Letter To The Editor: Wyoming GOP Having Its Own Salem Witch Trials

Dear editor: "To our Republican leaders: Get off your high horse. To claim that you are a better Republican than another because you consider yourself as such is the Salem Witch Trials all over again."

April 19, 20243 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

After this year's state Republican convention, ongoing in Cheyenne, and reading reports of the happenings at the convention, it reaffirms my belief that our party is on a slippery slope that will lead our party to an undesirable place.

I'm concerned with the attempt of creating an "Affiliation Committee" whose sole purpose would be to decide if certain party members, elected Republican officials and officers, claiming to be Republicans are actually good Republicans.

If the findings proved that they were not, their party membership could be revoked for up to 10 years.

Although this proposed amendment failed, it took up much of the time at this convention and had a strong effort behind it.

I have a better name for such a committee: the slippery slope committee, or in short, the SS committee. I have ideas for the logo and everything.

Of course, I would be using a previous organization's information that proved to be very effective with obtaining the desired outcomes of those desiring complete control.

To our Republican leaders: get off your high horse.

To claim that you are a better Republican than another because you consider yourself as such is the Salem witch trials all over again.

It is almost comical that our party would even consider such an attempt.

I can't help but think of the Mel Brooks comedy that poked fun at the inquisition period of history, the self-appointed judges that decided the accused person's fate.

I can only imagine the runaway investigation of gathering proof on a so-called, self-proclaimed Republican.

How dare we call ourselves as such or lay claim that we are indeed a like minded Republican when so many purists that have it right would disagree.

Perhaps our party leaders should read their own platform: item #22 covers the importance of free speech, without fear of retributions or threats.

I guess this doesn't pertain to party business. Inclusion seems to be on the outs and exclusion seems to be the flavor of our day.

I'm sure that we have within our own party ranks, famers, ranchers, and businessmen that should review item #11 of our platform. This item covers the evil of government subsidies and wasteful government spending.

I can only tell you that if I were serving on the SS committee, some of you would be the first ones I would call in to review your republican conservative ideals.

Let the witch hunt begin.

Simply put, we are heading in the wrong direction in even discussing this proposal at a state convention.

It hints that this concept is on the horizon and will certainly raise it ugly head in the future.

I can only hope that we have some leaders with enough common sense in place to squash such ideas.

Elections are a wonderful thing.

Ray Peterson
Former Legislator

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