impeach President Trump, against whom she clearly has a personal vendetta, for “abuse of power and obstruction of Congress,” neither of which is a high crime or misdemeanor, and, thus, are not impeachable offenses under the Constitution.

Biden has provided over $80 billion in aid and comfort to an enemy of the US in Afghanistan, which is treason. His eviction moratorium is un-Constitutional interference with contracts. His mask mandate on public transportation has been found to be both illegal and un-Constitutional. 

He has failed to protect the States against invasion across the southern border. He has openly colluded with social media companies to suppress First Amendment rights, even going so far as to announce it at a press conference. 

Biden’s attempt to subvert the recent SCOTUS Roe v. Wade opinion is un-Constitutional. Biden’s coercion with regard to experimental “vaccines” is both a felony under US Code and meets the definition of domestic terrorism. 

All of these, and more, are truly impeachable offenses, and Ms. Cheney is aware of them, and yet she does nothing. Biden’s seemingly endless executive orders are certainly an abuse of power.

As vice-chair of the January 6 committee, she has allowed perjured testimony by the Capitol Police, has allowed Mr. Schiff to manufacture evidence, has withheld thousands of hours of public video obtained at public expense in a public building, has allowed hearsay to be introduced as evidence, and has denied the accused their Constitutional rights. 

While Congress has broad investigative authority, that authority is limited to legislative purposes, so the committee itself is likely un-Constitutional. Ms. Cheney even attempts to blame President Trump for not “ordering” National Guard troops into DC on January 6, even though that would be a violation of the law and a true abuse of power. 

Ms. Cheney does know, but chooses not to admit, that President Trump did authorize Guard troops, which is the extent of his authority, while the Speaker of the House chose to prevent their use because of poor “optics,” or perhaps more nefarious reasons.

So, while Ms. Cheney claims protection of the Constitution as her highest duty, it is clear that is not the case. She hasn’t even honored her oath of office. Simply put, Ms. Cheney is lying.


Mike Robinson, Ten Sleep

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Letter To The Editor: No More Cutesy Names For Grizzly Bears

in Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Please refrain from allowing the “cutesy” names that the lazy photographers have assigned to apex predators like Grizzly bears.

I find it abhorrent that an animal that will disembowel you and eat you alive be giving any moniker other that its true name”Ursus Horriblis”.

I also hold those photographers responsible for the casual way that those bears are now treated,as roadside spectacles,and for not allowing Park officials and wildlife managers

from doing there jobs and relocating those bears as they become habituated to humans.


Scott Hocking
Teton Troutfitters

Letter To The Editor: Hageman Is A Champion For Wyoming’s Water

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By Bryce Reece, Casper, WY

Dear Editor:

Apparently a few people (i.e. her opponents and their supporters in her bid to become Wyoming’s lone Congressional representative) have been questioning Harriet Hageman’s work surrounding the Flaming Gorge reservoir. 

Having known Harriet and her work to protect Wyoming’s water for the past 25 years, I feel compelled to correct some of the inaccuracies and misinformation that is being circulated.    

Unlike her election opponents, Harriet Hageman is one of the foremost experts on Wyoming and Western water law in the United States.

She has fought numerous court cases advocating for and protecting Wyoming water right holders, and has even represented the state of Wyoming itself when other states have attempted to take our water.

She has fought to protect Wyoming’s water rights, to enforce Wyoming’s water laws, and to make sure Wyoming water rights holders were able to understand, access, utilize and protect their property rights.

She has also worked to ensure that Wyoming municipalities were able to provide water to their citizens, and she has tirelessly fought to preserve Wyoming’s ranching and farming industries.

She has taught Wyoming water law around the state, as well as continuing education to other lawyers, realtors, and a variety of industry groups to increase their understanding of the complexities of Wyoming water law.  

Harriet has served as a vital resource to Wyoming legislators as they work to protect and enhance Wyoming water law.  

Unlike her election opponents, Harriet has laid herself and her own money on the line time after time to protect and hold onto water that legally belongs to Wyoming and Wyoming water rights holders. Anyone who claims to the contrary is spreading disinformation—a tactic that may play well in the swamp, but is unwelcome here. 

Western water law is complicated, as is interstate water law, particularly when interstate compacts are involved. 

As for the Flaming Gorge Reservoir that straddles the Wyoming/Utah border, the fact is that both Wyoming and Colorado have rights to the water that is stored there.  Importantly, the battle over the water in the Colorado River system isn’t between Colorado and Wyoming. 

Being two of the “upper basin states” under the 1922 Colorado River Compact, they are actually allies.  The real battle is between Wyoming and Colorado on the one hand, and California, Arizona, and Nevada on the other.  It is the lower basin states that want to take our water, not Colorado. 

For pure political expediency, there are now some who want voters to believe that Harriet, after a 25-year-career, suddenly changed course 180 degrees and attempted to “sell out” Wyoming’s water to a speculator. 

I know for a fact that Harriet has never done anything that would compromise Wyoming’s water rights or entitlements under the Colorado River Compact (or any other interstate decree or agreement).  Harriet has never looked at allowing Wyoming’s water to be used in Colorado, nor would she.  You can visit my Facebook page if you want additional information about Harriet’s work. 

Harriet has been a champion protecting Wyoming’s water for decades, a project with which I am intimately familiar. From 2013 through 2018, Bill Taliaferro of Rock Springs and I worked on an effort to utilize 250,000 acre feet of Wyoming water stored in Fontenelle Reservoir, again in southwestern Wyoming. 

That water is currently underutilized, which means that it eventually flows to the lower basin states of Arizona, California, and Nevada but is lost to Wyoming. That water was originally intended by Congress to create a large irrigation project in southwestern Wyoming. That irrigation project was, in fact, the purpose for which Fontenelle Reservoir was built.

Although the federal government constructed the reservoir, and Wyoming continues to have rights to 250,000 acre feet of water stored there, the original irrigation project was never constructed.

Over the past 60 years, no viable project has been proposed for that water, and without one, the lower basin states have created a de facto “claim” for it.

The only hope to save that water for Wyoming and our citizens is to find a viable use for it. Bill Taliaferro and I worked for five years trying to get anyone who would listen to support a plan we developed that would have potentially put over 100,000 acres of range land into productive, irrigated agriculture production.

Most of our efforts fell on deaf ears, but one person who solidly supported us and our efforts was Harriet Hageman, who actually came and stood on the top of Fontenelle Reservoir with us and walked the ground we believed could be brought into production.

Unlike her election opponents, she offered us support and advice and committed to helping us to see that the Fontenelle proposal might become a reality.

Harriet has been and will continue to be a strong voice for Wyoming and for the protection of Wyoming’s water.  Anyone who makes allegations to the contrary is not telling the truth.   


Bryce Reece, Casper

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Letter to the Editor: Liz Cheney Protects The Constitution

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Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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By Rebecca Watson, Cody, Wy

Dear Editor:

I support Representative Liz Cheney’s work to protect our Constitution. Wyoming is my professional birthplace where I had opportunities unique to the State. I began my career as a federal district law clerk in Cheyenne and as a lawyer in Sheridan.

I was active in Republican politics and had the opportunity to campaign around the state. Senator Malcom Wallop supported my first federal political appointment as Assistant Attorney at the US Department of Energy – I was proud to be included as one of the “Wyoming Mafia.”

Twelve years later, I served as Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals, US Department of the Interior—managing BLM and federal energy. In each job, I swore an oath to the Constitution.

I believe I know something about leadership and what it means when we say, “We are a nation of laws, not men.”

As Americans, we don’t put our trust in a king or “strong man” to protect our liberties. Our trust is in the Constitution and its framework of checks and balances, representative democracy and federalism. The Constitution is our foundation and strength – when we diminish it, we diminish our country.

Liz Cheney is right to fight for free and fair elections and the peaceful transfer of power – these are fundamental to who we are as Americans.

Liz is a leader – doing the right, more difficult thing when it would be much easier to remain silent, to “go along.” Congress is a collective body; you have to work with others to get things done.

A representative must not only be a leader, but also have integrity – people can trust their word. I saw those qualities in Liz during the debate. Liz Cheney told us where she stands, “I will never put party above my duty to the country…to the Constitution.

I swore an oath under God and I will abide by that oath.” That is what I want from my representative and why I am proud she represents me.


Rebecca Watson, Cody

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Letter To The Editor: Don’t Move To California!

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Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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Dear Editor:

I truly understand people’s frustrations at gas prices.

It might be helpful if they compared prices to California. The state I am trapped in.

I have wanted to move to Wyoming for decades, but my wife wanted to stay in this state. Mostly for out three children.

We are tracking at about $7 a gallon statewide for gas. We have been above $3.50 a gallon for the last 20 years at least, while Wyoming and most other states were around $1.50 a gallon. We also have the refineries that most likely supply the same gas at $2 or more less a gallon to Wyoming than what we pay here. Figure that one out?

Nothing will ever change as long as the politicians are making themselves rich. Check the statistics of our countries Billionaires. They have ALL more than doubled their money in the last two years.

When this latest housing market crashes as history and the statistics say it will. We will wish we only had the 1929 crash and depression to deal with.

You have a large state with a population of less than 50% of our state capital, Sacramento.

I live in the northern part of this state.

About a hundred miles or so from Oregon. 15,000 population town with traffic like L.A.

I say always to anyone that will listen.


Visit only. Spend about two weeks visiting the only things worth seeing.

Disneyland should be seen at least once in a lifetime. Five days at Disney, one needs to be a Saturday for the night show, one day at Universal Studios, take the tram tour.

Then head North. The California Redwoods have the largest trees in the world.

You are transported to our worlds past. The trees of mystery are a must see while you are there. Just look for the giant Paul Bunyan and Babe statues. In Klamath.

Then make your way West to the Northern state beaches. Start at Fortuna and travel north on the 101 highway towards Oregon. Pelican state beach is the last nice one in the state. Then head to Interstate 80 as soon as you can and scoot home.

This is obviously some of my rantings about the lack of people to admit they voted for the ones destroying our country. Even the ones that had Biden signs in their front yards claim they voted for Trump.

I do need to say: These are my opinions based on facts, research, and personal observations for over sixty years.

Thank you if you spent the time reading this.

Dan C.

Trapped in a real hell.

I hope to be accepted as a Wyoming citizen some day.

Appreciate where you live. You are lucky and do not know it.

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Letter To The Editor: Barbed Wire Story Is Fake News

in Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I did not expect to see such a false and deliberately slanted article in this newsletter as the one on barbed wire.  Shame on the author for not catching the incongruous pictures and background in the story titled ‘Groups Work Together’.  The project volunteers were not removing barbed wire from a working fence, they were obviously removing the mess left over from an unmaintained fence that had not been operational for a long time.  

Second, the picture of the five-strand fence with two dead antelope was not evidence of barbed wire being evil.  Instead, it was a testimony of the stupidity of the idiots who built that fence incorrectly.  Anyone who builds livestock fencing knows that the wires, poles, or boards should be spaced closer together near the bottom, with openings being farther apart near the top.  The antelope are usually able to jump through the fence near the top if the wire is spaced correctly.  

Third, smooth wire will not contain cattle in a pasture.  It is probably the Forest Service’s intention to remove or not restock that livestock allotment, which is pro-environmentalist, and in opposition to ranchers and U.S.F.S. Regional direction.   Why was the U.S.F.S. Rangeland Specialist not interviewed for this article? 


Candy Luhrsen, Douglas, WY

Letter To The Editor: Lack Of Liquor Licenses Killing Wyoming Communities

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By Richard Johnson, Cheyenne

Dear Editor:

Cheyenne has “Floated the Keg”! In common speak this means the keg is empty or the party is over. 

For those of you who are following City Council meeting you realized we are “Tapped” out of even our Bar and Grill licenses at this point. That’s right, no potential growth in this sector. I have heard of two businesses in the last two weeks that wanted to expand in Cheyenne and we have to tell them no. 

One was a mom and pop wanting to branch out and another a corporate chain restaurant. A rhetorical question would be, “How can you be a candidate of growth or an elected official who promotes growth when you are handcuffed by state statute?

So what is the city up against in our uphill battle with the Legislature? In this case I revert back to a text I received from a Cheyenne resident. if you live in a community – Cheyenne – in which, due to the paucity of licenses, makes the value over six figures. 

In a state which claims to be hyper-libertarian this behavior appears to be a dissonance unless you realize that the current rules on licensing can easily be understood to be a property right protected by the fifth amendment. 

Believe me, the state’s liquor lobby may be the most effective and respected in the state. The representative of that lobby is not only smart and effective but is well liked on both sides of the aisle as well as among folks in town. 

We are talking about a law created as a compromise upon the end of prohibition that turned into a gold mine of non-capitalism … unintended consequences. Unless the legislature is willing to pony-up millions as compensation that needle won’t move.

Here is another text I received on where residents of this city reflect on this issue. Go ahead and insert the “I hate Colorado, if you like it there, move!” statement at any time while reading this piece.

I traveled 180 miles today round trip to get things that Cheyenne and Wyoming refuse to provide. On the way down I-25, I stopped at Centerra. Just south east of the I-25-34 interchange, the restaurants are just taking off. And, they all serve alcohol. We went a little further to the premium outlets by the Orchard. Again, restaurants, discount liquor warehouse. In fact, from Denver to Wellington, there is growth, and more growth, and more growth. And, it’s amazing. 

