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Cheyenne City Council Blunt In Rejection Of Decriminalizing Marijuana By 6-3 Vote

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From left to right: Cheyenne City Councilmen Pete Layborne, Scott Roybal, Richard Johnson.

The Cheyenne City Council voted down a proposal Monday to decriminalize marijuana in city limits. Councilman Richard Johnson said his primary motivation was to save the city money on superfluous fines and attorney fees. 

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Wyoming Man Faces Life In Prison For Jail Death, Forced Anal Smuggling

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(Courtesy Albany County Sheriff's Office)

A Laramie man accused of giving fentanyl to a fellow jail inmate, causing his death, and forcing another inmate to smuggle a pill in his anus faces life in prison because of harsher federal charging options not available to state prosecutors.

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Cody Man Accused Of Beating His 2-Year-Old Daughter To Death Ruled Sane Enough For Trial

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Moshe Bahja Williams’ prosecution was paused for a mental health evaluation but a judge on Thursday said he’s sane enough to stand trial. Williams and his girlfriend both are charged with first-degree murder after Williams’ 2-year-old died of a “gut punch.”

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Woman Streaks Through Downtown Cheyenne Because Voices In Her Head Told Her To ‘Air It Out’

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Downtown Cheyenne, file photo

After she told police she went streaking through downtown Cheyenne on Wednesday because the voices in her head told her to “air it out,” Alissa Marie Arellano was arrested on an outstanding warrant and ticketed for public intoxication and indecent exposure.

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Arsonist Who Set Fire To Casper Gender-Change, Abortion Clinic Still Unknown, So Police Increase Reward

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Nearly a year has passed since a masked and hooded arsonist lugged a red fuel tank into Wellspring Health Access and lit the aspiring abortion and gender-change treatment clinic on fire, so the Casper Police Department has increased its reward offer from $5,000 to $15,000.

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Despite Brutal Winter, Gillette Police Not Deterred With Snow Tracks On Vehicles

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Courtesy, Gillette Police Dept

Winter isn’t messing around this year, and neither is the Gillette Police Department. They aren’t cheap but “Track N Go” snow tracks have proven to be a godsend for, as snow continues to pile up, particularly in neighborhoods where streets aren’t plowed.

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Committee Kills Bill Making It Harder For Sex Offenders To Get Off Wyoming Registry

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Rep. Chris Knapp, R-Gillette, wants to redo sex offender classifications to make it more difficult to petition off the registry. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday killed a bill that aimed to let fewer sex offenders get erased from the sex offender registry, because the bill’s language was confusing.

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Wyoming House Speaker Makes Emotional Plea For Elderly Fraud Victims

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(Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

While debating a proposed law that would let banks intervene if they suspect elderly or disabled customers are being scammed, House Speaker Rep. Albert Sommers was tearful in relating the story of a vulnerable Wyomingite who was forced to live in dog poop while family members spent that person’s money on drugs.

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Photo Shows Gabby Petito Bruised, Battered Minutes Before Moab Police Stop

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A selfie taken by Gabby Petito just minutes before she and her fiancé Brian Laundrie were stopped by Moab police appears to show far more evidence of injury than bodycam footage released later. (Photo Courtesy Parker and McConkie Law Firm)

A newly released photo of Gabby Petito appears to show the social media star slain by fiancé Brian Laundrie to be bruised and bloodied just prior to the time of the stop made by Moab, Utah, police officers on Aug. 12, 2021.

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Risky Business: Joy-Riding Teen Rockets Dad’s Orange Porsche Through Gillette, Gets Arrested

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It was just like the movie “Risky Business” (but without Guido, the killer pimp or any prostitutes). A 17-year-old boy who drove his dad’s orange Porsche through Gillette at 100 miles per hour now faces eluding and exhibition of speed citations. No word on if he was grounded.

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Prosecutor: Riverton Walmart Has One Of The Highest Theft Rates in Nation; Criminals Say They Don’t Care If Caught

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Longtime prosecutor in Fremont County Ember Oakley said there is a big increase in organized retail theft at Riverton’s Walmart and offenders have admitted that a few days in jail is a small price to pay for all the shoplifting they get away with.

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Lawyer For Wrong-Way Driver Suggests He Was Concussed, Not Impaired After Crash That Killed 5

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Arthur A. Nelson

The Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper who arrested Arthur Nelson after he caused a multi-vehicle crash that killed five students by driving the wrong way on Interstate 80 said he failed extensive field tests for driving impaired.

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Bill Would Allow Homicide Charges For Drug Dealers When Their Customers Die

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State Sen. Cale Case was the lone no in a 4-1 committee vote to advance a bill to the Senate floor expanding the criminal charges available for adults who deal deadly drugs. He says Senate File 181 isn’t specific enough to distinguish offenders who act with malice.

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Father Of Two Daughters Killed On I-80: ‘I Forgive’ Driver Who Caused Fiery Crash

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Salomon Correa, from left, Magdalene "Maggie" Franco, Ava Luplow, Andrea Prime and Suzy Prime before leaving to visit Jackson Hole Bible College.

Phil Prime says it’s up to the court system and God to punish the wrong-way driver who caused a chain-reaction crash on Interstate 80 east of Rawlins that killed five people, including two of his daughters – Suzy, 18, and Andrea, 23.

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Charges Pending For Driver Who Triggered Chain-Reaction Crash That Killed 5 Students On I-80

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Arthur A. Nelson

Arthur Nelson, who drove a Dodge Ram 3500 truck the wrong way on Interstate 80 on Sunday evening, remains in the Carbon County jail awaiting formal charges from the county attorney’s office. He’s accused of causing a multi-vehicle crash that killed five young people from Arkansas.

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Romanian Man Accused Of Smuggling $7,500 Scotch In Crotch Will Likely Get Deal So He Can Stay In U.S.

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A Romanian man accused of stealing a $7,500 bottle of scotch in his crotch at a liquor store in Jackson appeared in court on Thursday. The prosecution said if the bottle — which was hidden in the man’s crotch — is in salable condition, restitution would not be necessary.

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Convicted Murderer Suing Dept Of Corrections Because They Took Away His PlayStation

in U.S. District Court for Wyoming/News/Crime
Cowboy State Daily Illustration

Convicted murderer John Hereford is suing Wyoming’s prisons system saying the confiscation of his PlayStation console following the discovery of mature-rated games is a punishment that “does not fit the crime.”

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Although Dept Of Corrections Wanted Child Sex Abuser On Probation, Wyo Supreme Court Says No

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Wyoming Department of Corrections Photo

Although state corrections officials recommended a 22-year-old Riverton man who reportedly coerced a 5-year-old girl into oral sex be released from prison, the Wyoming Supreme Court ruled to keep him in prison.

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