Letter To The Editor: Colorado Political Group Is Not Cloak And Dagger

Dear editor: I’m curious as to how Mr. Wolfson defines a “political operative”, which is how he describes me in his headline – such cloak and dagger!

March 14, 20243 min read

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Dear editor:

I’d like to offer a couple of corrections to Mr. Wolfson’s article on my candidacy for House District 51.  

On Monday, 3/11, I replied to Mr. Wolfson’s request for an interview with the following email, “Thank you for your inquiry regarding my candidacy for Wyoming House District 51. I’ve attached a press release for your review. I have a few interviews being scheduled for this week and I would be happy to add you to the calendar. I look forward to following up with you later this week.”

When he emailed me on Tuesday morning I was literally heading out the door for a full day, but I stopped and emailed him back again, saying, “Can't today, heading out the door now, look forward to visiting with you later this week!”

Mr. Wolfson says in his article that I would not talk to him when I clearly, twice, in writing, told him I would speak with him later this week.  

Mr. Wolfson also stated that I moved here in 2019. This is incorrect. I moved to Wyoming in 2017. 

Finally, I’m curious as to how Mr. Wolfson defines a "political operative," which is how he describes me in his headline – such cloak and dagger!

Is a “political operative” like those paid lobbyists that also work for the Wyoming Caucus (Presenting Partner with Cowboy State Daily) who were illegally working in the office of House Leadership this session until someone pointed out that they were breaking the law? 

As I’ve already told Mr. Wolfson twice, I look forward to visiting with him later this week. I am hopeful that he’ll treat me fairly and represent our conversation accurately to the readers of the Cowboy State Daily. 


Laurie Bratten, Sheridan, WY 

Editor's note: The word “operative” isn’t clandestine or a conspiracy. It reflects she was deeply involved with the Colorado group. As for that, Ms. Bratten and her husband were the founding members of Principles of Liberty, which evolved into Liberty Scorecard Colorado, according to the group’s website.

And according to a timeline on the Liberty Scorecard site, in 2019, “The Bratten family moves to Wyoming.

Lastly, Cowboy State Daily's top-tier paid advertising package is titled "Presenting Partnership" -- of which all advertisers, including political organizations, can purchase.

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