Then we have Cheyenne. Sure, I enjoy going to our small handful of local restaurants, and our suburban-cliche chains. But, man, it would be amazing to be part of the Front Range growth, instead of seeing the state line kill all movement. 

So, I’m frustrated. We have more people now than we did when I grew up. I’m just frustrated that every time we get ideas to grow this town, old rules, rural mindsets, and old money shut it down to protect their own interests. 

But, even with gas at almost $5, we saved money today traveling 180 miles. I hate saying that about my hometown. So, idiotic. I can vent. I’m frustrated.

I am sure we are in for quite a “Spirited” debate when the banking lobby speaks out on loans that licenses were collateral and as stated previously, the liquor lobby rears its head to keep things exactly the same in Wyoming. My only hope is that the Legislature realizes these archaic laws are stifling growth in even the small communities

When municipalities like Pine Bluffs, Lingle, and Upton reach out to me on this topic, it reflects that this isn’t just a Cheyenne issue. 

Out of Wyoming’s 99 municipalities, 55 of them are less than 500 people. It would make sense that a legislator to think Cheyenne and Casper are spoiled children with silver spoons in their mouths and we can’t relate to our smaller communities. 

Just this week, Albin unanimously voted to support the Laramie County Resolution on liquor reform. They were the last of the four Laramie County Municipalities that approved. Pine Bluffs and Burns approved the resolution in May. So not everything is doom and gloom on the horizon. We are all in this together.

This week I emailed nearly every elected official in the State of Wyoming to review the resolution approved by all municipalities in Laramie County. The interim legislative committee discussed this topic in Hulett on June 29-30, 2022. 

I encourage you all to email your legislators and show your support for economic growth. Once again, if you believe this is not the course of action the Cheyenne City Council should take or you speak in favor, I ask that you email me at rjohnson@cheyennecity.org


Richard Johnson

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Letter To The Editor: Blame It All On My Roots!

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By Landon Brown, Cheyenne

Dear Editor:

Politics is a weird contact sport.  You’re never able to quite see the hits that are coming and sometimes they get you from left field when you’re expecting to use your 9 iron on the hockey rink. 

This past week, one of the more interesting debates has surfaced in the race for House District 9.  The fact that I have lived in House District 9 for over 30 years seems to be one of the pieces of my candidacy that I never really relied on but does seem to be very pertinent this year.

One of the most asinine comments that I received was that I was not a true Wyomingite because I was born in Fort Collins, CO.  Wow – As if I had any control of where I was born into this world, it was due to the fact that there were no OBGYNs in Cheyenne during my mother’s pregnancy.  Good argument I suppose if you believe in being that critical of someone’s ability to be a true Wyomingite. 

I grew up living on El Camino Drive – just two blocks from the Cheyenne city limits.  I attended Dildine Elementary, Carey Junior High, and East High schools.  I lived in my family’s house and rode my bike past Devil’s Hill to the Buffalo Ridge swimming pool nearly every day during my summer breaks with my best friends and meeting my friends who lived in the Buffalo Ridge area.  I literally grew up in the streets that I now get to represent. 

As a teenager, I used to ride dirt bikes where my house currently sits.  I pedaled my bike up and down the greenway to 7-11 on Ridge Road on summer days to get a Jolt Cola and pop-rocks.  We hung out at the creek and caught crawdads and tadpoles from the underpass at Rawlins and Dry Creek.  I may not have been born here, but I sure did spend my entire childhood and the vast majority of my adulthood in this district.

I lived the majority of my adult life here because I loved where I grew up.  I wanted to raise a family in a similar fashion to the way my Mom and Dad raised me.  I feel comfortable with the neighbors and I know my property is safe and my kids and grandkids can play in the front yard like I used to.  I chose to live on the east side of town because I love it.  I will always love this side of town and feel at home here.

My knowledge of this district comes from the fact that I grew up here.  I have lived here longer than either of my opponents and I have lived in House District 9 for nearly that entire time.  I know my neighbors.  I know the people that I grew up with that live back here as well.  I know their parents that still reside in the homes that I visited as a child.  I know House District 9.

My roots run deep for this community and even deeper for my state.  I have worked tirelessly to bring a balanced approach to the state’s problems and the sentiment during this election season seems to be “I don’t think you’re conservative enough so you should leave” doesn’t work well with me, especially coming from someone who moved here from out of state. 

My name is Landon Brown and I am a proud Republican Representative for Wyoming’s 9 House District and I look forward to being here for years to come. 

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Letter To The Editor: Read Reality Truthfully

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Dear editor:

“Read reality truthfully” was a topic discussed in my Leadership Wyoming class.

This concept resonated with me. Reading reality truthfully does not mean that you like the reality or that it is your preferred choice for reality.

Giuliani had theories, but no evidence. He was not reading reality truthfully. Evidence is crucial. What you want to believe should not dictate what you do believe. Under oath, Trump’s supporters indicated there was no evidence of extensive fraud. 

Trump convinced his followers, the insurrectionist, to fight to stop the peaceful transfer of power. Once you read reality truthfully you can respond responsibly.

Liz Cheney is doing that. She knows there was not any fraud. She knows Trump lost the election. She knows that if the actions on Jan 6 are treated as a bunch of tourists that got a little wild and not called out for what it was, an attempted coup, we will not have fair elections. 

She is responding responsibly to ensure this type of action cannot taint future elections. 

The oath of office taken by US House representatives indicates they will “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Liz is upholding her oath of office and the constitution. She has my vote. I urge you to vote for upholding the constitution and vote Liz Cheney for US House on or before Aug. 16.


Dr. Keren Meister-Emerich

Letter To The Editor: Circuses Hurt Animals

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Dear Editor:

I was disappointed that the C&M circus will be in my neighboring town Green River on July 1 and traveling through other Wyoming towns.

Culpepper and Merriweather Circus, operated by Eugene “Trey” Key III and Key Equipment Inc, was cited by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for failure to provide shelter to animals from the elements, proper veterinary care, nutrition, and handling.

In addition, USDA had confiscated an underweight tiger cub from the circus. And its license was suspended for six months by an administrative law judge. The link to all the violations is listed at the bottom of the column.

Despite its past federal Animal Welfare Act violations, the circus still uses tigers and lions for the shows. Please do not fund this animal abusing business when it arrives in your town in Wyoming.

According to the C&M website, the circus performs two 90 mins shows seven days a week across 17 states a season.

Wild animals in these types of traveling circuses are often cramped in tiny cages where they are forced to stand and lie in their waste while traveling long distances over thousands of miles across the country.

These animals only get out for the performances and are locked back in their cages for constant traveling.

In the wild, tigers do not jump through hoops, elephants do not walk on two legs, or bears do not ride bicycles.

Unlike human performers, who choose to participate in the circus, these animals are forced to perform unnatural, frightening, and often painful tricks. Trainers often claim that only “positive reinforcement” is used in training these wild animals.

This type of “positive” interaction with the animals is often purposely displayed during the performance in the ring or on carefully supervised public tours. In reality, physical and psychological violence and withholding food and water are standard industry methods to force these animals to comply.

Bullhooks, whips, electrical shock prods, or other painful devices are often used during training sessions. Unfortunately, these training sessions are not in public view and are not monitored by the authorities.

The animals are forced to perform in fear of pain, injury, and punishment. These circuses teach children that it’s acceptable to exploit and abuse animals for amusement.

Big crowds, bright flashing lights, and loud noises are unnatural to these animals. In addition, stress from extreme confinement and constant fear of punishment often cause some animals to lash out.

In the past, animals have escaped from the circus premises, running into buildings throughout the town, attacking people, and injuring and killing trainers.

Bringing these dangerous and frustrated wild animals into close proximity to people poses a serious public safety threat. The risks are amplified because children are the target audience in these events.

On June 5, 2008, 2 elephants preparing to perform in the C&M (Culpepper and Merriweather) circus in Wakeeney, Kansas, got spooked by sounds of strong wind and tornado sirens, escaped, and ran through the town for 3 hours before being recaptured and loaded into trucks.

A white Bengal tiger named Jupiter, owned by Ron and Joy Holiday’s Cat Dancers, killed his trainer and, five weeks later, killed the owner by biting her in the neck while she hand-fed him. (November 13, 1998, Gainesville, Florida)

 400-lb tiger with Frazen Bros Circus killed his trainer by pouncing on him and dragging him around the ring by his neck in front of 200 kids. (May 7, 1997, Carrollton, PA)

Growing awareness about animal abuse and public safety concerns has made more than 150 municipalities, and six states across the United States prohibit or restrict wild animals’ use in traveling circuses.

Please do not attend C&M (Culpepper and Merriweather) circus when it comes to your town; instead, speak up against this animal-exploiting business. Contact the circus at 580-326-8833 and politely ask them to stop using wild animals in their shows and send all the wild animals to wildlife rescue sanctuaries.

For more information on circus animal cruelty, please contact wyomingwildlifeprotectiongoup@gmail.com

Link to the list of Culpepper And Merriweather Circus citations related to animal welfare:




Sincerely, Madhu Anderson
Rock Springs, Wyoming

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Letter To The Editor: Liz Has Been A Powerhouse For Wyoming

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Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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Dear Editor:

I first met Congresswoman Liz Cheney over a cup of coffee to talk about our public lands. She was a freshman Congresswoman and I was a mechanized and motorized trail user concerned voices like mine would be drowned out by powerful out-of-state interests.

I remember that first meeting well and thinking, “Here I am just a random guy. How cool is this? She met with some of the most powerful people in the ag industry in the morning and now here she is having coffee with me in the afternoon.”

That’s the benefit of a state like Wyoming and a Congresswoman like Liz: you can actually sit down with your Congresswoman while she’s in town.

When we talked, she heard and understood motorized users like me just wanted balance—and she supported that principle of balance. She knows 82% of the land in Teton County are already designated or de facto Wilderness and areas for multi-use trails are increasingly rare.

After our meeting, she introduced HB4697—a bill that would protect existing uses in the Palisades Wilderness Study Area until Congress can make a further determination. She has been essential for preserving balance on our public lands and ensuring recreational access for all types of users.

Congresswoman Cheney believes that public lands are for the public.

Recreational access to public lands is not something I take for granted. When that access was threatened, I reached out to Liz. She met with me, listened to me, heard my concerns and acted.

I’m voting for Liz Cheney, not just because she listened to me, but also because I’ve watched her accomplishments since our first meeting, and she has been a powerhouse for Wyoming for 6 years. We need her back in Congress, so please join me in voting for her August 16th.


Jesse Combs
Wilson, WY

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Letter To Editor: We May Be On Wrong Track, But I’m Hopeful We Will Find Our Way

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By Ray Peterson

Dear Editor: Like many, I’m concerned as I read about the referee and umpire shortages for our children’s recreational activities as fewer folks are unwilling to put themselves at risk of losing business, jobs, friends, and reputation. 

I’m amazed at the infighting of political parties; finger pointing and blame that seems at an all-time high. 

I’m sickened by the news of another school shooting, and the short-sighted reactions and the political jockeying in trying to find solutions but only punishing those that were trying to respond. 

It seems that society has some how forgotten some guiding principals that have always served me well in my life. 

In reviewing the short book of Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior by George Washington, I read some great reminders for each of us.

Rule #1, Every action done in company ought to be with some sign of respect to those that are present.  Rule #39, In writing or speaking, give every person his due title according to his degree & the custom of the place.  Rule #40, Strive not with your superiors in argument but always submit your judgement to others with modesty.  Rule #45, Being to advise or reprehend anyone, consider whether it ought to be in public or private, presently or at some other time, in what terms to do it; and in reproving show no sign of cholar, but do it with all sweetness and mildness.”

For me, when I read the Declaration of Independence and it states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…”  It reminds me that all of us are indeed equal.  Therefore, I respect another’s opinion and will listen with respect. 

I may disagree and share my thoughts but at the end of the discussion, my hope is that we remain friends and equals. 

As Americans and fellow citizens, we all need to be better at civil behavior.   We need to be reminded and put into practice civility in our treatment of all others. 

That it is okay to disagree and remain friends, teammates, co-workers, and fellow public servants.  What good does it do to berate a fellow worker, friend or even an enemy? 

We all need to be continually reminded that our perspective of what matters and what does not, needs to be clear in our minds. 

If I let my emotions get the best of me to the point of being ejected from a ball game because I yelled profanities at the referee or opposing fans or players, what does that say about my character?  Am I that shallow? 

To me, it means that a very basic concept has been lost in a person and is put on display by their poor behavior.  Respect for others is lost.  With that, comes the loss of love and concern for others as well as politeness to others.

We become hardened, negative, easily agitated and ready to fight, ugly people that no one really likes to be around.   

Some of us discover our lost ways and strive to improve while others become worse in their behavior until they resort to broken laws or hurting others to the point of incarceration.  Selfishness is what it seems to boil down to.  Pride, and arrogance are attributes of a selfish individual who has lost the common decency to, at the very least respect another.

I mention my concerns as I grow tired of the insults being thrown at each other or at the other party or opposing team.  We all need to be better by remembering what is important and what is not.  It is important to be respectful of others.  I still try to live to the ideals of a good Boy Scout.

