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Hawk Springs Processing Facility Could Expand Potential For Wyoming Hemp

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Justin Loeffler has a year's worth of hemp at his location in Hawk Springs, where he's setting up a hemp elevator to process and market hemp fiber. (Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

Hemp has long lacked a key link in its supply chain — a processing facility. A Hawk Springs man wants to change that to give the crop the boost it needs to finally take off in the Cowboy State.

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For More Than 150 Years, Arbuckles’ Has Been The Coffee That’s Won The West – And Wyoming

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(Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

A Chugwater history buff has re-discovered the brand of coffee that all cowboys once drank, including those who worked for the Swan Land and Cattle Co. in Platte County. It’s called Arbuckles’ coffee, and Wyoming cowboys still drink it.

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Opposition Builds to Albertsons-Kroger Mega Merger At Local, State and Federal Levels

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Cheyenne Albertsons, Photo by Jimmy Orr

A small coalition of customers sued over the mega merger of Albertsons and Kroger. That’s been followed by an even larger coalition of organizations banding together to fight it. The group contains a few strange bedfellows.

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Here’s Why Wyoming Banks Aren’t Likely To Fail

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People line up outside of a Silicon Valley Bank office Monday after the bank collapsed. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Banks in Wyoming don’t have large numbers of uninsured deposits, don’t have the same exposure to the technology sector, and digital banks are required to hold 100% of the value of any digital assets on reserve.

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58 Experts Said Tear Down Cheyenne’s Iconic Central Plaza Hotel – They Saved It Anyway

in Wyoming Life/News/Business
The Central Plaza Hotel in downtown Cheyenne. (Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

Corey Lynn of Lynn Buys Houses in Cheyenne is known for saving houses not hotels, but she couldn’t let the hotel she remembered from her youth fall apart. She and her business partner Carter Ward found a way to save it from the wrecking ball.

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Wyoming’s American CryptoFed DAO Isn’t Worried About SEC Enforcement Action, Says It’s Moving Ahead With Its Plans

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(Getty Images)

Wyoming’s first legal DAO is in the midst of an SEC enforcement action, but company officials say it’s “just a temporary drama.” They’re hopeful, meanwhile, that Gordon will sign Wyoming’s stable token bill into law.

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Workers Lobby Against Bill, Say Wyoming Has Legacy Of Being Anti-Union

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Adrian Munoz testifies against Senate File 147 at the Wyoming Capitol on Wednesday. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

Despite passionate testimony from nearly two dozen construction workers and plumbers, Wyoming state lawmakers advanced a bill Wednesday that would prohibit government entities from bidding union-specific projects.

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Tired Of Waiting For Feds To Act, Wyoming Making Its Own Digital Banking Rules

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(Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

After waiting about a decade for promised federal regulation of the emerging digital financial landscape, Wyoming lawmakers are making their own. A bill to regulate third-party apps that interface with banks is close to passing the Legislature.

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Make Way For Dirty Charlotte and Old Faithful, Wyoming’s Newest Signature Cocktails

in Wyoming Life/News/Business
Mallory Pollack pours an Old Faithful, a unique cocktail made with Wyoming Whiskey. (Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

Booze, a Wyoming tradition even before statehood. And to celebrate booze at the Wyoming Tourism Conference, distillers across the state were challenged to make new concoctions. And they succeeded…

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Wyoming Lawmakers Move To Regulate Gaming, Industry Doesn’t Want ‘To Look Like Montana’

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Skill-based games are age-restricted in Wyoming, and are something the industry itself has told state lawmakers should be limited to adult locations — truck stops, bars and smoke shops. Senate File 41 would accomplish that and was advanced last week.

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Wyoming Union Says Court Ruling In Kroger – Albertson’s Merger Favors “Ultra-Wealthy Shareholders”

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Cheyenne Albertsons, Photo by Jimmy Orr

The union representing 750 Wyoming grocery workers on Wednesday said, “We are disappointed to see a ruling that favors a small number of ultra-wealthy shareholders over the many thousands of essential workers and millions of Americans who will be left to suffer the consequences of the outright financial looting of Albertsons.”

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Unused For 15 Years, Wyoming Legislators Move To Kill Apprenticeship Program

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Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

When the state Legislature passed it in 2007, a law aimed to boost employment training opportunities in Wyoming by allowing contractors to use apprentice programs on public works projects seemed a good idea. In the 15 years since, nobody has used it.

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Wyoming Isn’t Just About Steak. Passion For Pottery Led To ‘Mind-Blowing’ Wood-Fired Pizza

in Wyoming Life/News/Business
Pizzaillo front of house team leader Mikey Staton shows off two finished pizzas. (Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

Great pizza in cowboy country? Actually, yes. The owner of Pizza Carrello in Gillette says she’s a “tomato jerk” and that’s part of the reason for its success — along with homemade limoncello and cheese from Italy. Her vision started not with food, but with pottery.

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Amazon Says It Told Cheyenne Postal Service Ahead Of Time About Huge Dump Of Packages

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Amazon told Cowboy State Daily on Friday that they had communicated with Cheyenne postal authorities ahead of time about the gigantic influx of packages which forced the Cheyenne Post Office to close three offices and caused citywide chaos in the postal delivery system.

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Why Did Amazon Just Dump Off 13,000+ Packages Resulting In Cheyenne Post Offices To Close?

