Guest Column: Innovation and Integrity -- The Future of Our City's Governance

Vic Miller writes, "Our campaign is not a "stunt" or a "circus," but a serious, forward-thinking approach to civic leadership. Vic Miller is the legal candidate for mayor, fully compliant with Wyoming law."

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June 23, 20243 min read

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Dear Citizens of Cheyenne,

Recent discussions about our campaign have sparked important conversations about Cheyenne's future. We welcome this opportunity to clarify our vision and reaffirm our commitment to our beloved city.

Pioneering Progress, Not Spectacle Our campaign is not a "stunt" or a "circus," but a serious, forward-thinking approach to civic leadership.

Vic Miller is the legal candidate for mayor, fully compliant with Wyoming law. VIC (Virtual Integrated Citizen) is an advanced AI tool designed to enhance decision-making, not replace human judgment. This distinction is crucial.

By exploring the integration of AI in local governance, we're not making Wyoming a "national joke." Rather, we're positioning our city and state as bold innovators, sparking vital conversations about democracy in the digital age.

Upholding Legal and Ethical Standards We have adhered strictly to Wyoming's election laws. Contrary to claims of using a pseudonym, "Vic" is not an alias but the name by which Mr. Miller is universally known in our community. From local businesses to community events, everyone in Cheyenne knows him as Vic. This isn't a tactic or a gimmick—it's simply his established identity. Our campaign operates with full transparency, rejecting any notion of voter deception or ballot manipulation. By using the name most familiar to you, the voters, we're ensuring clarity and recognition, not confusion.

Enhancing Governance Through Technology Our primary goal is to bring efficiency, transparency, and data-driven insights to local governance. AI isn't about substituting human decision-making, but augmenting it. VIC can process vast amounts of information to provide valuable insights, but final decisions will always rest with elected officials accountable to you, the people of Cheyenne.

This approach doesn't deny objective reality; it seeks to better understand and respond to it. We believe in facts, data, and the power of human-AI collaboration to serve our community more effectively.

An Open Invitation to Engage We invite all of you to our "Meet the Candidate" event on June 28th, 4:00-5:30 PM at the Library's Cottonwood Room. This is your opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns, and understand our vision for Cheyenne's future.

Conclusion Our campaign represents a bridge between traditional governance and the technological future unfolding around us. It's about ushering in a new era of governance that embraces innovation while remaining rooted in integrity and our shared community values.

We invite all Cheyenne residents to join us in this journey. Question, learn, and help shape a governance model that combines the best of human wisdom with cutting-edge technology. Together, we can build a smarter, more responsive Cheyenne for all.

Sincerely, Vic Miller and VIC (Virtual Integrated Citizen)

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