A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

It seems that we’ve lost our way, but I remain hopeful that we will find our way again and will change our course as a society, by being better parents, teachers, and leaders as we train up our young people by using these lessons of civility. 

Family, home, school, church, and workplace are all places where we learn and practice these qualities and behaviors.  We all need to strengthen these efforts and use these places for correct learning.  I still have hope that we will reverse the current trend and that we will find our way.

I could sit back and enjoy life as I approach my later years, but I hope to assist this change in the direction I’ve mentioned. 

By example, leadership abilities, love, and kindness and with the respect for others that I have, I hope to be a part of this effort as we reverse our present course and remember what makes this state the best place to live and raise a family.

Ray Peterson, Former State Senator
Candidate for Wyoming Senate Dist. 19

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Letter To The Editor: Cheney Is A Statesman, Not A Politician

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Dear Editor:

I support Liz Cheney for the House:

Sometimes we have to stop, look, and listen to recognize the special abilities in people. When I stop, pay attention and review the list of Liz’s accomplishments over the past 6 years, it reinforces the fact Liz is a statesman, not a politician. Liz is a natural leader.  Liz is right for Wyoming.

Liz believes in the democratic process. She has the vision, creativity, and the determination needed to take on the challenges our lone representative faces. Now more than ever, our democracy is at risk. We need a representative who has the ability to lead, to work across the aisle, and to negotiate issues in the best interest of Wyoming.

Liz’s experience as a successful representative will prove invaluable to our political issues moving forward. She is undaunted by challenge. We are facing huge gas and oil issues nationwide…Liz is pushing back against burdensome regulations that derail production.

Liz demonstrates determination, grace under pressure, a sense of humor, and most of all, loyalty to her values.

Liz believes in and defends the Constitution. She is relentless even in the face of adversity. Liz has vision and courage and owns her decisions. We must hold our Republic together and not lose her.  

Stop. Look. Listen.

Yours in freedom,

Dee Bott
Torrington, Wyoming

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Letter to the Editor: Liz Cheney And The Trumpists

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Dear Editor:

It is a curious obsession that keeps me tied to Wyoming, where I lived and worked for thirty-five years, and where my children and grandchildren still live. 

There are many wonderful things about Wyoming: the trout-fishing on mountain streams, the clear night skies in the mountains when there are too many stars to count and the kindness and warmth of old friends.

There are also, however some things to not like about Wyoming these days.  Chief amongst those unfortunate aspects of life in Wyoming is the fact that the loudest voices on Wyoming social media (including Facebook) are persons with extremist views and a low level of historical and political literacy.

These people have now taken over the Wyoming Republican Party and claim to represent the average Republican voter, when in fact they just represent angry anarchistic activism.

This kind of so-called Republican would make Eisenhower and Nixon ashamed.

They would make Eisenhower ashamed because he always put the nation’s welfare first and did not see government as the enemy, but rather as a vehicle for accomplishing worthwhile social goals like building the interstate highway system and integrating the military and schools.

Eisenhower had seen what really bad governments looked like in Europe, and he understood that an imperfect but essentially benign government like that of the United States was a force for good in the world.

He did not want to tear down the government. Likewise Nixon, despite his many personal failings, understood that the United States government had the power to do good in the world: to bring about peace between warring factions, to use government power to control inflation and to improve the lives of Americans.

The current crop of Wyoming culture warriors who emphasize guns, abortion, gender and race in their campaigns while name-calling “RINO” seem to be completely ignorant of real Republican presidents like these and like Reagan and even George W. Bush.

Instead, they idolize the habitually lying, boasting, bullying, preening narcissist and degenerate who preceded the current guy, and they thoughtlessly smirk, sneer and jeer at those who oppose them, often those who oppose them by speaking the truth.

To the current Wyoming Republican leadership truth is anathema. No reasonable adult, for instance, doubts that Trump and his allies deliberately tried to subvert the results of the last presidential election by a combination of fraud, trickery, subterfuge, force and violence.

That is why there was a riot at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 and that is why all the stupid and unsuccessful lawsuits against the election results have failed.

The enemy of these people, the one who has drawn their vitriolic ire the most, is Liz Cheney, Wyoming’s lone representative to Congress.

She is routinely called a “RINO” on social media in Wyoming, when she is, in fact, an ideologically committed Republican and except for the fact that she is not slavishly obeisant to Trump, a loyal party functionary. 

Many of her Wyoming critics do not understand that kissing Trump’s feet (or other parts) is not the equivalent of being a good Republican.  Most of her Wyoming critics really don’t have any ideology, they are just angry.  Additionally, for many of them “RINO” is the only epithet they can spell that won’t get them thrown off Facebook.

There are lots of things to not like about Liz Cheney, including her record of voting the party line so closely for most of her career. 

But there is this to admire about her: when most Republican politicians either adopted the big lie that Trump had won the election, or slunk off and said nothing about that lie, Liz spoke up and called it what it was. 

When Trump organized and deployed a seditious criminal riot at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, Liz called it what it was and placed the blame where it belonged by voting for impeachment.

To judge from posts on Wyoming news pages on Facebook, truth-telling and historical and political literacy are in short supply among the loudest of Wyoming Republicans.

Liz should take some solace in the fact that although the loudest and emptiest of the Wyoming Republicans are often on Facebook, they are probably not the majority.

She should be proud also that truth telling is its own reward-it brings the reward of being able to hold one’s head up despite maintaining an unpopular position.

When the next volume of Profiles in Courage is published Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger will probably figure prominently in it. The current Wyoming Republican leadership and its degraded cheering section on social media, however, will recede into the obscurity they deserve.

Michael Krampner

Michael Krampner lived in Wyoming for 35 years and practiced law there during that time.  Besides a law degree from the University of Wyoming College of Law he also earned a Ph.D. in history from The University of Maryland.  He currently lives in Jerusalem, Israel.

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Letter to the Editor: Liz Cheney Places Country Over Party

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Dear Editor:

D-Day took place 78 years ago June 6th.  Like us, many baby boomers’ parents fought on that day or during the course of WWII.  We feel unnerved when wondering how our parents would react to what is happening to our country and the democratic principles they fought to secure.  What would they say about trucks displaying American flags featuring the profile of a man superimposed upon our stars and stripes?

We are disturbed by unconstitutional principles listed in the Wyoming Republican party platform and the bullying our hard-working legislators endure by those who call them RINOs (when in reality, Republican legislators are merely using their intellect and integrity in decision-making, contrary to a pre-determined recipe).

Yesterday, we felt hopeful after listening to Wyoming U.S. Representative Liz Cheney on The Sunday Morning TV show.  Her interview about the January 6th assault on The U.S. Capitol was sincere and sobering. 

Although Rep. Cheney is more conservative in many policies than are we, she has unquestionable integrity.  She has immense courage to stand up for our democracy and place country over party.  We are fortunate Rep. Cheney even wants to run for reelection after enduring the bullying and pressure to walk the “party line.”

We recently read, and highly recommend, Plain, Honest Men: The Making of the American Constitution.  Richard Beeman, the author, describes in detail the hearts and minds of The Founders while they forged The Constitution through conflict and compromise. 

George Washington presided over the Constitutional Convention.  Until he agreed to do so, many delegates refused to attend.  He was revered by all and largely abstained from commenting on The Constitutional provisions, arguments and positions because he abhorred too much power in one person.

Consider investing in our country by reading this book.  We were deeply moved by the warnings in President George Washington’s September 17, 1796 Farewell Address delivered at the time he left the office of President of the United States:

“… (The) Constitution…is sacredly obligatory upon all. The very idea of the power and the right of the people to establish government presupposes the duty of every individual to obey the established government.  All obstructions to the execution of the laws, all combinations and associations…with the real design to direct, control, counteract…the regular deliberation and action of the constituted authorities, are destructive of this fundamental principle and of fatal tendency. They serve to organize faction; to give it an artificial and extraordinary force; to put in the place of the delegated will of the nation the will of a party, often a small but artful and enterprising minority of the community… However combinations or associations of the above description may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely, in the course of time and things, to become potent engines by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”

Rep. Cheney embodies President Washington’s genius and foresight.  She courageously decries the current abuse of political party power that could destroy our democracy.

Jim and Sally Belcher
Casper, WY

Letter to the Editor: We Must Return To A Time Of Respect And Civility

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Dear Editor:

Some of you may have watched the Memorial Day concert on PBS Sunday night. I thought it was incredible. Wonderful music,  emotional stories about individuals,  an excellent tribute to Colin Powell and beautiful tributes to the military. 

But at the end I was left with a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness.  I couldn’t help but compare the actions of the military personnel who had died on behalf of our country with the current state of our country.

My comments aren’t directed at any one person or group of people, any particular political party or any specific issue.  I believe none of our veterans who have been lost in the past nearly 250 years in defense of our country died believing they were fighting for a particular issue, agenda or political party. They died believing they were fighting for our country and democracy. 

Today it is difficult, if not impossible, to find a political leader at any level who is working for the betterment of our cities, towns, counties, state or country. All seem focused on opposing the other side, working to defeat legislation or proposals from the other side and working on behalf of their own issues with no consideration of compromise.  No matter their party, today’s politicians are dedicating their efforts to reelection.  Whether collecting massive amounts of money, proposing legislation for a limited group or appealing to the darker side of their constituents they are only looking as far in the future as the next election.

Somehow we must return to the time when we all worked for the benefit of our country and our democracy.  It’s OK to disagree how we reach that goal, but we must understand we need to work together as Americans. 

I learned long ago neither political party has a monopoly on ignorance or intelligence. We all have something to contribute.  We all must be willing to look at and understand what others are saying and we need to realize by working together we can always do more than by working alone.

Nearly one million veterans have died in defense of our country. I believe the divisions found in our country today are the greatest existential threats to our country since the Civil War. If we are unable to return to a time of respect and civility between all of us and work for the benefit of our country, these people will have died in vain.

Tom Jones, Cheyenne
Jones is a former legislator serving Park County

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Letter to the Editor: While You Practice Your 2nd Amendment Rights, Don’t Forget The 1st Amendment

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By Kennedy Corr, Cody Wyoming

Dear Editor:

“We are the United States of America. We believe in freedom and God and anyone who tells us otherwise can fight my second amendment.” 

Well, actually… 

One of the most common themes I have seen since the tragedy in Uvalde, TX – and let’s be honest, even way before then – is the idea that Christianity and brute force are the solution to the problems we are currently facing in this country. 

While you’re practicing your second amendment rights, may I remind you of our first amendment rights? Specifically, Freedom of Religion. Just because you were raised Christian, everyone in this country does not have to live to those standards. You are not allowed to persecute someone else because they do not believe the same things as you – so who do you think you are to create legislation around it?

“We are America. We were born on freedom ideologies – no other country can tell us what to do, we govern ourselves.” Great, dandy. 

But with that freedom came the idea of respite for the rest of the world – people came to America seeking those values which then led to what was at one point an epithet of this place we call home. The Great American Melting Pot! 

We are a blend of culture, religions, races, and ideologies. This is evident from the Mayflower, to Ellis Island, all the way up to and including the immigrants entering our country today. The idea was that everyone could come to America to practice their own beliefs safely… but instead, in this day and age, we are just as hostile – no, we have become more hostile – than some of the countries people have come here to escape from. 

We are a country at war with itself, and anyone who says differently is choosing to keep their eyes closed. 

And it pains me because I can’t do a damn thing about it. People scream, but are never heard. We plead to officials, but they have their own agenda, and it seems nothing will make them listen. 

I’m told, and I understand, that as a middle class white person I have a level of privilege. But while it’s the type of privilege that keeps me safe from systemic oppression, it’s not the kind of privilege that will get anything done. So I have to watch it all happen while chained to the ground. It’s a sick form of torture. 

However, what may be even worse is the fact that we won’t even listen to one another… We try to have a conversation with a neighbor, and immediately defenses are put up and we shut out even the slightest idea that our thoughts might not be right. Harsh truth: none of us are right. Literally, none of us! 

Our country is built on checks and balances – we have a two party system, bicameral legislation, and three branches of the federal government, so that all members of this country can be represented. This melting pot of cultures led to cities with different needs than rural areas. Capitalism led to differing classes that have different needs from one another. And we have become so focused on what we need and want for ourselves, we have forgotten to think about our neighbor. 

So no, neither of us are right – it’s about balance; and until we begin to listen again, we are just tragically spinning our wheels. Until then, we will be a country at war with itself.

We have dug our heels so far in the ground, we can’t help one another out of the hole to see the big picture clearly.

I grew up and am a practicing Christian. I am surrounded by and support our hunters and shooting enthusiasts, and I have family in Law Enforcement. I only call attention to these facts because I need it to be known that I understand what all of these things mean and why many are fighting so hard to keep these practices alive. 

But I also know that for someone who grew up knowing police brutality, a greater police force means nothing to them.  

The kids who survived that school shooting, they don’t care that skeet shooting is a sport. They see a gun and it scares them now, so why would more guns be the solution for them? 

Someone who has lived through Christian persecution doesn’t want to go near it with a ten foot pole – how on earth do you think you’re going to get them into a church? 

