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Sponsor Of Wyoming’s First-In-The-Nation Chemical Abortion Ban Unfazed By Outside Opinion

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(Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

State Sen. Tim Salazar, R-Riverton, says he doesn’t care what other states or countries think about his bill which became the first in the country to ban chemical abortion pills. They aren’t in touch with our values, he said.

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Tesla Batteries Are Impossible To Repair, Are Trashed For Minor Damage

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Tesla batteries can weigh about 1,000 pounds and are notoriously difficult to repair, resulting in being trashed for minor damage.

Experts say Tesla batteries are virtually impossible to repair and are usually junked for minor damage, which seems to undermine their environmental benefits.

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Keeping An Owl As A Pet Not A Good Idea, It’s About The Worst Pet You Could Ever Get — And It’s Illegal

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(Getty Images)

Inspired to own a pet owl based on our story about the Game and Fish Department’s rescued owl “Jupiter”? Don’t be. Not only is owning an owl illegal, they would be about the worst pet you could ever own. Worse than a great white shark, in fact.

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Near-Record Wyoming Snowfall Could Mean Huge Potential For Spring Flooding

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Huge chunks of ice have built up along the banks of the South Fork of the Shoshone River in northwestern Wyoming. (Wendy Corr, Cowboy State Daily)

Snowmelt could bring relief for thirsty Wyoming reservoirs, but if it happens too hard and fast, it could result in flooding in late spring, says meteorologist Don Day.

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Longmire Is Back! Not The TV Show But The Annual Longmire Days Celebration In Buffalo

in Wyoming Life/entertainment/News
Rob Taylor played the title role in the hit Netflix series "Longmire."

“Longmire” may have had its six-season television run end in 2017, but fans keep it alive through Buffalo, Wyoming’s, annual Longmire Days, which returns for its sixth installment July 20-23.

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Cheyenne Man Called ‘Gypsy’ Builds Tiny Home From ‘Junk Stuff’, Plans To One Day Give It To Granddaughter

in Wyoming Life/News
Gypsy and the tiny home he's building from "junk stuff." (Kevin Killough, Cowboy State Daily)

Gypsy is an old biker who’s been riding for nearly 60 years. He lives in a tiny home he built himself from stuff he’s “scrounged” up here and there. Gypsy says he will finish the house and pass it on to his granddaughter when he’s gone.

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Wyoming Has A Slice Of Europe Hiding in Saratoga At Bella’s Bistro

in Wyoming Life/News/Business
(Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

Fine dining in Paris and Rome has nothing on Bella’s Bistro. That’s because chef Tommy Orduno was classically trained by some of the best European chefs himself. The result is an uncanny resemblance to a classic European dining experience.

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How Real Is Fungus Threat In ‘The Last Of Us’ That Leaves Jackson, Wyoming, As Civilization’s Last Hope?

in Wyoming Life/entertainment/News

Uh-oh… The fungus that threatens to kill all humanity in the hit TV show “The Last Of Us” has some reality to it. University of Wyoming fungi professor Steve Miller says the whole “cordyceps fungus” thing is very realistic — for insects. But could it jump species? It’s possible, he said.

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Wyoming Native Artists Showcased In Global Art Exhibit At State Museum

in Native American Tribes/Wyoming Life/News
Courtesy, CARAVAN

A global exhibition tour of indigenous Great Plains artists, including artists from Wyoming, opens next week at the Wyoming State Museum. Organizers hope that the “Grounded” exhibit will inspire thoughtful relationships with the earth, and each other.

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Greybull Motel To Be Restored To Vintage Glory By Former LA Woman Who Loves Wyoming & Rodeo

in Wyoming Life/News

Former LA resident Amanda McGrew has a reputation for renovating homes in Phoenix. But it’s time for a change. She’s headed to Greybull to fix up a rundown motel. She loves small-town rodeos, and plans to really enjoy Greybull’s Days of 49 as part of her latest renovation adventure.

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Let The Bills Do The Talking: Gordon Says He’s Not Swayed By National Spotlight In Wake Of Not Signing Legislation

in News/Mark Gordon/Legislature/Government
Gov. Mark Gordon, left, speaks with Cowboy State Daily reporter Leo Wolfson on Friday.

Although some have complained about Mark Gordon’s non-confrontational style, the governor says he’s not swayed by state or national criticism. He says his record is enough.