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Lisa Ansell was among mail carriers who helped deliver a more than 13,000-package dump from Amazon that landed in the Cheyenne postal system. (Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

There’s a reason that nearly all Cheyenne post offices closed down when Amazon dumped 13,000+ packages off at the same time. There’s an agreement the post office signed with carriers to finish deliveries and they had to scramble employees to get it done.

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Cheyenne Post Offices Close Down After Amazon Dumps 13,000+ Packages Off & Allegedly Refuses To Deliver

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Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily

Cheyenne postal workers say several post offices in Cheyenne were closed on Tuesday after Amazon dropped off 110 pallets of packages at the post office and were refusing to deliver packages in Cheyenne because of the recent storms in Wyoming.

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More Than A Week After Travel Fiasco, Southwest Comes Through For Cheyenne Family

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Jaden Moser and Jordan Wollin. (Courtesy Photo)

Despite the thousands of customers that had their holidays ruined because of Southwest Airlines, a Cheyenne family made it to their destination. Most passengers on that flight, however, gave up as it was less than half full.

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On The Turnoff To Devils Tower, Donna’s Diner Is The Place To Be In Moorcroft

in Wyoming Life/News/Business
Dona's Diner regulars, from left, Roger Peterson, Kenny Newby and Charlie "Tuna" Schoenewald. (Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

A Moorcroft community hub for nearly 60 years, Donna’s Diner is for sale, but regulars confident the town’s only café still has plenty of life left.

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Wyoming Company Has Made Components For NASA, Now Expanding To Nuclear Innovation

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An L&H Industrial employee works welding a large part used in the mining industry. (Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

L&H Industrial in Gillette has grown from a machine shop of six to a multinational company employing 387 people. It’s built parts for NASA and now has its focus on a new space — the nuclear power sector.

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Walmart Expands Drone Delivery Service But Wyoming Still Not On List

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Photo Courtesy DroneUp

Although there are still technical challenges to drone-delivery like when a pilot lost control of an Amazon drone earlier this year and it crashed, causing a fire. Walmart is expanding its drone delivery into 34 new markets by the end of the year. Wyoming hasn’t made the list yet.

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Monster Grocery Merger Clears Legal Hurdle, Wyoming Workers Fear Job Losses, Higher Prices

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Cheyenne Albertsons

The union that represents 750 grocery workers in Wyoming said when Albertsons and Safeway merged in 2014, lower prices & higher wages were promised. Instead, hundreds of workers lost jobs and retirements while food deserts widened.

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At 10,450-Feet, Wyoming’s Highest-Altitude Restaurant Sells More Than 500 Waffles Per Day

in Wyoming Life/News/Business
Renee Jean, Cowboy State Daily

At 10,450 ft. above sea level, Corbet’s Cabin is Wyoming’s highest-altitude restaurant. The eatery, which sits on top of Rendezvous Peak in Teton County, sells more than 500 waffles per day (400+ in the winter).

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After 10 Years, Wyoming Whiskey Is Expanding To International Markets

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Wyoming Whisky founders, from left, David DeFazio, and Kate and Brad Mead. (Renee Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

Like most cattle ranchers today, the Meads really needed to diversify their operation to remain profitable. They chose whiskey. Ten years later, Wyoming Whiskey is attracting international attention.

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No “Smash And Grabs” But Shoplifting In Wyoming Is Increasing And Driving Prices Up

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More and more, items popular with shoplifters are being kept behind plexiglass, like these games at Target in Cheyenne. (Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

Although Wyoming hasn’t been hit by roving gangs of criminals like other states, coordinated shoplifting efforts have increased which is driving the cost of goods up across the state.

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Inflation Prompts Wyoming Shoppers To Go Smaller This Gift-Giving Season

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Jessica and daughter Isabella Ladelfa window shop at 307 Made in Cheyenne. (Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

Although some Wyoming communities reported record sales, crowds by and large felt thin at many stores in Wyoming for Black Friday, and even some Small Business Saturday shopping seemed to take a hit in some areas.

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Teton County Duo Saves Legendary Nora’s Fish Creek Inn From Developers

in Wyoming Life/News/Business
Leo Wolfson, Cowboy State Daily

After decades of feeding people living in and traveling through Wilson, Wyoming, and being featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” Nora’s Fish Creek Inn reopens with new owners who have vowed to keep the landmark going and protect the place from developers.

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Wyoming Was Early Critic Of “Woke Capitalism” When Gordon Told Bank Of The West To Shove It

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When Wyoming called out Bank of the West for announcing it would divest from fossil fuel investments, the state didn’t have a lot of company. That’s changed, and the recent FTX scandal has highlighted the problem of businesses embracing woke culture.

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Fed Plan: Wyoming To Receive 17 EV Charging Stations For $19 Million; None Likely Profitable

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If the Wyoming Department of Transportation were to follow all the federal guidelines for a program to build and operate EV charging stations along the nation’s roadways, Wyoming would need 17 charging stations at a cost of about $19 million.

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Monitoring Workers A Growing Trend, But Wyoming Researcher Finds It Often Backfires

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Getty Images

A University of Wyoming researcher studying workplace monitoring gave participants a series of tasks as well as an opportunity to cheat. Those who had been told they would be watched were more likely to cheat their employers than those who didn’t know they were being monitored.

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