The solution to our problem doesn’t lie within party lines – no amount of Republican or Democratic force can change what we have going here. The balance that is needed is buried under years and years and years of legislation and enforcement that has been marred by money, power, and greed… on both sides. 

So, I ask you to listen to your neighbor. I ask you to just consider that what we are struggling with here in Wyoming is very, very different from what those in urban areas are struggling with. The person who walks their commute doesn’t get why diesel prices have affected us so much.

We have small town values in our local law enforcement departments, so we may not understand what it means to be scared of a rigged system. We are living in a time with more access to information than ever could have been imagined, but it is riddled with dramatics and falsehoods that make it hard to keep truth from deceit. 

So don’t condemn your neighbor. Not when you don’t know their truth, just like they don’t know yours. Listen to one another, help each other out of the mud, and be the balance this country was built on. Allow them the same freedoms you want for yourself. 

Be the United States of America. 

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Letter To The Editor: 10th Amendment Will Save The U.S., Wyoming Will Be The Tip Of The Spear

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By Rex Rammell, GOP gubernatorial candidate

Dear Editor:

The Tenth Amendment states that all powers not explicitly delegated to the federal government belong to the states.  In other words, if a power is not defined within the body of the Constitution that power belongs to the states.

Having grown up near Yellowstone Park, I always wondered how the federal government claimed authority over not just Yellowstone, but the millions and millions of acres controlled by the BLM and Forest Service when there is no authority that can be found in the Constitution.  

Article 1, Section 8 (Powers of Congress), Clause 17 (Federal Property) defines what land the federal government can own. 

To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;

It should be clear that Clause 17 limits the kind of property the federal government can own.  “Ten Miles square”, which we know as Washington D.C., “Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yarks”, which we know as military bases scattered throughout America and “other needful Buildings,” we know as post offices, federal court building, and other needful federal buildings to administer their defined powers. 

No where in Clause 17 does it state the federal government can control, let alone own, 28% of the United States we know as BLM, Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Park Service, and other lands.  It just isn’t there!!!

Furthermore, to emphasize the federal governments defined and limited powers the Founders added the Bill of Rights in which we find the 10th Amendment. 

We must conclude the federal government unconstitutionally controls the public lands, which means all of the policies enacted and enforced by the federal government are unlawful. 

I also wondered if they held the public lands unconstitutionally, how many other powers, i.e., education, health care, etc. were powers that rightly belonged to the states.  There are no powers defined for them either.

I concluded that according to the10th Amendment the solution to many of America’s problems was for the states to take the powers back.  Simple right?

Not so simple as the federal government, currently controlled by the Democrats, does not recognize or care about this usurpation of power.  So how would the states take back power from an unwilling federal government?

I think there is only one way.  A governor with the vision and the courage to deny the federal government powers that rightfully belong to the states, could start a states rights revolution that would sweep through the nation and force the federal government back into its “limited” constitutional role.

Wyoming is in a unique position to be that state.  It is very clear that there is a war against fossil fuels in the name of climate change, even though the science does not support it. 

It is also very clear, whatever their true motive is, they mean to see it through.  A moratorium on new fossil fuel leases on public lands was executed immediately after Joe Biden was inaugurated.

Most of the fossil fuels in Wyoming come off public lands.  Upwards of 70% of Wyoming’s tax base comes directly or indirectly from fossil fuels.  Without fossil fuels Wyoming will either have to become a high tax state or cut government services to the bare minimum or both. 

Most Wyomingites have an aversion to high taxes.  Wyomingites also seem to like a lot of government services.  This is a major problem that I believe presents an unprecedented opportunity in the history of the United States;  a state with its back against the wall that will not accept high taxes or a decrease in government services.  I believe Wyoming is ready to fight.

Wyoming is known for its so-called “rugged individualism” despite its addiction to government money.  The trillion dollar question is will they elect a governor who will make a states right stand that will result in 30 million acres of public lands being taken over by the state and giving the fossil fuel industry the green light to produce. 

If elected governor, I will sign an executive order on Day 1 ordering the state police to walk all federal land managers out of their offices.  The BLM, The Forest Service, The Park Service, U.S Fish and Wildlife, and others….GONE!

Wyoming will finally become a sovereign state on equal footing with the original thirteen states as guaranteed by the Northwest Ordinance.  Wyoming will then be in control of all the natural resources and the billions and billions of dollars, maybe trillions, that go with them.

But what about Wyoming’s enabling act?  Didn’t Wyoming give up all claim to the title of the unappropriated land (30 million acres)? Yes; we did, but the Act also requires the Federal government to dispose (sell) of the land, which they never did.  So in my mind the question isn’t who owns it, but rather who should control it.   I think the 10th Amendment clearly gives the power to Wyoming and that it should stay “no man’s land” only to  be used for the benefit of the people who choose to live in Wyoming.

This brings me to my final point.  Does the governor have authority to nullify an unconstitutional act and how would he do that?  The Wyoming Constitution states the governor, “…shall take care that all laws be faithfully executed.” Is there any greater responsibility than making sure the Constitution be faithfully executed? 

If I get elected and I do sign an executive order on Day 1 ordering the state police to seize all unappropriated lands, what happens on Day 2 besides a huge celebration in Wyoming?

Day 2 or shortly after we take control of the 30 million acres I would expect to receive a summons to go to federal court in the case of The United States v. The State of Wyoming.   Some people think that all matters in the United States if pursued far enough end up in the U.S. Supreme Court.   This thinking, however, is wrong.

The Supremacy Clause of the U.S. The Constitution only applies in matters where the federal government has defined powers.  In other words, if no power is found in The U.S. Constitution then the federal courts do not have jurisdiction over it.

When they summon us to court, we simply do not go.  The second we recognize their jurisdiction in the courts we recognize it over the land and we’re back to square one. 

Lastly, I believe when Wyoming makes this move the other western states will join and a states rights revolution will begin that the federal government will not be able to stop.  America will return to a limited centralized government as the Founders originally intended and put in the Constitution.

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Letter to the Editor: Civility Matters

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Dear Editor:

Civility matters. The internal and external voices of Wyoming’s  Republican Central Committee test what it means to be civil.

If you were a business leader thinking about expansion to Wyoming would you be having second thoughts given the front page ruckus? If you are a graduating student, whether high school or college, would your interests in politics, or Wyoming’s future, be waning? If you are a Democrat, Independent, or Republican are you tiring of the on-going unease?

Students of history know that America harbors tensions of opposites. Today’s world of the internet and social media lessens opportunities for sitting across a table to thrash things out and leave with a handshake. 

A Governors’s Business Forum in November, 2013 featured David McCullough, arguably one of America’s preeminent historians. He spoke of civility as the pathway to compromise and progress. 

The next Governor’s Business Forum will likely be in November, after the elections. Perhaps presentations, round table discussions, and inclusive representation of conservatives, moderates, and liberals could be the focus.

Bill Schilling
Former President/Founder, Wyoming Business Alliance

Letter to the Editor: Wyo GOP Leadership Is Very Strong

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Dear Editor:

I just read Dr. McGinley’s letter about terrible GOP leadership in Wyoming.  While most of his letter was filled with emotion, it was devoid of facts.  I was a delegate from Sublette County to the State Convention, and after reading his letter I am wondering if I was at the same Convention as Dr. McGinley claims to have been.

He said that at the convention, “…countless hours were spent excluding the most populous county (Laramie) from participating after excluding most of Natrona County.”  What are the facts?  Natrona County had not paid their dues to the State Party, hence they only had their three automatic delegates. 

Laramie County did not certify the election of their delegates, and they admitted that they had not even followed their own bylaws in selecting their delegates.  And the reason it took so long…the so-called “countless hours”…was because the State GOP leadership allowed the debate to go on for a very long time. 

Dani Olsen went to the microphone many times and defended her indefensible position.  But Laramie County was allowed to keep their three automatic delegates in place.  The only thing that any county has to do is follow the rules.  That seems like a good Republican value to follow.

Dr. McGinley said that, “…the current leadership in no way represents Republican values or principles…We believe in inclusion, open debate,…” etc.  Following rules (unlike Laramie County and Democrats) represents my Republican Values and the values of the VAST MAJORITY of the delegates at the Convention who voted to remove Laramie County except for the three automatic delegates.

He went on to say, “The Wyoming Republican Party has been hijacked by a small group of extremists.  These individuals only care about themselves and their petty agendas.”  That is an extremely emotional argument for which Dr. McGinley presents no facts about the “hijacking” of the party.  He shows nothing about their so-called petty agendas. 

Did the leaders have 2000 mules dropping off ballots for the election of these “extremists”?  What makes up the “petty agendas”?  Dr. McGinley saying these things does not make them true.  Democrats use this tactic all the time…just because they say something, then it must be true even though they do not present facts to back it up.

The vast majority of the votes of all delegates were in agreement with one another on the vast majority of the votes…to include removal of Laramie County delegates.  Very few were contrary to the will of the majority.  

I agree with Dr. McGinley on one point…”Now is the time to act.”  But I see that we need to continue to act by pressing forward to regain our State and our Nation from those who are rolling over to the terrible agendas from those who seek to give everything to non-US parties and their interests…the UN is driving the 30-30 rule; China has committed an horrific act of biological warfare on this nation, yet many people (including Liz Cheney’s husband) continue to do their best to keep the doors open to China’s imperialism; our own US government has opened up our southern border to criminals, terrorists, drugs, and human trafficking while being so concerned about Ukraine’s sovereign border; and our energy development has been shoved down a dry hole by the Feds. 

These are the things that we need to act on.  And if Dr. McGinley were to tell the WHOLE story then he would also admit that the overwhelming majority of the Convention supported numerous resolutions to ACT on these very points.  And those actions show our Party’s great respect, transparency, and civility to help our State and our Nation.

There was no uncivilized debate on the issues at the Convention.  But Dr. McGinley’s letter truly is not civil as he has cast innuendoes and untruths about the conduct of the Convention and our Wyoming GOP leadership.

Most sincerely,

Steven Kahne, Pinedale

Letter To Editor: Current GOP Leadership Does Not Represent Republican Values or Principles

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By Dr. Joe McGinley, Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: Time for Action!

Most Wyoming residents align their political viewpoints with the Republican Party.  However, for those who followed the actions of the Wyoming Republican Party for the past two years, you may be having second thoughts. 

The repeated headlines of fights, name calling, censures, personal attacks on women, referencing seceding from the union, multiple lawsuits, past and current individual criminal cases, membership in the Oath Keepers and exclusion of thought would cause any reasonable person to question their association. 

You are not alone, as past chairman of the Natrona County Republican Party and current Natrona County State Committeeman, I am utterly embarrassed by the behavior of our Wyoming Republican Party leadership and most of the county party leadership across the state. 

I want to stress the current leadership in no way represents Republican values or principles.  We are the party of Lincoln and Reagan.  We believe in inclusion, open debate, community support, freedom of speech, protection of life, and the defense of liberty.  

The current Wyoming Republican Party leadership has thoroughly embarrassed anyone who considers themselves a Republican.  They take pride in demeaning others even to the extent of harassment and intimidation. 

The Wyoming Republican Party has been hijacked by a small group of extremists.  These individuals only care about themselves and their petty agendas.  Earlier this month at the WRP state convention, countless hours were spent excluding the most populous county (Laramie) from participating after already excluding most of Natrona County. 

At the last convention 2 years ago, Natrona County was the target of similar petty attacks, all to silence to voice of fellow Republicans.  The goal of the current leadership is to consolidate power among a few individuals, silence any and all dissenting voices, and use propaganda to claim superiority. 

Fortunately, there are still many true Republicans in Wyoming willing to speak up and fight for our values.  These individuals do not have personal agendas, they are not looking for revenge, they are not trying to silence dissenting options.  These true Republicans are fighting to protect our principles, and party reputation. 

Now is the time to act.  We need your help to bring respect, transparency, and civility back to the Wyoming Republican Party.  Only with diverse viewpoints and community focused goals will our party grow and prosper. 

We should welcome all perspectives and debate differences in a civil and meaningful manner.  Only through unimpeded speech will new ideas be cultivated.  The future of our towns, cities and state depends on it.  Let’s set WY apart as a state leading the way in true political discourse and productive problem-solving agendas.

You are the solution to this problem!   I ask each of you to consider running for a local precinct position in your community.  The time commitment is minimal, typically one meeting per quarter.  You are the grassroots which will define the leadership and voice of our party. 

The application (https://sos.wyo.gov/Forms/Elections/Apps/Precinct_Person_Application_by_Party_Primary.pdf) needs to be filed at your county clerk’s office by May 27th.  The deadline is approaching quickly.  Please also reach out and share your contact information.

We are organizing community members to take action and change the direction of OUR Wyoming Republican Party.  If you would like updates, please send your contact information to rightwayGOP@gmail.com.

Join us and be part of the solution.  Your voice matters, your opinion matters, your involvement matters. Now is the time to stand up and say enough is enough.  Defend our great Republican Party and demonstrate true conservative principles though action.  Let’s bring pride and respect back to our party!

Joseph C. McGinley, MD, PhD

Concerned Wyoming Republican

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Letter to the Editor: Current GOP Is Being Led Down A Path Of Destruction

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Dear Editor,

The campaign season is upon us. The filing period has begun. The Republican party needs solid leadership to guide your towns, cities, counties, and the State of Wyoming into the next chapters of our future. The grassroots of the party is the Precinct men and women.

