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Ray Peterson: Have We Lost Our Minds When It Comes To Forest Management?

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Another day of smoke and ash in our air and not being able to see our mountains just 20 miles away. I’m thinking, I’m no doctor but this can’t be healthy air to be breathing.

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Ray Peterson: Heaven Help Our Legislators

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Heaven help our legislators. Tough decisions will need to be made in a very timely manner this week.

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Ray Peterson: Now The Legislature Will Be Forced to Act

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I’ve often said that our legislature will one day be forced to act on major reductions or major tax increases only after our surplus revenue is gone and we are forced into such decisions.

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Increased beer tax puts burden for service where it belongs

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Recently, the Legislature’s Labor and health Committee voted down a proposed increase to the malt beverage tax. This tax has not been increased since 1935!

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Cameras in classroom would increase school accountability

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Accountability from our schools has been an ongoing concern for years as the Legislature has struggled to understand how much the state spends for the results received. I remember a bill I sponsored years ago in an attempt to address this issue.

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