No Joke: Larry the Cable Guy Named Grand Marshal For Cody Stampede Parade

The Cody Stampede Parade Committee announced Monday that Larry the Cable Guy will be the grand marshal the famous Stampede Parades on July 3-4.

Andrew Rossi

April 01, 20243 min read

Comedian Larry the Cable Guy has been named the 2024 Cody Stampede Parade grand marshal.
Comedian Larry the Cable Guy has been named the 2024 Cody Stampede Parade grand marshal. (Getty Images)

It may sound like it, but Monday’s announcement of Larry the Cable Guy as grand marshal for this year’s Cody Stampede Fourth of July parade is no April Fools prank.

The Cody Stampede Parade Committee announced the popular comedian will be in Wyoming for Cody’s famous Stampede July 3 and 4. And the parade’s theme is right up his alley: “Git R Done, in Western Style.”

“Cut off those shirt sleeves, and let’s show Larry the Cable Guy a true Wyoming Welcome,” the committee said in announcing this year’s grand marshal.

Small Town Networking

The Cody Stampede Parade consistently attracts big names to be parade grand marshal or other guests of honor. The governor, current and former U.S. senators, and dozens of other local, state and national celebrities want to be seen in at least one of the two parades on July 3 and 4.

Debbie Herman, president of the Cody Stampede Parade Committee, told Cowboy State Daily on Monday that it didn’t take much arm-twisting to get Larry the Cable Guy interested in being this year’s grand marshal.

“He loves to come to Cody,” she said. “He had a good time when he was here a couple of years ago. When it came time for us to pick a grand marshal, there was already a relationship established.”

Taylor Bednarz, the Cody Stampede’s office manager, befriended Larry during one of his visits to Cody. They’ve stayed in touch since, making it much easier to approach him about being grand marshal.

“We've been working on this for a couple of months,” Herman said. “But we got the OK to go ahead and release it today.”

Similar circumstances led to another big get for Cody in 2022.

Cole Hauser, who stars as Rip Wheeler in the TV show “Yellowstone,” was already going to be in town when he agreed to be the grand marshal of the Cody Stampede Parade.

“He was here for a veterans event and was the guest of a board member of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West,” Herman said. “We asked if he’d be interested while he was here. So yes, kind of the same thing.”

Cody Stampede Rodeo
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Seen Stampeding

Larry the Cable Guy will preside over the two Cody Stampede Parades held every year in conjunction with the Cody Stampede PRCA Rodeo.

Herman said there will be numerous other guests of honor in Cody for the Stampede. Gov. Mark Gordon will be carried through the parade by the Powder River Percherons on July 3, and a growing list of politicians and local celebrities will appear on one or both days.

Herman didn’t know if Larry the Cable Guy will perform any of his legendary comedy while in town. However, the committee is still communicating with his manager to ensure everything is ready when he gets to Cody.

The Cody Stampede Parade Committee spends several months organizing and promoting the annual parade. However, Herman said the one thing that consistently makes the event so enjoyable for everyone is the Cody community.

“We couldn't put on this parade without the support of this whole community,” she said. “It's just amazing when it comes together in our town.”

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