I encourage every registered Republican to first Vote, second do not bypass the bottom of the ballot where the precinct positions are listed. Third get to know the people that have filed.  Fourth choose your party leadership wisely. Do they want to grow the party? Do they believe that every registered Republican has the right to voice their views without fear of reprisal?

Do they want to ensure that every County is represented at our State Convention. Do they believe every Republican voter should be represented equally in the State Central Committee. Are the County dues weighted by its representation at the State Central Committee. The way to get this party back to being a strong voice for all Republicans starts at this local level.

Qualified leadership is essential. I will use an analogy that helps me determine if someone is able to do the job we elect them to do.

My wife and I own and operate a ranch, a trucking business, and a gravel pit. We employ people with specific skill sets to make sure these businesses operate at the safest, most efficient, and profitable manner possible.

If we need a mechanic to say, rebuild an engine on a truck. We search out someone or a business that first specializes in that field.  Second has a proven successful track record doing that job. We don’t allow anyone to touch those valuable pieces of equipment that just think they can.

Just because they think they can or their friends think they can and have talked them into trying, don’t get to touch our equipment. This same analogy goes for your business or job. People in positions that hire or promote employees use this same method to make decisions. Are they qualified or up to the task?

This Party is in need of Qualified people to be assigned to leadership roles. This party is being led down a path of destruction by individuals that are intolerant of any views other than theirs.

The actions of the SCC at the State Convention proves that the majority does not care about the US or State Constitution or the party bylaws and platform.

They are operating as a totalitarian republic which the end result will be death to the Wyoming GOP and ultimately Wyoming as we know it. Wyoming has always been a wonderful place to live, work and do business. Can we still call ourselves the Equality State? We can no longer say our party is the Equality Party.

We need to change the direction the party is going. That can only be done by electing qualified individuals to all elected offices, starting at the precinct level.

The party has two jobs. Raising money for all Republicans and growing the registered Republican numbers. Encourage every friend or neighbor to vote. If not a registered Republican then promote why it’s the best party and operated correctly provides the best leadership.

Stay Wyoming Strong

Doug Camblin.

Letter to the Editor: The Need For Respect And Civility

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By Linda Heath, Laramie County Commissioner

Recently while sorting “stuff” I have collected, I came across several articles related to the topic of civility. Why is so much attention being directed towards this topic? I would appear I am not the only one who has noticed a lack of civility in the world today. Before delving into the articles, I looked up the definition of “civility”; “formal politeness and courtesy in behavior and speech.”

There are three elements of civility – respect, relations with strangers and self-regulation. Civility is behavior in public which demonstrates respect for other and which entails curtailing one’s own immediate self-interests when appropriate.

What is the difference between respect and civility? Researcher, Lars Andersson defines civility as behaviors that help to preserve the norms for mutual respect in the workplace (our daily lives); civility reflects the concerns for others.

He continues “respect is defined as a feeling of deep admiration for someone, or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements; or due regard for feeling, wishes, rights or traditions of others. You show respect by being polite and kind.

It is said there are three topics one should never discuss in polite conversation, politics, religion, and sex. Why would that be? Because each one is more emotionally based than fact-based topics.

In a respectful relationship one must recognize that people hold beliefs they have a strong emotional attachment to and that you are highly unlikely to sway their opinion by using facts. Have you ever heard or even used the phrase” we will just have to agree to disagree?”

We must all become more self-aware of why we hold the opinions we do. Being aware of our own biases is okay. In respectful conversation honesty and humility go a long way to encourage others to lower their protective walls. Tensions are thus defeated. Instead of a heated confrontation, genuine discussions can take place.

How many times have you known someone to strike out at others, or perhaps you have done this yourself? It happens because of internal emotional pain.

We respond in this manner because we are looking for an outlet for our pain. When we hurt, we often respond by yelling, which isn’t the mark of someone leading their best life. What does this all amount to?

Emotional based beliefs and intense pain are quite often typed out in the privacy of our homes in anonymous responses. Would we make the same comments to the same individual or group in a face-to-face conversation?

Civility and respect mean prioritizing relationships over politics. Use your conversation to find common ground, not to highlight your differences. We may all find we have more in common with each other than we have differences.

That common ground will bring us closer to others, increase respect, thus establishing a genuine connection instead of creating even further division.

If I toss a starfish back into the ocean, I made a difference to that single starfish. Now think if we all threw a starfish back into the ocean.

We have made a big difference to several starfish. Political flames burn within all of us. How we handle those flames, our intense emotional beliefs, is entirely up to us. We are responsible for how we talk and react to each other. We must find a way to be humble and genuinely empathetic towards each other.

To heal the blindness of our nation, we must take a hard look in our mirror, examining the log in our own eyes. Are we practicing civility and respectfulness as defined by Lars Andersson?

We must practice effective methods of persuasion. Benjamin Franklin said,” I wish well-meaning, sensible men would not lessen their power of doing good by a positive assuming manner, if we are to win others over to our way of thinking.

Over-confidence reduces our scope of influence, which defeats every purpose we have for which the ability to speak has been given us, whether for the giving or receiving of information, pleasure, or wit.”

Consider the news media. Do we trust them? Multiple poll results suggest the media and Congress are both suffering from very low approval ratings. If all we are interested in running our mouths to show off our own importance, not in persuading others through civility and respect, we are no different than the media or many in public office.

If your goal is to only prove your own self- importance and knowledge, then you must enter every discussion with an argumentative mindset and pound your views into the heads of others, consider how you will be received.

If your mission is to persuade and present the truth in hopes your audience will take heed, then speak with civility, humility, and respect.

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Letter to the Editor: The Future of the Wyoming Republican Party

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By Sam Clikeman, Vice-Chairman
Campbell County Republican Party

Today marks another episode in the saga that is plaguing the Grand Old Party of Wyoming. The once powerful and successful political organization that we were proud to call our own has steadily declined to a state of disfunction and dereliction.

For several years now the party has struggled with an incredible amount of in-fighting, self-degeneration, and vociferous interactions that have created a party devoid of the ability to function at a basic level. With two of our most populous counties unable to participate in our State Convention, it can be portended that our future is becoming yet more grim.

The trajectory that our party is on will inevitably be the fall of the Republican Party in Wyoming if we do not work to change ourselves and become what Wyoming is truly capable of doing. The time has come to address and fix our failings and to engage our future to stop this downward spiral that we are on.

As the age of the party increases, there is a great need to work on a new generation of Republicans that will bring the party into the future. The problem continues though in that younger generations have no desire to associate with the Party.

Younger people that bring energy, new ideas, and a different view on life work to enhance and promote the work, experiences, and knowledge of our more “distinguished” generations. Yet as a party we continue to extirpate any possibility of them joining the organization.

We take up arbitrary causes that have nothing to do with life in Wyoming and that local Republicans do not even have the most infinitesimal possibility of changing. Continuing to spend time debating the merits of the United Nations at a county level illuminates an incredible aura of self-importance and dislocation from reality.

Our younger generations do not want to waste their time arguing with people for the sake of arguing on items that will have zero impact on anyone’s life in that room. Listening to vitriolic defense of resolutions that will never be more than a footnote on a meeting minute and give the speakers their moment to act as though they are changing the world from their micro-pulpit; does nothing to support the purpose of our party and works to keep out those whom we need to become better.

Yet there are incredibly important issues that local and state Republicans have the Duty to debate and resolve. Our state faces difficult times in the present and future that require the people of Wyoming to work together to solve. Issues that can be put into action through meritous resolutions, legislative and executive appeal, and candidate development.

We have people in our communities that have a strong desire to help this state that they love so much and the capabilities and profundity to truly give us a hand up. The caveat is they want to help though, not to spend their time on pedantic and mobocratic debates that will never result in change.

As we enter into an economic situation that is unparalleled in our living memories, we have also chosen to ostracize those willing to help in the name of idealistic purity. Ideals based on national issues that often have little to no relevance in the State of Wyoming; or in ways that only amendments in the United States Constitution have the possibility of resolving.

We can all agree that the 2nd Amendment is a vital liberty to the people of Wyoming, there’s no need for us to debate this at the county and state level when everyone in the room already agrees. Instead we should be enacting serious dialog, idea generation, and solution development on how we are going to fiscally sustain ourselves in the coming decades for instance.

If we as a party look to pull ourselves out of this degenerative hole of the extreme national politik, we can bring those into our party that we desperately need to solve real issues facing us and our progeny.

The younger generations that will carry this party forward want to be Republicans and they have all the ideals that have made this party great in the past. Despite what many believe in our interactions with the youth of this state, they are the future and it is our Obligation to help them become the leaders we need them to be.

We must work to educate and train them, learn from them, and empower them. Yet we are trying to force them to listen to us squabble and eat one-another alive, why would they waste their time with us? We show them that if they don’t believe in every single thing that a select few have decided is gospel, they cannot be Republicans.

We would never expect our spouse to believe in what we do 100%, but we expect it out of strangers that we have never met; the concept is asinine. So instead of bringing more people under out tent and harnessing the great minds we have in this state, we choose to take away the seat at the table of those that do not fall in line with the self-appointed plenipotentiaries of the party.

It is no wonder that our youth are choosing to join other parties or just stay out of the political environment all together; this has been done on our own volition. The model is unsustainable and will result in the complete spoliation of our party. 

We often lie to ourselves that the apathy of youth to our party is the result of a weak or spoiled generation, but throughout the history of humankind we have heard this from the older generations. And even if that is true, why would we let them falter? Should we not work to educate them and help them become better, or should we continue to be stuck in our ways and avoid the Responsibility all together?

Our party is at a cross-roads and currently we are in a state that does not bode well for our future. Will we continue to paint ourselves as pariahs and strive to contract our party as much as possible? Or will we work to progress the important ideals of Republicanism that derive from the initial foundings of our Great Nation by reaching out to the future?

Will we spend our time arguing over issues that will never come to fruition? Or will we work towards the plenitude of our people and solve real issues that face our Great State? The people of Wyoming have the ability and desire to do grand things. But if we continue to treat our party as such, immurement will surely be our future. Our future is still bright, but we must reach out and hold strong to our virtues. It will have to start at the local level as we elect our precinct people, but we can still save our Great Party.

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Letter To The Editor: Liz Cheney And Frank Eathorne

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Dear Editor,
Twice you have published the statement by Liz Cheney that she would not attend the Wyo GOP Convention because Frank Eathorne is a member of Oath Keepers, a “far-right, anti-government militia.”
Let us set the record straight on three points:

  1. Cheney did not want to come to the Convention because the State Party and many County Parties censured her.  She did not want to go to hear all the boos.
  2. Oath Keepers is not anti-Government, nor is it a militia.  As for being far right, so what?  Cheney has gone to the far left with her good friends being Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and so many others on the far left.
  3. Lastly, it is a 100% lie…yes, lie…that Frank Eathorne is a member of Oath Keepers.  CSD needs to verify these things before printing them.

As for Laramie County delegates being unseated (except for the three that are automatic in accord with the State Party By-Laws), the County leadership admitted that they had not followed the by-laws in electing their delegates.  So this was a no-brainer to not seat them.

Sincerely, Steve Kahne

Pinedale, Wyoming

**Editor’s Note: We stand by our coverage.

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Letter to the Editor: Please Ask the House to Vote No on SF0036

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By Diane Gore, President, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming

One of the many battles being fought in the legislature during this Budget Session doesn’t have to do with the budget, federal programs, or redistricting. It has to do with the cost of health insurance.

SF0036 – Pharmacy Benefit Managers Act Enhancements allows Wyoming state government to interfere with how insurers and businesses design their health plans and will substantially raise prescription costs and health insurance premiums. This bill will make prescription drugs and health insurance more expensive, placing the health of Wyoming citizens at risk.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming (BCBSWY) estimates this bill will cost its members at least $48 million dollars per year. That equates to at least $400 per member or $1,600 for a family of

four annually. The increased health care costs this bill creates will be passed to BCBSWY members and businesses through higher drug costs and increased premiums. Yes, higher drug costs and premiums than we are already paying in a state with some of the highest health care costs in the United States. Almost 73% of these increases will go to support the drug manufacturers, over 18% will go to national chains and less than 9% will go to Wyoming’s independent pharmacies.

BCBSWY is driven to get the right medication, for the right person, at the right time, and at a cost that is as affordable as possible to help ensure sustainability and optimal health outcomes. However, SF0036 unnecessarily gives away millions of dollars to large pharmaceutical manufacturers for no good reason. Additionally, SF0036 dramatically raises health care costs by allowing pharmacies to charge additional fees for “pharmacist services” which are not defined, meaning the “sky is the limit” for how much they can charge to dispense every prescription and insurers will have no way to protect their members from these increased fees.

The language in the bill prevents insurers from applying cost saving measures that include negotiations with drug manufacturers to reduce the cost of prescriptions. For example, a prescription at full price with a cost of $10,000 might be discounted to $6,000, saving the insurance plan $4,000. The savings ($4,000 in this example) are currently passed through 100% to self-insured plans and applied to reduce premiums for fully insured plans. This bill eliminates the savings, which will increase the premiums—not only for BCBSWY members, but also for everyone with health insurance in Wyoming.

