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Tuesday's headlines include: * Texas Man Barely Escapes Whitewater Rapids Near Cody * Body Cam Footage Released of Casper Man Shot, Killed By Police * Sheridan Woman Arrested After Losing “Twerking Battle,” Pulling Knife

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June 18, 20247 min read

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It’s time to take a look at what’s happening around Wyoming, for Tuesday, June 18th. I’m Wendy Corr, bringing you headlines from the Cowboy State Daily newsroom - Presented by Cheyenne Frontier Days - starting July 19th, from sun-up to sun-down - there’s something for everyone! Check it out at C-F-D RODEO DOT COM!


Luckily for a young man from West Texas, an expert kayaker from Cody and his friends were in the right place at the right time after the man’s raft flipped on one the Shoshone River’s worst section of rapids called the “Iron Curtain.”

Cowboy State Daily’s Mark Heinz reports that the young Texan and two friends attempted that foolhardy feat Sunday afternoon in a raft they had just purchased from Walmart - but their raft flipped, throwing them into the raging waters.

“Even on a good day, when the river is flowing, you know, mildly at a mere 2500 cubic feet per second. It's currently - because of releases from the dam - flowing at about 4500 cubic feet per second. And what happened on Sunday, some young gentlemen from Texas, bought a raft at Walmart and they wanted to try it out. So they put it into the river, apparently just not knowing or realizing or appreciating how dangerous that was, with the water running as high as it is. Experts won't even try to go through the Iron Curtain right now.” 

Two of the young men were fortunate enough to make it to shore, but the third man was caught in an eddy. Volunteers were able to reach the bull rider from Texas, who was treated for symptoms of hypothermia.


Dramatic body cam video from a fatal confrontation with a domestic violence suspect released by the Casper Police Department on Monday shows an officer shooting seven shots at the suspect, then attempts to save the man’s life.

Cowboy State Daily’s Dale Killingbeck reports that the more than 22-minute video shows body cam video from several officers at the scene June 6 when 26-year-old Trae Spurlock repeatedly refused to comply with directives.

“At the end, he just said during the video, you know, he wasn't going to go to jail. And he did make a comment about death by police…  And then he just bolts onto the balcony as the officer I advised him that he was going to be tased the Taser goes off the suspect bolts onto the balcony. And then there's seven quick shots that go off. And then video showing police administering first aid and trying to save the victim.” 

Court records in Natrona County Court show that Spurlock had previous involvement with the court system related to domestic violence.


One of the largest producers of helium in the world comes from the ExxonMobil plant in LaBarge. 

Cowboy State Daily’s Pat Maio reports that the facility, which provides 20% of the world’s supply, is set to expand and could double its workforce in the next year.

“The prices of helium have literally doubled since 2020. So instead of costing, let's say $250 bucks per 1000 cubic feet of helium, it's now $500 per 1000 cubic feet of helium. So there's money to be made here. And ExxonMobil is going to be right at the middle of it all in LaBarge.” 

ExxonMobil’s sprawling La Barge operations span across Lincoln, Sublette and Sweetwater counties in southwestern Wyoming.


A 30-year-old Sheridan woman is accused of swinging a knife at her boyfriend and friends after a “twerking battle” ended poorly at her home.

Jade Roundstone’s aggravated assault and battery case rose to the felony-level Sheridan County District Court last week, according to crime and courts reporter Clair McFarland.

“The allegation is that they got into an argument after having a ‘twerking’ battle… and it didn't go well. And Roundstone is alleged to have gotten upset and held a knife in the air saying, ‘I'm going to stab you’ to her boyfriend and another female… I talked to Roundstone’s mother on Monday and she said, you know, my daughter has been trying - she's got these kids, she lost her arm in a car accident when she was 11. I love her very much, and I wish I could help her.”

If convicted, Roundstone could face up to 11 years of incarceration.


There are many things that the state of Wyoming uses that can be attributed to former House Speaker Fred Parady, who died over the weekend.

Parady, who represented Rock Springs, served in the Wyoming House from 1995-2004 and as House Speaker from 2003-2004. He also served as chairman of the Wyoming Republican Party, and Cowboy State Daily’s Leo Wolfson reports that his colleagues praised Parady as being both tough and compassionate.

“He was always looking decades ahead, without whatever fiscal decisions he made with legislation, really trying to set up Wyoming for a really strong future, both economically and even in some cases culturally. He was also a co sponsor on the Hathaway scholarship that passed in 2005. So he was really always trying to be looking to the future of what Wyoming's numbers and fiscal state was going to be far down the road.”

Parady and his wife had been living in Juneau, Alaska, when he died.


And this past Sunday, the townspeople of Esterbrook, Wyoming, celebrated the 20th anniversary of the "bring-your horse-to-church" event to celebrate Father's Day. 

They call it "Buckboard Sunday" and it has become quite the community affair, according to Cowboy State Daily’s Renee Jean.

“It's an old fashioned church service. They invite everyone to come to church on a horse, or buckboard blackboards kind of just another word for a buggy. So horse and buggy… There's a big potluck after the church service. These are recipes that come from the Esterbrook community… while the biscuits and the eggs and all of that are being made, musicians start showing up too… Esterbrook Church is situated right in front of Laramie Peak. It's a very scenic place, and then it's so cool to eat breakfast, drink your cowboy coffee from the chuck wagon before church services, and hear all the music floating around.”

The star of the chuckwagon breakfast are the famous biscuits, which are made from the same recipe every year.


And that’s today’s news. Get your free digital subscription to Wyoming's only statewide newspaper by hitting the Daily Newsletter button on Cowboy State Daily dotcom - and you can watch this newscast every day by clicking Subscribe on our YouTube channel. I’m Wendy Corr, for Cowboy State Daily.

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