Dave Simpson: I've Lost That Unified Feeling. Gone, Gone, Gone.

Columnist Dave Simpson writes, "A testy President Joe Biden poured salt in wounds during his State of the Union address. He once promised to unite our country, but now hates half of us worse than he hates Putin."

Dave Simpson

March 11, 20244 min read

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The thick fog of contempt is so dense in this country lately that you could cut it with a knife and put it on toast. It's thick as chunky peanut butter. 

To borrow a phrase from the old “Life of Riley” TV program, let's review some of the latest “revolting developments:”

- President Joe Biden got rave reviews from his wild-eyed Democrat supporters after his State of the Union Address, but it was more raving than addressing. For over an hour we listened to a hateful, seething, squinty-eyed crank yelling at half the country as if we were unruly kids who dared to walk across his lawn.

(I heard one senator and a couple pundits use the “get off my lawn” comparison to describe the speech. Fits like a glove.)

He shoveled red meat to his most progressive supporters, and they ate it up and licked the bowl. “Game, set, match!” cried former Republican and apparent domestic captive Joe Scarborough.

If you were looking for an actual assessment of the state of our union, or some optimism about what lies ahead, or how we will deal with a growing assortment of deadly challenges, you came up empty. What we got was a campaign speech, a trip to the woodshed for anyone who dared be a Republican, and at times a yelling match that sounded like domestic violence about to break out at the house next door.

Turns out Old Joe from Scranton, who once promised to unify us, hates people like us worse than he hates Putin. Worse than terrorists. Worse than illegal immigrants who commit murder. His eyes get beady and he starts to yell whenever the subject turns to people like us. Or worse, his “predecessor.” (The man so evil his name shall not be uttered. You know, the man Biden's Justice Department is determined to put in prison before we get a chance to vote for him.)

The low point, in a speech rife with low points, was when our fearless leader got the name of a young nursing student brutally murdered two weeks ago in Athens, Georgia, incorrect, calling Laken Riley Lincoln Riley,  head football coach at USC.

Joe, Joe, Joe...

(Biden apologized the next day, but to the wrong people. He regrets calling the guy accused of murdering Laken Riley an “illegal immigrant.” The word “illegal” sends his nuttiest supporters into a tizzy. Laken Riley's mom accurately called our president “pathetic.”)

Here's a tip for public speakers, from a certified Dale Carnegie grad: If challenged to “say her name” while speaking to an angry crowd, GET HER NAME RIGHT.

On “Morning Joe” the next day, Biden's speech was nevertheless dubbed a “tour de force.” 

More like a tour de tirade.

- Here in Wyoming, we saw some of that thick cloud of contempt as well.

Sen. Ogden Driskill, president of the Senate - who got roughed up by his fellow senators on several occasions this year -  said the Senate has become a “mean” and “divisive” place, where people vote the party line. (I would change that to vote the caucus line.) And he said budget cuts proposed by some of his fellow senators could make Wyoming folks look like “hillbillies.”

I wrote last week that Driskill couldn't “get no respect” this year, but I believe the technical term for what he experienced is “butt hurt.”

Over in the House, Rep. Dave Zwonitzer said mean old Freedom Caucus members would “bully” opponents this year, asking for recorded votes. (The HORROR!)

You'll recall that during the Covid imbroglio, Gov. Gordon called those who refused to comply “knuckleheads.”

Meanies, bullies, hillbillies, knuckleheads – it's important to remember what these folks really think of us. 

Could come in handy come election day.

- And lastly, revealing once again the gulf that exists over immigration, the Biden Administration is urging us to refer to illegal immigrants simply as “newcomers.” (Democrats like to change the terminology like this, putting lipstick on a pig and calling it Taylor Swift.)

Negatory on “newcomers,” Good Buddies. They're illegals.

How about “illegal newcomers?”

If you were born yesterday, however, and believe Biden's whopper that Republicans caused the border crisis, you better start calling illegal immigrants “newcomers.”

Word's come down from the loopy top.

Dave Simpson can be reached at: DaveSimpson145@hotmail.com

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