Why is this happening?

Proponents of this bill are independent pharmacists asking to be paid more. BCBSWY believes local, independent pharmacies are vital in Wyoming, and that these pharmacies should be paid appropriately for the drugs and services they provide. However, this bill fails to accomplish this. Instead, through substantial government overreach, SF0036 gives away the hard-earned money of Wyomingites to wealthy pharmaceutical companies, while barely helping independent pharmacies.

This bill provides a blank check for large pharmacy chains to charge an unlimited amount for their services and prevents insurers from applying cost saving measures necessary for families to afford health insurance and prescriptions needed to protect their health. While hard-working Wyoming citizens are paying the price for SF0036, the beneficiaries of the increases are drug manufacturers, large corporate chains, and Wall Street investors, with only a small percentage going to independent Wyoming pharmacies. There is no other legislation across the entire country that contains the same sweeping provisions as this bill.

This bill is now under consideration in the House of Representatives. BCBSWY and our business partners listed below ask you to please contact your Representative and ask them not to interfere with your health and not to spend your money for the “blank check pharmacy” bill. Ask them to vote “NO” on SF0036 – Pharmacy Benefit Managers Bill Act Enhancements.

Diane Gore, President & CEO BCBSWY

Marsha Allen, Executive Vice President, Wyoming Auto Dealers Association Cindy Baker, Administrative Service Manager, City of Cody

Preston Bostrom, President, Rocky Mountain Administrators & Rocky Mountain Review Brad Brooks, Board of Public Utilities, City of Cheyenne

Devon Brubaker, Airport Director, Rock Springs Airport Earla Checchi, Finance Manager/HR Manager, WAM-JPIC

Tony Cross, Airport Manager/HR Manager, Jackson Hole Airport Julie Cross, Admin Asst. Big Horn Regional JPB

Bob Dill, General Manager, Automation & Electronics, Inc, Casper Dave Fraser, Executive Director, WAM-JPIC

Nakisha Garner, Treasurer, Town of Lingle Tracy Glanz, Clerk/Treasurer, City of Worland

Cheryl Hageman, Consultant, Wyoming Educators’ Benefit Trust Renee Hahn, Manager, Amoco Reuse Agreement Joint Powers Board Darrin Hass, HR Director, City of Cheyenne

Jeff Hockin, CEO Crum Electric Supply, Co, Casper Lori Hughes, Clerk/Treasurer, Town of Ten Sleep Angie Johnson, Clerk/Treasurer, Town of Meeteetse Timothy A. Kaumo, Mayor, City of Rock Springs Kathy Lenz, Clerk/Treasurer, Town of Sundance Kelly Lewis, Treasurer, Town of Glenrock

Robin Lockman, City Treasurer, City of Cheyenne Bob McLaurin, Legislative Manager, WAM-JPIC Kelley Millar, Clerk/Treasurer, Town of Upton

Noamie Niemitalo, President CCCBT Trust, Campbell County Richard Reyes, Clerk, Town of Lingle

Michele Richlin, Clerk/Treasurer, Town of Deaver

Penny Robbins, Clerk/Treasurer, Town of Mountain View Justin Schilling, Member Service Manager, WAM-JPIC Lisa Scott, Admin Office Manager, Yellowstone Airport George Siglin, Mayor, Town of Lingle

Tammy Taylor, Clerk, Town of Glenrock Matt Thomas

Mike Todd, Executive Director, Local Government Liability Pool Anita Vaugh, Clerk/Treasurer, Town of Superior

Katie West, Office Manager, Cheyenne Regional Airport Joe Wiesen

Agile Benefits Consulting, Cheyenne Amangani Resort, Jackson

Campbell County Coordinated Benefit Trust Casper Surgical Center

City of Gillette Cyclone Drilling, Inc

Fremont County Commissioners High Country Behavioral Health L&H Industrial

Neiman Enterprises Inc.

Northern Wyoming Mental Health Center Novo Benefits, Cheyenne

Oftedal Construction, Inc.

Pathfinder Inspections and Field Services LLC Sheridan County Government

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Letter To The Editor: I Am A Republican And I’m Voting For Liz Cheney

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By Sandy Pedersen, Cheyenne

I am a Republican. 

I’ve been involved in Republican Politics most of my life.  My first venture was when I had my picture in the Billings Gazette baking a cake for “IKE’s” birthday fundraiser.  I registered to vote on my 18th birthday and have voted for every Republican Presidential candidate since then.  I even voted for Trump, twice. But I won’t again.

In college, I was active in the Young Republicans on campus. I’ve volunteered for many state and federal candidates over the years, such as Hathaway, Wallop, Simpson, Dick Cheney, Mead, Gordon, Craig Thomas, and Enzi and many others.  I ran the headquarters in Cheyenne for two different elections.  I was an advisor for the Young Republicans at East High School. 

Despite all of that, I am considered a “RINO” by the far-right wing of the party.  That’s right, they don’t consider me a Republican!  But I am in good company. They claim that Congresswoman Liz Cheney isn’t one either. 

Anyone can be a Republican if they want to be.  All you have to do is register as one.  Actually, anyone can be one by just saying they are. There is no law that someone can kick you out of the party just because they don’t like what you are thinking. 

Apparently the far-right doesn’t believe that it is your right as an American citizen to join any party.  Probably even the Oath Keepers let anyone who believes in them join.

Many of us are a part of the Silent Majority who are unhappy with the state party as it is today. We’ve worked for so many years for Republican principles that we feel betrayed by our state party leaders.

But the one thing we can do is VOTE!  That’s right, vote for Liz Cheney and tell all your friends to vote for her.  Shout it from the rooftops, send post cards or text messages to your friends, and post FB messages to vote for Liz Cheney.  Let the far right call you a RINO! 

We are Republicans above all else.

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John Hoak: Cheney Not Responsive, Responsible, Nor a Patriot

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By John Hoak, Letter to the Editor

Cowboy State Daily, The Hill and other news & opinion outlets have recently run articles about the Republican primary race for Wyoming’s lone U.S. Congressional seat, articulating support for Liz Cheney and touting her conservative voting record. I write here in rebuttal.

I am a lifelong Republican voter (though long since bitterly disappointed & disenchanted with the go-along-to-get-along GOP).  I am a family man, home owner, business owner, a believer in & practitioner of traditional American values, and a lover of this great Republic as envisioned & constructed by the Founders and preserved by generations of American patriots.  (As an aside, I am not a lover of government nor worshipper of any elected official or political party or leader. 

All thinking, freedom-loving Americans should cultivate & nurture a respectful but robust skepticism of government & politicians.  That mistrust of centralized power is justified & healthy, and is embodied in the evolution & construct of our Constitution, and is critical to its successful application.)  I voted for Liz Cheney, who espouses conservative views, and whose congressional voting record, indeed, reflects ‘conservative’ values.

Ms. Cheney may well be a ‘conservative’, but she is neither a responsive & responsible representative of Wyoming’s voters, nor is she a patriot.  By placing her own personal views & agenda ahead of voters’ clearly-expressed wishes and the best interests of the nation, she has betrayed her constituency, Wyoming’s majority and betrayed her country. 

Though Donald Trump and his America-first agenda were strongly supported and his presidential initiatives & accomplishments heartily applauded by Wyoming voters, Ms. Cheney vindicated her personal agenda by joining the America-hating Left in voting to impeach the President – in the absence of any credible evidence to support charges.  It is unequivocally established that impeachment charges were false and were based upon false information & a criminally-corrupted investigation & trial. 

In a stunning misappropriation of power, the impeachment charade was contrived & prosecuted by Trump’s political opposition to cripple the Trump presidency and advance Leftist/Democrat interests … with Ms. Cheney’s proud, petulant & very public support.  Ms. Cheney sanctimoniously ignored the views, values & aspirations of her Wyoming constituency, thus betraying voters’ trust.  Her persistent, public attacks on Trump also enabled the Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Sanders-‘Squad’ Democrat party to consolidate control of federal power and launch a very dangerous, destructive far-left agenda.

Following the chaotic 2020 Presidential election, in which there was manifest legitimate evidence of widespread election irregularity – virtually none of which was investigated – Ms. Cheney continued her pursuit of a personal vendetta against Trump, in contemptuous defiance of her constituents’ wishes, by cementing her alliance with the Left in very-publically joining, supporting & co-chairing the fraudulent & politically-motivated January 6th Commission. 

(A full discussion of this illegal, illegitimate diversionary fake-outrage is beyond the scope of this brief opinion piece, but suffice to say that there was no such congressional hysteria or focus on the 1983 Leftist-insurrectionist-terrorist bombing of the U.S. Senate [1983 United States Senate bombing | Military Wiki | Fandom], nor on the 2017 shooting at a Congressional recreation event [James T. Hodgkinson: Bernie Sanders supporter, strongly anti-Trump | CNN].)

Wyoming’s voters strongly support conservative values & policies and originalist Constitutional limited governance.  By a 70% vote in 2020, Wyoming rejected the Democrat-Left’s platform & presidential candidate, and supported Mr. Trump and his record & vision for America.  Ms. Cheney, nevertheless, continued her attack on Trump, and aligned herself with the Left, not only arrogantly thumbing her nose at the great majority of Wyoming’s voters, but also helping to empower & legitimize the far-Left-dominated Democrat party, which is now, by any objective measure, systematically destroying Wyoming & America.

No responsible, responsive legislator supplants the views of voters with their own, contradicting & contravening constituents’ will, and no patriot aids & abets a movement bent on the destruction of the nation’s very foundations.  Ms. Cheney has repeatedly done both.

I have urged Ms. Cheney to resign, but it will doubtless be left to voters to force her out of office and replace her with a public servant who will exercise the voters’ will to the benefit of Wyoming & America.


John Hoak

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Letter To The Editor: Barr Cites Sniffin Column; Everything Is Complicated

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By Jim Barr, Cheyenne

I would like to respond to Bill Sniffin’s column, “2021 Was a Big Loser,” which has appeared in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle and the Cowboy State Daily, online. 

Bill is a longtime journalist, I am not. I am retired military, Republican, a retired Community College instructor, and have quit three jobs in order to stay in Wyoming, since 1974.

I totally agree with Bills opinion that the current Administration has tried to go so far to the left, that he describes their efforts as the “Silly Season”. However, I would like to offer a different perspective on some points in that column.

Most important, is what is not in that column. 

Bill makes no mention of January 6th, as if it never occurred. How can you talk about the high and low points of a 2021, and totally ignore January 6th? 

Journalists normally lead with the most important information in a story. Bill has left it out. I don’t think by accident. He does mention the feud between representative Cheney, and former President Trump. He describes it as personal. I describe it as the efforts of Cheney, to defend our Constitution and democracy from a defeated former president who is willing to attack and discard our electoral process, in a desperate attempt to maintain power. It is a crucial, and complicated issue.

Bill is glad that the price of oil is way up. I am too. This is capitalism at work. Supply and demand. However, Bill complains about the price of gas at the pump being higher. You can’t have high oil prices, and also expect cheap gas prices. The countries that have that, are socialist countries, where the government artificially keeps the price of gas low. I think that the higher oil prices are better for the state of Wyoming overall, then if we were able to buy cheap gas, at the expense of our state revenues. I think it is a very complicated issue.

Bills column is supportive of fossil fuels. It is also supportive of nuclear energy, although other alternative forms of energy are ignored. If the future nuclear power plant in Kemmerer is very successful, does that spell the end of fossil fuels in Wyoming? Can we have both? I think it is a very complex issue.

The column also addresses”billions”of Biden administration “silly money” coming to the state to help address problems created by the pandemic. Does the column imply, that that money should not be spent? Should the very independent state of Wyoming return that money? I think it is a very complicated issue

Other high and low points mentioned in the column, include the anti-vax / mask controversy, and the tourism industry. 

Wyoming was a spectacular success, as it kept students in school last year, based on wearing masks to prevent the spread of covid. Yet, this year, school boards and school administrations are under attack for trying to use the very method that was proven successful last year. 

Tourism visits were way up, but tourism Revenue was not. Why? Perhaps tourists were reluctant to expose themselves to covid, not going inside normal tourist locations and spending money, in a highly unvaccinated state. 

Were Wyoming workers reluctant to return to work, having to work inside, exposed to covid? These are very complicated relationships and issues.

How about the columns biggest good news story, the increase in value of housing? It was good news if you owned a home. What about the many working-class people in Wyoming who cannot afford to buy a home? Affordable housing is a huge problem throughout the state. Perhaps some of that Biden “silly money” will be used to address that issue. It is a very complicated issue.

Bill did not like the Biden Administrations ” inept abandonment of Afghanistan.” Biden carried through with the Trump negotiated settlement with the Taliban, to leave Afghanistan and end that terrible War. Tragically, 13 service members died, while evacuating 123,000 westerners and afghans. What a monumental success that was, other than the terrible loss of 13 lives. 64 American Service members were killed during the Trump era. Tragically, 13 died during the Biden era. No more military members will die during the rest of the Biden time. The war is over, we are out.  Heroically, 13 service members sacrificed themselves to save tens of thousands. Would it be better to still be there, losing more American lives, the longer we stay? Once again, a complicated issue.