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For 20 Years, A Great Horned Owl Named Jupiter Has Called Lander Game And Fish Office Home

in Wyoming Game and Fish/News/wildlife
Jupiter the great horned owl and his handler, Rene Schell of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, help educate the public about raptors. (Photo Courtesy Wyoming Game and Fish)

Jupiter is a great horned owl with acute vision problems which means he could never survive in the wild. But for more than 20 years he’s not only survived but thrived at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department office in Lander.

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Will Cowboy State Daily’s January-Planted Trees Survive?

in Wyoming Life/News
This row of small trees were planted behind the Cowboy State Daily historic barn in Cheyenne in January. Tree experts weigh in on the challenges of winter planting. (Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

Landscapers planted some new trees at Cowboy State Daily in January. Their future could be iffy, say tree experts, but we’re going to try to save them anyway.

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Wyoming Game And Fish Tells Congress It’s Way Past Time To Delist The Grizzly

in News/Grizzly Bears/wildlife/Hunting

Wyoming Game and Fish Director Brian Nesvik on Thursday told a congressional committee that grizzly bear numbers were healthy enough in Wyoming and the Yellowstone region to be removed from the Endangered Species List in 2003, but have remained listed because of bureaucracy.

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Legendary Wyoming Big-Bore Handgun Pioneer John Linebaugh Dead At 67

in Wyoming Life/Wyoming Obituary/Guns/News
(Photos Courtesy

John Linebaugh became a pioneer in the shooting and hunting community with his legendary .500- and .475 caliber handguns — some of the most powerful in the world. He died earlier this week at the age of 67.

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Cheyenne Changes Mind On Animal Shelter; Gives OK To Huge New $850,000 Per Year Contract

in Cheyenne/News/animal shelter
The Cheyenne Animal Shelter on Friday morning. (Greg Johnson, Cowboy State Daily)

Cheyenne Mayor Patrick Collins told Cowboy State Daily on Friday the city has changed its mind and will continue with the Cheyenne Animal Shelter despite the huge increase in taxpayer funding. The county has yet to sign off on the agreement.

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Lummis Praises Legislature For Passing Transgender Sports & Abortion Bills

in News/Cynthia Lummis/Legislature
U.S. Sen. Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyoming, addresses Wyoming lawmakers at the state Capitol in February. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

On a conference call with reporters, U.S. Sen. Cynthia Lummis on Thursday said she agreed with the Wyoming Legislature for passing the transgender sports bill and the ‘Life is a Human Right Act’.

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Wyoming Legislature: Joint Management Council Identifies Interim Topics For Off-Session

in News/Legislature/politics
State Sen. Bo Biteman, R-Ranchester, and Wyoming Treasurer Curt Meier. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

The Joint Management Council on Thursday identified topics legislative committees will be focused on before the next session. Combatting ESG or “woke capitalism” will be a main focus.

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United Nations Warns Of Imminent Climate Change Disaster (Just Like They Did In 1989)

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(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

A United Nations climate change study is warning of an impending disaster if changes aren’t made immediately. It’s very similar to an imminent warning issued back in 1989 which predicted entire nations would be entirely destroyed by the year 2000.

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CDC Warns About New Antibiotic-Resistant Fungus; UW Fungus Expert Says Reason To Be Concerned

in News/Health care
(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Although an antibiotic-resistant fungus hasn’t spread to the Cowboy State yet, a fungus professor at the University of Wyoming said there is reason to be concerned. “In a lot of ways, the hospital is the worst place [an immunocompromised person] can go.”

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Abortion Legal Again In Wyoming; Teton County Judge Blocks New ‘Life Is A Human Right’ Law

in abortion/News
Dr. Giovannina Anthony, of Jackson, center, a plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging Wyoming's new law banning most abortions, hugs her attorney after 9th District Court Judge Melissa Owens issued a temporary block of the law Wednesday. (Kathryn Ziesig, Jackson Hole News & Guide, Pool)

Citing concerns that it’s not constitutional and could harm individuals, a Teton County judge on Wednesday blocked the Life Is A Human Right Act, making abortion legal again in Wyoming.

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Fossil Fuels Will Remain King Well Past 2050, Says New Federal Report

in Climate Change/Energy/News
The Naughton coal-fired power plant in Kemmerer. (Getty Images)

Despite the Biden administration’s plans to eliminate all fossil fuels within a decade, a new federal energy report says oil, gas, and coal aren’t going anywhere. The report says fossil fuels will remain the top energy source well past 2050 and beyond.

