Former President Trump Endorses Barrasso For GOP Whip

Former President Trump on Thursday evening endorsed Wyoming's senior senator John Barrasso for Senate Republican Whip. "John Barrasso has my complete and total endorsement," Trump said.

Jimmy Orr

March 15, 20243 min read

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Former President Trump has announced his support for Wyoming's senior senator John Barrasso for Senate Republican Whip, the Republican Conference's No. 2 spot.

Trump made the announcement on his social media platform, Truth Social, on Thursday evening.

"John Barrasso has my complete and total endorsement," Trump said, adding that he thinks Barrasso has been a "fantastic senator for the incredible people of Wyoming."

"He is running to be the next Republican Whip for the Senate Republican Conference, a very important job, to ensure we pass and enact strong legislation that puts America first," he said. "I know John very well — he will never let you down.”

Grateful For Endorsement

Reached late Thursday night, Barrasso said he was grateful for Trump's endorsement.

"I'm ready to keep fighting for Wyoming with him back in the White House," Barrasso said. "Trump's policies helped Wyoming thrive. Together, we can dump the disastrous Biden agenda and get our country back on track.”

Barrasso was considered one of the three frontrunners for the top position immediately after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said he’d leave the post.

But Barrasso announced last week he would run for the No. 2 spot instead, stating that is where he thought he could "best serve the Republican Conference and our country."

“After a lot of thought, I will ask my colleagues for their support and help to work for them as Assistant Republican Leader," he said at the time.

Minority Whip John Thune, R-South Dakota, and former whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, are both running for the top spot.

Barrasso Endorsed Trump

More than two months ago, Barrasso became the highest-ranking Senate Republican to endorse the former president. He said the country was "better off" under Trump's leadership.

"Working with Republicans in Congress, President Trump created the strongest economy of a generation, secured our Southern Border against a lawless drug and crime invasion, and made America an energy dominant superpower," Barrasso said.

Trump thanked the senator for the endorsement, calling Barrasso a "truly extraordinary man."

Priorities As Whip

If elected as whip, Barrasso said last week that he would prioritize “greater openness about our process and transparency about your choices.”

Conference consensus should outstrip “deal-making,” he said, also vowing to realign conference priorities with those of the voters.

Lastly, Barrasso said he’ll work to help Republicans re-take the Senate in November.

“With your support I will work for the kind of U.S. Senate you will be proud to have served in and our voters will remember,” Barrasso wrote.

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