Okay, okay, perhaps this is just a humorous column, published in the opinion section of the paper and in the Cowboy State Daily. Maybe I took the casual opinions of a geezer (I am one) coffee group too seriously. 

Sorry. Everything is just so complicated.

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Letter to the Editor: Earlier Vaccine Letter Was Full Of Disinformation

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By Larry Wright, Letter to the Editor

Dear Cowboy State Daily:

I do appreciate the effort you people put into this online journal.  I enjoy reading about the good people of Wyoming and our wonderful state.  I understand that your news slant  flows mostly in sync with  the Fox news crowd.  

However, please do not  ignore what make us good people and what makes us proud citizens of the Cowboy State.  Wyoming people want to be healthy and we want our families and neighbors to be healthy. 

I cannot understand or forgive how you put Dan Brody’s  Covid-19 misinformation and anti-vaccine editorial onto the front (your only) page.  Dan Brody’s editorial promotes the disease.  

Our attention should be directed to the 800,000 person virus death toll in the US, 1472 deaths in Wyoming and how we can get this under control.  As a country and a state we have done worse with this virus than nearly every other place on earth. 

I am pretty sure that nearly everyone in the state has now lost a family member or a friend to the disease.

The following information is in response to Dan Brody’s vaccine misinformation.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports  471 million Covid-19 vaccines delivered in the US through December 6.   

The CDC aggressively collects all information it can about suspected impacts from the vaccine.  Several deaths and some adverse effects have been definitively attributed to the vaccine.    

Some other deaths and adverse effects may be attributed to the vaccine.  Dan Brody’s statistic that the CDC VAERS database  reported 19,886 documented vaccine deaths is based on CDC’s collection of death certificates of everyone who was vaccinated and later died from any cause.  

The conclusions of the CDC are COVID vaccines are safe and effective.  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/safety/adverse-events.html

Every day the New York Times prints the latest CDC information about COVID.  There are some very simple statistics. 

As of December 13, 2021, if you are unvaccinated, you are 5 times more likely to catch Covid and 13 times more likely to die from it.   

These statistics include the adverse impact to the vaccinated  by the Delta-Variant.  

Forget Dan Brody’s unproven and frequently disproven gibberish about horse de-wormers, anti-malarial drugs, vitamins and whatever.   Get vaccinated. 

If Trump were president, I suspect that most Republicans would  gladly take the vaccine that he wanted (and deserves some) credit for.  Getting sick with Covid-19,  spreading it around, and dying from it to “own the libs” is just stupid.  

Covid-19  is a public health issue and an issue of life and death.  

Get vaccinated.

Get a booster if you are due one. 

Wear a mask in public places.

A mask mostly protects others from your disease. 

A mask slightly protects you from other people’s diseases.  

We all hate masks, now get over it. 

Temporarily abandon  some of your “ freedom” and “personal choice” issues and fully support the health of your community. 

Larry Wright, PE

Cheyenne, Wyoming

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Letter to the Editor: Dan Brophy — Vaccine Mandates – The Appalling Evidence Of Deaths And Injuries

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Dan Brophy: Vaccine mandates – the appalling evidence of deaths and injuries

By Dan Brophy, Letter to the Editor

Governor Gordon and the Wyoming legislature had the opportunity last month in special session to ensure personal medical liberty. Today, Wyoming should have in place strong  legislation protecting our citizens from the harm and abuses of vaccine mandates. Many other states have taken this step. Our state could not.

The Governor did not lead. Good bills sponsored by faithful conservative legislators were amended into poisonous text which nullified their original intent. A small group of influential Republican legislators, assisted by Democrats, made sure we are not protected from vaccine tyranny. The bill that passed is limited in scope and weak.

Wyomingites now must live with the consequences. What are they? Look at the link to the VAERS (CDC reporting) website as of December 3: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/cdc-vaers-3rd-shot-teens-deaths-injuries-covid-vaccines/. 946,000 adverse events, 151,000 serious injuries reported. 19,886 documented deaths. Tens of thousands of serious, life-threatening injuries including paralysis, heart attacks, pericarditis, myocarditis. In current news, vaccinated children falling dangerously ill; dozens of vaccinated professional athletes throughout the world collapsing with heart problems as they exert themselves in their sport 

Why is this appalling evidence suppressed by the US medical establishment and a complicit media? Why was it ignored in Cheyenne? Ordinary people like us, without the background to know where to look, must search hard to find it. The statistics are almost certainly worse – VAERS reports are backlogged, and reporting is NOT mandatory in the first place. This certainly means many more deaths and injuries than reported today have taken place.

Prior to now, no drug in US history would remain in use for even a few weeks with this record of harm to its recipients. Over the years, new drugs have been withdrawn after just a few deaths or adverse reactions. Today, federal authorities who say nothing about the dismal history of deaths and injuries, propose to force vaccination on us. They do not tell us that the vaccines were designed for a virus that has mutated to the point it no longer exists. They use their executive and regulatory power to maneuver us into an impossible position with no practical choice. Comply at risk of your health, or lose your job and suffer various other forms of discrimination and ostracism.

It could not be more clear: the Biden administration, the FDA, CDC, NIH and other bureaucracies, are determined to force these vaccines irreversibly into our bodies, even as they deliberately ignore ominous problems. What happened to the “informed” part of “informed consent”? Thousands of doctors and medical experts, obligated by training and their Hippocratic oath, have abandoned us. Medical boards threaten license revocations against doctors who step outside rigid CDC treatment protocols. Political bureaucrats like Fauci justify their tyranny as protecting a higher interest, collective community health. Individually, we are of no concern to them. The terrifying history of these vaccines means nothing to them.

We are supposed to accept without question or protest the claim that the vaccines “protect us”. Yet the medical community knows the vaccines do not protect any of us from infection, nor from transmitting Covid to others. Thousands of vaccinated people are becoming reinfected and dying. Why don’t public health officials broadcast this essential information? Could it be today’s vaccines are designed for the original virus that has mutated so much it no longer exists? As one clever physician stated, “if the vaccines work, why aren’t they working?”

Factually, the Covid vaccines are not vaccines in any traditional sense. They are gene therapies, designed to attenuate the illness – unlike other vaccines (polio, smallpox, diphtheria, etc. which actually prevent the associated diseases. They are literally experimental medical technology with no history, now being tested real time on hundreds of millions of Americans and billions worldwide. 

Mandates make us lab rats for vaccine makers and their government sponsors, granting us the same liberty of choice afforded to lab rats – none. Mandates put us at risk for our jobs, for access to routine activities of daily life, and based on the statistics, randomly at risk for our lives. Get vaccinated, or else your family doesn’t eat.

Early on in this pandemic (April, 2020), my family decided we wanted outpatient therapies to try to avoid hospitalization.  We did extensive research and realized one therapy already had a promising history – the hydroxychloroquine regimen or “cocktail” (HCQ, Azithromycin, zinc) developed by a French doctor and quickly deployed with astonishing success by a handful of American physicians. In a conversation with a family physician, an internist with an internationally prominent hospital system, I asked if he would be willing to prescribe the cocktail. I sent him news articles and research papers. There were no vaccines available, nor were there established treatment protocols in US hospitals – including his own with its distinguished reputation. Why not evaluate the one existing therapy?

Initially, he agreed to prescribe the HCQ  cocktail if any of us got sick. A month later, he informed us that he could not. At the time, there were still no other alternative therapies (e.g. ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies which have since been proven successful). I challenged him, saying “then what will you be able to do for us if one of us gets sick?”  He’s a fine doctor, an ethical and caring physician. He struggled to reply but had no choice: “we will bring you into the hospital”. I said “what then?” He said “if you get worse, we will admit you into the ICU; then if you deteriorate, put you on a ventilator.” He and I both knew he had described what amounts to non-treatment – drastic reactive intervention amounting to a possible death sentence. The conversation progressed and he admitted that if he prescribed the HCQ cocktail, he “could be demoted, fired, removed from his position.” He had no choice.  His bosses forbade any therapy prior to hospitalization. The management of the hospital system never looked into the success of the doctors treating patients with the cocktail.

I discovered subsequently that federal law prohibit use of any experimental vaccine if effective therapies exist (minute 37),  It’s obvious that FDA banning HCQ, ivermectin and other therapies (and discouraging all experimentation) provides the justification for mass vaccinations “because there is no other choice” – even though there are many choices. Follow the money to the corporate headquarters of Big Pharma. Draw your own conclusions – now you know mine.

You are probably like us – we have many friends who have requested but been refused prophylactic prescriptions for HCQ and ivermectin. Some got sick and have been hospitalized, some of those died in hospital. Every single person we know who died was isolated from all outside contact by brutal hospital policies, and untreated with any therapies other than the drastic Fauci-prescribed protocols (generally, remdesivir and intubation on a ventilator). More recently, many hospitals now infuse corticosteroids and monoclonal antibodies which are, for the most part, effective. But these must be administered earlier in the disease progression, not later.

You will not find any public health official recommending prophylactics to keep you out of hospital, or early treatment (outpatient) therapeutics. If you don’t know otherwise, you would assume there are none. Public health authorities will not acknowledge the success many doctors have had with early outpatient therapies.

They never mention even the simplest precautionary therapies at home, like taking ionophores (Quercitin), zinc, Vitamins D and C. The incredible documented declines in Covid deaths from widespread use of ivermectin in India and Japan are of no concern to arrogant American medical bureaucrats, who have spurned their sacred Hippocratic oath to “do no harm”. To them, HCQ and ivermectin are “voodoo medicine”. These savage people feign concern about our welfare, but they use their power with no compunction to assure that American must struggle to the drugs through restricted, limited medical back channels.

Don’t think we don’t take Covid seriously. I had it and was briefly hospitalized. I now have natural immunity (which the CDC does not even study!). I have a rare auto-immune disease which greatly amplified the effects of Covid. It’s years too early for medicine to know the reaction my body might have to a Covid vaccine. I fear death if I am forced into vaccination, and nobody can prove my fear wrong. I will never get the vaccine.

We have many friends who have willingly been vaccinated. Some of those friends know vaccinated people who have been reinfected and died. Recently, other friends have noted the horrifying evidence of injuries and now will refuse any booster shots. Others are happy to take boosters. These are their choices. We believe they have this right, just as we have the right to refuse vaccination.

Why did Governor Gordon and Wyoming lawmakers put us at the mercy of medical tyrants? Why did they not protect our essential liberties? Good questions. ASK THEM.

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Letter To The Editor: Love it! The DC-3 Airplane – Truck – Mobile Home. Thank You!

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Editor’s note: This email is in response to the story “Weird Frankenstein-Looking Truck/Airplane Combo Spotted on Interstate 80” published on September 29, 2021 regarding a vehicle that was created out of a 1943 Douglas DC-3 aircraft and an International truck frame. It was spotted on Interstate 80 near Rawlins on Thursday.

By Karl Brauneis: Lander Wyoming

Love it! The DC-3 Airplane – Truck – Mobile Home. Thank You!

I made most of my jumps out of the radial engine DC-3’s as a smokejumper. (actually the military version C-47 that has a larger door that can be taken off for large cargo loading. This door was always intact as we used the smaller passenger door to jump and load and kick cargo). Only a trained eye could distinguish the difference.

We jumped both Forest Service  “Doug’s” and also contract “Doug’s”. In 1977 Chrysler out of Thermopolis, Wyoming had the Forest Service contract for I believe two Doug’s we had at Missoula, Montana. See above picture of my graduating class of 77.. They were painted in a blue color scheme. The Forest Service Doug’s were in the official aircraft orange color scheme.

After my rookie year I got the barracks room on the corner of the ramp where the Doug’s sat. In the morning the pilot’s would crank the engines to warm them up and make sure all was working a-ok. I had the window open to hear them crank and breath in that beautiful radial engine smoke. As a young man I was living in paradise. It might have been the 70’s in Missoula, Montana but to view the planes on the ramp ( also B-17 Retardant bomber’s) you would have thought it was England in 1943.

Third Picture – That’s Miss Montana in Miss Montana. She was the Doug that dropped the Man Gulch jumpers in 1949. The film Red Skies of Montana is based on that fire. Also in the Disney film about the smokejumpers ( A Fire Called Jerimiah) the Miss Montana of the time played the part of the Lookout in the film. In another Disney film the Wyoming actor Larry Wilcox (Of CHIPS fame) from I believe Rock Springs, WY played the part of the Lookout – Smokechaser in that film. Cool Stuff.

Last picture – jumping the Doug and a smokejumper salute. That is not me in the picture. When you get experienced we would give many different sign’s to the spotter and pilot before our chute opened (static line). I would simply wave if I was the last one out of the stick and watch the spotter pull in the static lines and he would wave back. (we jumped in 1, 2 or 3 man sticks depending on how big the jump spot was).

Anyhow, I thought you would get a kick out of the last one. As a rookie, your first couple of jumps your eye’s are closed and you scream out the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and check your canopy as you are trained. It get’s more fun the more experience and the what scares a veteran is the last 100 feet to landing in either in the trees or on the ground. . I got my 50 jump wings before I converted to a forester. What a life 🙂

I always thought that a DC-3 Fuselage would make a great addition to a Dinner or Bar. 

