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Letter To The Editor: It’s Time for Cannabis Laws to Change With the Times

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Rep. Mark Baker (R-Green River) writes: “There is bipartisan support for ending the federal prohibition on adult-use cannabis, with the move favored by 58 percent of my fellow Republicans, 83 percent of Democrats, and 70 percent of independents.”

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Letter to the Editor: Elitist Lawyers Trying To Call The Shots

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Dear editor: It is unequivocally astonishing to me that the 51 – and now 41 – lawyers wax and wane (not so eloquently) banal platitudes about the protection of First Amendment rights and at the same time express an overtly aggressive desire and attempt to strip Harriet Hageman of her First Amendment rights.

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Letter to Editor: Anti-Wolf Rancher Demonstrates Why ESA Protections Are Warranted

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Dear editor: Cat Urbigkit’s latest opinion piece takes exception to Western Watersheds Project’s comment letter to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, concerning the terms and conditions of the coming legally-mandated wolf reintroduction in Colorado.

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Letter To The Editor: Legislators Criticizing Gray Have Too Much Experience

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Dear editor: It is so rich to see the elite insiders around the state like Rep Lloyd Larsen,  Rep Dan Zwonitzer, Rep Evan Simpson, former Sen Eli Bebout and Natrona County Commissioner Rob Hendry bully Rep Gray while they support Gray’s opponent. 

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Letter To The Editor: I Am A Republican And I’m Voting For Liz Cheney

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Reader Sandy Pedersen writes: “I’ve volunteered for many state and federal candidates over the years, such as Hathaway, Wallop, Simpson, Dick Cheney, Mead, Gordon, Craig Thomas, and Enzi and many others. Despite all of that, I am considered a RINO by the far-right wing of the party.” 

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