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Wyoming Watches As Navajo Nation Supreme Court Case Threatens To Blow Up Colorado River Compact

in Colorado River/News/public land
(Getty Images)

A longstanding conflict between the Navajo Nation, state of Arizona and the federal government over the nation’s water rights to the Colorado River is coming to head before the U.S. Supreme Court. How that might affect Wyoming remains uncertain.

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For Pair Of Bulls That Sold For $100K Each, It’s All About The Semen, Says Wyoming Cattle Producer

in News/Agriculture/Business
Between them, lots 2054 (left) and 2116 represent $200,000 worth of bull. (Courtesy Photos)

At an auction in Montana last week, two bulls sold for $100,000 each. That’s not an unusual price if the genetics are good. For that investment, thousands and thousands of “semen draws” will be made called “straws” and the genetics of these prized animals are passed down and the owners’ stand to make a respectable profit.

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Benched During Session, Sen. Dan Laursen’s ‘Unbelievably’ Good Behavior Gets Him Back On Committees

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State Sen. Dan Laursen and Anthony Bouchard on the Senate floor during the 2023 General Session. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

Powell Sen. Dan Laursen is out of Senate President Ogden Driskill’s doghouse and has been rewarded for good behavior by being placed on a committee. He was the only legislator, out of 93, not to be assigned to a standing committee last session.

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Sheridan County GOP, Fed Up With Legislature’s Inaction, Asks Schools To Ban Teaching Of Sexual Topics To Children

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File photo

Sheridan County Republican Party committeeman Tod Windsor said the local party was “fed up” with the state Legislature for not passing a law prohibiting teachers from teaching sexual topics to third graders and younger, so they are asking the local school districts to put up their own ban.

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Hageman Calls Potential Trump Indictment ‘Persecution’ And ‘Woke Politicization’

in Donald Trump/News/politics
Harriet Hageman and former President Donald J. Trump speak at a Rally in Casper on May 28, 2022. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

Now that former President Trump could be on the brink of being indicted, U.S. Rep. Harriet Hageman says the efforts of a New York City district attorney investigating him are nothing more than a witch hunt.

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‘Worth Two Or Three Cowboys’: Owner, Neighbors Mourn Cisco, Cattle Dog Killed By Wolves

in News/wildlife
Cisco, a working cattle dog in Colorado, was killed by wolves in that state's only wolf pack. (Courtesy Photo)

Cattle dogs are valuable working animals, and “Cisco” left a big hole in his owners’ hearts when he was killed by wolves from Colorado’s North Park wolf pack. They said he was worth “two or three cowboys.”

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Bull Elk’s Struggle Against Starvation Brings Wyoming’s Winter Kill Into Focus

in News/wildlife
Wyoming snowplow driver Jason Fry observed the struggles of this bull elk on his route along Interstate 80. (Courtesy Photos)

The struggle of wildlife during a brutal winter is hard to fathom when considering sheer numbers, but a Wyoming snowplow driver brought it into focus with the story of a single animal’s ordeal.

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Sheridan GOP Censures Rep. Cyrus Western, Call For Resignation: He Says They Won’t Get It

in Wyoming Republican Party/News/Legislature/politics
(Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

Cyrus Western, R-Big Horn, was censured Saturday by the Sheridan County Republican Party for his alleged role in a political mailer that targeted local people and labeled them as “Wanted … for trying to tear our state apart.” The party also called for Western to resign; he says he won’t.

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Hawk Springs Processing Facility Could Expand Potential For Wyoming Hemp

in News/wyoming economy/Agriculture/Business
Justin Loeffler has a year's worth of hemp at his location in Hawk Springs, where he's setting up a hemp elevator to process and market hemp fiber. (Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

Hemp has long lacked a key link in its supply chain — a processing facility. A Hawk Springs man wants to change that to give the crop the boost it needs to finally take off in the Cowboy State.

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Denied Making His Own M16, Wapiti Man Says Militia-Building Protected By Second Amendment

in U.S. District Court for Wyoming/News

A Wapiti man suing for the right to make his own machine gun has fired back at the federal government after the feds asked the judge to dismiss his case.  Jake DeWilde on Monday filed a new version of his lawsuit but this time focusing on the Second Amendment.