Thanks’ for the memories,

Karl Brauneis

Lander, WY

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Steve Duerr: Attention Legislators: It Is Time To Favor The Convention Of States Initiative

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Letter to the editor. By Steve Duerr

Dear fellow Wyoming Patriot & Member of the Legislature: Subject: Wyoming Legislature – 2021 – Convention of States Initiative

I hope to see you in Cheyenne during the 2021 legislative session in March. I will be calling you to discuss this email and to seek your support.

You may know that I have been a volunteer for the Convention of States initiative in Wyoming since 2014.

I’ve been a lawyer since 1980 working in NW Wyoming for about 36 years. I have traveled to Cheyenne to advocate for COS, in what will be my 4th legislative session: 2015, 17, 19 and now 2021.

I will not give up because I’m a grandpa and father of seven and I fear for my family.

I strongly believe that the remedy for Federal abuse our Founders created in Article V of the US Constitution, is the only remedy big enough to fix our current Constitutional Crisis.

The Presidential election, the Georgia Senate elections, the tragedy at the US Capitol, make it clear to me that We The People must use Article V to convene a convention of the states, for the purpose of considering amendments to the Constitution, that will increase self-governance and reclaim our Constitutional Republic. I summarize the current state of affairs for the national COS movement:

Presently, 15 of the required 34 states have, by a Resolution of the legislature, approved the uniform petition to Congress to call for a Convention of the States. COS Action was formed in 2014, based in Texas, Mark Meckler is the President (he was a founder of the Tea Party movement).

The COS uniform petition language for states to support by a Joint Resolution includes 3 issues:

1. Fiscal spending restraint

2. Reduce the size, power & jurisdiction of the federal government

3. Term limits for some federal officials

The COS petition and related state Resolution are perceived as conservative public policy. In that context, in 2017, the Wyoming Legislature did approve support for the balanced budget amendment initiative (BBA); conservative public policy.

Some WY legislators perceive that the COS petition issue 1, fiscal restraints, was accomplished by support for the BBA. But, the BBA does not go far enough to constrain the Federal Government.

In the Wyoming Legislature, in my opinion, the primary reason the petition has not succeeded is the fear of a so-called “runaway convention.”

There is no historic or legal precedent for a runaway convention. Each state shall have one vote at the COS, regardless of the population of the state. Attempts to discuss any matters outside the three described issues, shall be ruled inadmissible.

The most important safeguard is the extremely high bar for acceptance of any proposed amendments, in that ¾ or 38 states must ratify proposed amendments.

Therefore, it is virtually politically impossible for any amendments to be adopted that do not have overwhelming support of the American people.

As a practical matter, especially given that the vast majority of State power is in the Heartland Red States or the “fly-over states,” there are far more checks on a possible runaway convention, then presently in place, on our runaway Congress.

NOW, in these perilous political times, We the People have the power to take back our government and return power to the States.

It is critical to know that the Article V remedy was created by the Founders for precisely this time in our Nation’s history, when the Federal Government is the oppressor of the people. It’s time for action!

Full text of Article V of the US Constitution: “The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress; provided that no amendment which may be made prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any manner affect the first and fourth clauses in the ninth section of the first article; and that no state, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate.
Thank you for your consideration of this matter,            

Note: Steve Duerr, a COS Action volunteer since 2014, Attorney at Law, 307.699.4920 Cellemail:steveduerr08@gmail.com, PO Box 11210   Jackson Hole, WY 83002 www.steveduerr.com                 

For more info: https://conventionofstates.com/states-that-have-passed-the-convention-of-states-article-v-application

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Letter to The Editor: A Voice For Wyoming Wildlife

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By J. M. Hauptman. Laramie, Wyoming

Some favorite places around Laramie to access public lands have become, for a few, places of trauma and danger.  Since mid-November six dogs became entangled in neck snares or held in terror by foot-hold traps.  That is, six cases in an eight-week period.  If we broaden the time frame to include February of 2020, less than 12 months ago, we can add another. 

Except for one, all were on public land and at least half set illegally.  The one case on private land occurred early December 2020 and involved a foot-hold trap that lacked an identification tag, a trapping violation.  Immediately adjacent to the boundary of Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge a dog slipped under the fence onto private land where she was held by a foot-hold trap, howling in agony, while her owner ran for help.

In late December, a woman and her dog, accompanied by friends, went to ski the popular Chimney Park area on the Medicine Bow-Routt NF just west of Woods Landing.  Moments after arriving, her dog was in a foot-hold trap just steps from the trailhead.  Again, the panic and helplessness for dog and owner alike.

Closer to Laramie four equally unnerving cases, two off Vedauwoo Road along Middle Crow Creek, one on the popular state land bordering the National Forest accessed by North Buford Rd and the fourth just off Forest Service Rd 701.  These four cases occurred between the weeks of November 15 and January 18, 2021.

Broadening the time frame to February 2020, we tell of a man and his dog on BLM land in Rodger Canyon about 8 miles north of Laramie.  There a 10” Quick-Kill Conibear trap was baited with a feathered chicken.  The dog went for it, but the trap did not live up to its name, as often happens, and the 70-pound Old English Sheepdog escaped serious injury after the herculean and innovative action of his owner.

Why tell these stories and what does it all mean?  Education, advocacy, and reform.  Many people who use our public lands are unaware about trapping and its prevalence on public lands, even less know about the lax regulations. 

Yes, traps and snares can be set without limits adjacent to trails, year-round and without warning.  Yes, animals linger for days.  Yes, quick-kill traps fail at the job. Yes, game animals are trapped and ensnared, yet no poaching charges issued.  The violations go on.  The stories shared here involve beloved family pets whose owners speak out, but what about the wildlife?

A growing number of people around our state, some motivated by the death of a beloved pet, are advocating (adding a voice, adding a call) for wildlife and pets. 

Concerned citizens ask for mandatory trapper education, trap set-backs from trails, reporting and accounting for non-target species, trapper harvest reports, 24-hour check requirement, closure of high-use public lands to trapping of fur bearers and predators.  The list is long because the regulations are short.

Trapping is often promoted as a wildlife management tool, yet the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) does not conduct surveys to determine abundance of furbearers, let alone animals designated as “predatory” animals (coyote, jackrabbit, porcupine, raccoon, red fox, skunk, and stray cat).  How can the tool be used if unaware of which way is up?  Trapping and hunting of “predatory” animals continues without restriction to number, method, season and without requiring a permit. 

All resource agencies, like WGFD, are founded on the public trust doctrine.  The citizens have entrusted the care of all Wyoming wildlife, all 800 species, to the WGFD.  All citizens, all 800 species.  The exception, those whose legal status is “predator”. 

Calling for trapping rules and regulations is no more an infringement on the rights of an individual than is the prohibition of shooting from the road, using artificial light or leaving to rot in a field the edible portions of a big game animal.

Those who support trapping reform are characterized as “sentimentalist”.  Well, guilty as charged, I have feelings.  I believe if someone is going to kill an animal then it should be done quickly and effectively.  I believe that the pursuit of an animal with the intention of killing that animal ought to proceed in a manner whereby the animal is in full capacity to use her alertness, fitness, and specialized senses to detect danger and have ample room and opportunity to escape.

There are two non-profits in Wyoming working hard to share safety and awareness information.  If you want to find information on pet release workshops, recommended tools to carry while out, or if you want to learn about trapping incidents of dogs and wildlife throughout the state, then visit the websites of Wyoming Untrapped and WY Trap Free-mont County.

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Letter to the Editor: Is It Time for Barrasso & Cheney to Leave Congress?

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By Steven D. Kahne, Colonel, USAF, Retired, Pinedale

Let me begin by stating that I am a life-long conservative and Republican.  Unfortunately, the two don’t go together all the time today.

Over the past few months, I have written to both Senator Barrasso and Representative Cheney on email and/or snail mail.  I received an email response from the Senator’s office, and it was clearly written by a staffer.  As for the Representative, I have not received a single response from my letter and several emails even though I requested her to respond.

In my email to Senator Barrasso, I begged him to support the stand against the Electoral College vote as it favored Vice President Biden, but not because of that. 

The Electoral College vote was based on enormous amounts of fraud that cannot be denied by anyone unless they are deaf and blind.  I certainly am not disparaging anyone who is deaf or blind, but the fact remains that thousands of affidavits, scientists, statisticians, poll watchers, poll workers, and videos (such as that from Georgia) could not all be wrong. 

The Senator’s staffer’s response told me that the Electoral College had given Biden 306 votes, which put him well past the needed 270. 

The staffer went on to say that “I” (i.e., the Senator) believe every American’s vote is sacred.  I guess the additional 800,000 mail-in ballots that were counted in Pennsylvania that went beyond the 1.7 million they mailed out were also sacred. 

And the 200,000 votes that exceeded the number of registered voters in Pennsylvania were also sacred.  Even the Georgia ballots in the suitcases that were run through the Dominion voting machines three times each were all sacred.

A friend who has been part of the workings of the GOP in Wyoming for many years asked Senator Barrasso why he had voted for a particular bill that was damaging to the people of Wyoming. 

His response was stunning.  He said that he never has enough time to read all of the content of all the bills that come to the floor for a vote.  Therefore, he voted for the bill based on what he thought it was.  Really?  If you don’t know what the bill is about would it not be better to vote against it?  It can always be defeated and brought back later in another form.

Representative Cheney has taken every step to defame the President.  She stated publicly that the President just needed to show the evidence of election fraud or quit talking about it and concede. 

Maybe she was deaf and blind during all those weeks that evidence, or indicators of fraud that should have been investigated, were presented over and over in the news.  Or maybe she was only watching CNN, NBC, and the other media outlets that refuse to tell the truth.

Then the Representative stated that the President’s speech caused all the turmoil leading to the riot at the Capitol on January 6th.  Again, she opened her mouth before she knew the facts, showing that her only goal is to defame the President.  

If she had done just a few minutes of investigation, she would have known that the President’s remarks could not have been heard by the rioters of the Antifa and BLM thug variety since they were already at the Capitol starting their unrest, which lead to the hideous break in of the building and deaths. 

If she had waited for the facts, she would know that the people who started the riots were Antifa and BLM thugs who infiltrated the peaceful protest.  If she had waited, she would have seen photos of those who are known Antifa and BLM thugs who were in the crowd and the building. 

If she had waited, she would have seen videos of Trump supporters pulling Antifa and BLM thugs away from the windows and doors at the Capitol as the latter tried to vandalize the building to break in. 

If she had waited, she would have learned from law enforcement investigators that those who actually breached the building and caused the vandalism were Antifa and BLM thugs. 

But her hatred of the President drove her to speak out loudly and early…even though she was 100 percent wrong.

Then today [Wednesday], she followed through on her promise to vote for impeachment of the President.  Was her vote based on fact?  No.  It was all an emotional response because she has such incredible disdain for the President.

Both Senator Barrasso and Representative Cheney need to make a decision:  either step down so they can be replaced by someone who represents the values of Wyomingites or walk across the aisle to the Democrats where their decisions will make sense.

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Letter to the Editor: Interstate 80 Should Have Been Closed

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Dear Mr. Sniffin;

First off I’d like to thank for your coverage of the tragic accident that took place on I-80, March 1, 2020. 

My name is John Conti. I’m originally from Western NY, but now live in Reno NV. I was one of the many people in the middle of that twisted metal. Thank goodness I did not hit anyone or anything. 

I have great concern of matters that lead up to that tragic day. I am still thinking about what happened, almost obsessed, and that’s why I’m reaching out to you. I have never seen such display of selfish, self centered people all in one place in my life. 

I am an experienced driver on snow covered roads. But what I witnessed was nothing short of stupidity on whomever  had the responsibility of shutting down the Interstate. 

I don’t care if it was the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Department or Wyoming State Police. That stretch of highway should have been shut down. I was watching idiot truck drivers and other stupid people driving like the weather was a perfect sunshiny day. 

All I wanted to do was get off the next exit and wait for the weather to improve. I was driving at 40 mph and watching trucks and more trucks and cars and SUV’s pass me like I was standing still. 

I was telling my partner who was sitting next to me, that these people are nuts! To come up to this seen has made me literally sick. I was trying to send an email to either the Sheriff himself or the Captain of Wyoming Highway Patrol, but cannot find an email. 

This is a poor excuse of these law enforcement agencies. They have no business being in command! 

How dare they allow this display of their authority to go to the wayside is beyond my anatomy. These agencies are around when they’re not needed but when they are needed to do their job they’re are no where to be found. This is disgusting!

In NY where weather changes quickly, the NY State Police will and have shut down the highways. And why would they shut down the interstate you may ask? For public safety!

As far as I am concerned charges should be brought to whoever was in charge to shut the roads down. Someone needs to be held accountable.  There should have been police presence in that area at the very least. 

I don’t care to hear excuses or that there were police in that area. I was there myself, and I can certainly testify that; “there was no police around”! 

I hope these “men” ask God to forgive them for the deaths of these people. And that God will show mercy to them, because they certainly did not show any compassion for the deaths of these people, or the people that got hurt. 

These people were someone’s mother, father, wife, husband, brother, sister, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, grandparent…….someone’s friend. I know I for one, as well as my employees will no longer drive thru this stretch of highway in the state of Wyoming. 

Thank you Sir and I do hope you in the very least will read my email. Hopefully I can get past this so I can have some peace in my mind and heart.


                                John Conti

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