Letter To The Editor: Legislating Public Consequences is Essential to Civil Society

Dear editor: Whether Tom Lubnau likes it or not, sexual deviance and anarchy do not stay in the bedroom. Men who think they are women will insist that every other man and women recognize their delusion.

February 20, 20245 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Dear editor:

[In a recent column,] former House of Representatives Speaker Tom Lubnau asserts that the Wyoming state legislature is taking an inordinate interest in the “private parts” of Wyoming citizens this year.

However, Lubnau then proceeds to point out that the state legislature has a constitutional responsibility to uphold morals in the state of Wyoming.

Lubnau cannot have it both ways. He cannot assert that the legislature must fulfill its goals, but then deride the legislature (and the voters, for that matter) who demand clear definitions and ordinances to protect children, adults, families, and the public square.

Private behavior has public consequences, and perverse private behavior made public requires public regulation.

One quote from Lubnau’s latest opinion piece bears repeating:

“For the 133 plus years Wyoming has been a state, the legislature has been passing statutes dealing with morality. And, as the opinions of society change as times change, the statutes change. Sometimes, the issue changes with the times.”

The truth is that many points of conflict have arisen today that never came up years ago, because years ago no one would have dared question:

1.     The essential nature of male and female

2.     The fact that people cannot change their sex

3.     The notion that confused men should not play in women’s sports or use women’s facilities

4.     The abominable argument that children should view explicit, pornographic content in books and school curricula

5.     That homosexuality and transgenderism should not be viewed as essential identities, nor should such behaviors become protected classes at the expense of our natural rights

The times have indeed changed, and not for the better.

Sexual deviance and dishonor are becoming the norm, not the exception.

People’s private lives used to be private, but now LGBT activists insist on making their private lives—and private parts—very public.

From the obscene books in public libraries, to the explicit curricula in public schools, to the very public displays of obscenity, depravity, and debauchery in PRIDE parades and festivals, Wyomingites (especially their children) cannot escape other people’s pushing their privates in public spaces.

One of the most nationally notable, or notorious example of this time-changing conflict is taking place right now at the University of Wyoming.

A confused man who thinks he’s a woman, insists on calling himself Artemis Langford, has forced his—yes HIS—way into the campus women’s sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma.

For the past two years, sorority members have had to endure the gross violation of their privacy. Don’t their “private parts” matter? Doesn’t their privacy matter?

This biological male—private parts and all— has invaded their spaced, disturbed their peace, dishonored their institution with the public display of his private confusion. This abuse requires a legislative remedy.

And therein lies a major rub now with Lubnau. He repeats the weak argument of corporate lobbyists and libertarian accommodationists: The government should not regulate individuals and their private parts. Yet Wyoming criminal code punishes all sorts of sexual offenses, for starters.

Men and women who wish to marry record their marriages before a magistrate as a matter of public record, as well. Every health record and public legal record recognizes the reality of sex, male and female, for every Wyoming resident. Sex is a public matter!

To oppose this public push to make perversion with one’s private parts public, Wyoming MassResistance activists have been organizing parents across the state to:

1.     Get rid of obscene materials in libraries, so that children do not have access to them.

2.     Clean up schools so that they teach students, instead of grooming them into sexual degeneracy

3.     Remove professional staff who refuse to protect children from such filth materials.

4.     Pass key legislation to protect the clear distinctions of male and female, marriage, and family.

Whether Lubnau likes it or not, sexual deviance and anarchy do not stay in the bedroom. Men who think they are women will insist that every other man and women recognize their delusion.

Homosexuals who insist on embracing and celebrating their destructive sexual preferences want to shut down, shame, silence, or eliminate anyone who disagrees with them or merely points out that such behaviors are unnatural and unhealthy.

The whole LGBT agenda has gone from the bedroom to the boardroom and is now invading the classroom.

If homosexuals and transgenders would have kept their privates private, there would have never been a need for the legislature to engage public debates to seek public consequences to stem the health, moral, and cultural collapse which has ensued.


Ed and Susan Sisti

Wyoming MassResistance

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