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Letter to the Editor: Rod Miller Defends Ogden Driskill From Attacks By WYGO

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To The editor:

An apparent big rift in Wyoming Republican politics just got wider this past weekend with dueling messages on Facebook.

State Sen. Anthony Bouchard (R-Cheyenne) and his l’il club WYGO (Wyoming Gun Owners) have taken a cheap shot at State Sen. Ogden Driskill (R-Devils Tower) and accused him of being soft on guns.  Furthermore, they have impugned the political integrity of one of Wyoming’s most stalwart Senators.  This behavior is unbelievable!!

First off, my old friend Ogden is a crusty, old-school senator from the upper east side of Wyoming – an area not at all known as a hotbed of Bolshevism.  His conservative Wyoming credentials are beyond reproach.  For a carpetbaggin’ bunch of opportunists like WYGO to call them into question is laughable.  

Beyond that, I have known Ogden most of my life.  We were brought up the same way.  Ogden and I can grump and growl at each other when we politically disagree, but then have a beer together and swap stories about snotty broncs.  That’s how we disagree in Wyoming.  Face-to-face.  And always with a fundamental respect for each other as Wyomingites.

WYGO loudly proclaims their “Wyoming Republican values”, but that’s just hot air my friends.  They behave like spoiled kids at the dinner table.  Make no mistake, the godfathers of the Wyoming Republican Party, the Hansens, the Hathaways, and the Simpsons would haul these brats by the ear out to the political woodshed. 

There, upstarts like Anthony Bouchard and WYGO’s Aaron Dorr would learn important lessons about not acting up that the table and not throwing food.

It’s a disturbing thought, but WYGO might just be a microcosm of what is happening within the Wyoming Republican Party. 

It’s certainly no secret that there is intra-party turmoil and a schism within the Wyoming GOP.  There is a tug-of-war between the hard, right wing zealots of the party and . . . well, everyone else.  

They call everyone else RINOs, or “Republican in Name Only,” and they have the temerity to try to apply that term to Ogden Driskill, and to a good share of our Wyoming Legislature. 

That WYGO is likely acting as attack dog for the lunatic fringe of the party goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway.  WYGO is acting as attack dog for the lunatic fringe of the Wyoming Republican Party.

And they have every right to act up and throw food at the political table.  As long as their paperwork with the IRS and the Secretary of State is in order (and I’m not saying it is, I’m not saying it ain’t).

Outside agitators like WYGO are free to cross our borders.  They are free to try to drive wedges between us, free to politic on a platform of fear, free to hawk their snake oil.  They are free to badmouth anyone they want.  

But they need to realize that this is Wyoming.  We’ve seen this crap before and we’ve dealt with it. 

Folks with that buckin’ horse on their license plate are notoriously immune to outsiders coming into Wyoming and trying to tell us what to do.  When they attack our friends and neighbors, regardless of the donnybrooks we may have had with that neighbor, we have our neighbor’s back.

If WYGO, that gun-totin’, whiny little bunch of newcomers who come in here trying to get us to fight each other, doesn’t realize that, they need to spend a little time contemplating the statue on the courthouse lawn in Buffalo.

Ogden Driskill not a conservative?  Don’t make me laugh!

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Letter to the Editor: Interstate 80 Should Have Been Closed

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Dear Mr. Sniffin;

First off I’d like to thank for your coverage of the tragic accident that took place on I-80, March 1, 2020. 

My name is John Conti. I’m originally from Western NY, but now live in Reno NV. I was one of the many people in the middle of that twisted metal. Thank goodness I did not hit anyone or anything. 

I have great concern of matters that lead up to that tragic day. I am still thinking about what happened, almost obsessed, and that’s why I’m reaching out to you. I have never seen such display of selfish, self centered people all in one place in my life. 

I am an experienced driver on snow covered roads. But what I witnessed was nothing short of stupidity on whomever  had the responsibility of shutting down the Interstate. 

I don’t care if it was the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Department or Wyoming State Police. That stretch of highway should have been shut down. I was watching idiot truck drivers and other stupid people driving like the weather was a perfect sunshiny day. 

All I wanted to do was get off the next exit and wait for the weather to improve. I was driving at 40 mph and watching trucks and more trucks and cars and SUV’s pass me like I was standing still. 

I was telling my partner who was sitting next to me, that these people are nuts! To come up to this seen has made me literally sick. I was trying to send an email to either the Sheriff himself or the Captain of Wyoming Highway Patrol, but cannot find an email. 

This is a poor excuse of these law enforcement agencies. They have no business being in command! 

How dare they allow this display of their authority to go to the wayside is beyond my anatomy. These agencies are around when they’re not needed but when they are needed to do their job they’re are no where to be found. This is disgusting!

In NY where weather changes quickly, the NY State Police will and have shut down the highways. And why would they shut down the interstate you may ask? For public safety!

As far as I am concerned charges should be brought to whoever was in charge to shut the roads down. Someone needs to be held accountable.  There should have been police presence in that area at the very least. 

I don’t care to hear excuses or that there were police in that area. I was there myself, and I can certainly testify that; “there was no police around”! 

I hope these “men” ask God to forgive them for the deaths of these people. And that God will show mercy to them, because they certainly did not show any compassion for the deaths of these people, or the people that got hurt. 

These people were someone’s mother, father, wife, husband, brother, sister, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, grandparent…….someone’s friend. I know I for one, as well as my employees will no longer drive thru this stretch of highway in the state of Wyoming. 

Thank you Sir and I do hope you in the very least will read my email. Hopefully I can get past this so I can have some peace in my mind and heart.


                                John Conti

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