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Colorado’s North Park Pack Has Something In Common With Wyoming Wolves – Killing Dogs

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(Getty Images)

Colorado’s North Park wolf pack, which has crossed into Wyoming at times, killed two dogs there within a day of each other earlier this month. Wreaking trouble among its neighbors isn’t new to the North Park pack. The wolves are blamed for killing 10 livestock animals a little more than a year ago.

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Wyoming Man Faces Life In Prison For Jail Death, Forced Anal Smuggling

in U.S. District Court for Wyoming/News/Crime
(Courtesy Albany County Sheriff's Office)

A Laramie man accused of giving fentanyl to a fellow jail inmate, causing his death, and forcing another inmate to smuggle a pill in his anus faces life in prison because of harsher federal charging options not available to state prosecutors.

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Wyoming Is Home For One of Homesteading’s Biggest Social Media Stars, Jill Winger

in Wyoming Life/News
Jill Winger has a growing social media following for her homesteading posts. (Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

Buying their small ranch 9 miles outside of Chugwater gave Jill and Christian Winger room for their horses and their dreams — but blogging about it all unexpectedly turned Jill into a social media star.

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Gordon’s Refusal To Sign Certain Bills A Political Statement, Lawmakers Say

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(Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

Some legislators were critical of Gov Gordon for taking the maximum amount of time legally and then letting bills become law without his signature like the transgender sports bill and an abortion bill, while others say weren’t bothered by Gordon’s lack of support.

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When Compassion Kills: There’s A Reason People Should Not Feed Wildlife, It Can Kill Them

in News/weather/Chancey Williams
Mule deer have fine-tuned digestive systems that must adjust slowly to different foods. So, when hungry deer gorge on hay during the winter, it frequently kills them. (Photo Courtesy Wyoming Game and Fish)

While emergency elk feeding has been implemented in some parts of the Cowboy State, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department refuses to feed deer – and discourages others from doing it – because it can kill them.

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Wolves In Minnesota Live Very Different Lives Compared To Wolves in Wyoming

in News/wildlife
(Courtesy Photo, Thomas Gable)

A wolf seeking a fresh meal in the humid Minnesota darkness needs sharp ears and patience. Lots of patience. While wolf packs in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho are going after elk and other big game, their cousins in Minnesota, at least during warmer months, frequently hunt or fish solo, grabbing whatever they can get. 

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Under Pressure, Cheyenne Animal Shelter Reveals How It Spends Public Money – But Not To The Public

in Cheyenne/News
Cheyenne Animal Shelter's Britney Tennant won't release spending information to the public.

After being pressured by city and county officials for a line-item breakdown of how it increased spending from $320,000 to $800,000 per year in public funding and now wants $1 million per year, the Cheyenne Animal Shelter has finally complied. But the shelter won’t release the information to the public.

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For More Than 150 Years, Arbuckles’ Has Been The Coffee That’s Won The West – And Wyoming

in Wyoming Life/News/Business
(Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

A Chugwater history buff has re-discovered the brand of coffee that all cowboys once drank, including those who worked for the Swan Land and Cattle Co. in Platte County. It’s called Arbuckles’ coffee, and Wyoming cowboys still drink it.

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True Wyoming Cowboys – On Horseback – Protected U.S. From Japanese Attack By Sea And Balloon During World War II

in Wyoming Life/News/military

Cowboys from Wyoming — on horseback — were part of America’s strategy to stop balloon bombs. They were initially deployed to the West Coast to watch for invaders, but some also recall being told to watch for balloon Japan’s secret balloon bombs.

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Legislating By Template Draws Criticism, But Former Lawmakers Say That’s Nothing New

in News/Legislature/politics

Although Gov Mark Gordon and House Speaker Albert Sommers condemned bills that were influenced by outside sources, longtime former legislators told Cowboy State Daily that using or adapting legislation that has been successful in other states is nothing new.

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Massive Snowfall In Wyoming Bear Country Could Be Good For Hunters

in News/Bears/Hunting
Joe Kondelis and his nephew Kaiden Kondelis after a successful bear hunt in the Sunlight Basin northwest of Cody. (Courtesy Photo)

Much of Wyoming’s mountainous bear county is buried in massive amounts of snow, and with even more expected before spring black bear hunting seasons open in May, things might seem grim for hunters. One bear hunter, however, says the snow could actually work in favor for the hunters.

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