BRIEF: Man Accused Of Threatening To Bomb Black Hills Energy Could Get Three Years

A frustrated Black Hills Energy customer in Cheyenne could get three years for telling the company over the phone that “I’m going to blow the building up.”

Clair McFarland

May 06, 20242 min read

Black Hills Energy office at 1301 W. 24th St. in Cheyenne.
Black Hills Energy office at 1301 W. 24th St. in Cheyenne. (Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Accused of prompting the evacuation of an energy company building in Cheyenne with bomb threats, a 64-year-old man could face up to three years in prison.

Robert Daniel Turner, of Cheyenne, is now facing one count of making terroristic threats in Laramie County District Court after his case was transferred to the felony level Thursday.

Turner was on the phone with Black Hills Energy, which is located on West 24th Street in Cheyenne, the morning of Jan. 19, according to an evidentiary affidavit in the case.

Turner allegedly identified himself by name and by giving addresses of properties he owns “that match previous contacts with law enforcement,” says the document.

The phone call did not go well, with Turner allegedly saying, “I literally want to shoot myself in the f***ing head,” and, “I’m going to explain this one more time and then I’m going to blow the building up. I’m just gonna blow it up, I’m just gonna set it on fire and blow it up.”

Security personnel evacuated the building and later emailed the recorded phone calls to police.

Cheyenne Police Department Officer Xavier Rodriguez then called Turner on a recorded line, and Turner said he was talking about blowing up his own building and burning it, reportedly.

“He then became uncooperative and hung up,” Rodriguez wrote in the affidavit.

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