Dave Simpson: Once Again, Rush Limbaugh Was Right

Columnist Dave Simpson writes, "Rush Limbaugh said the powers that be in Washington would do everything in their power to destroy Donald Trump, to destroy his businesses, to destroy his family, and to send the message that scruffy, no-account voters like us must never elect a person like this again. Rush was right."

Dave Simpson

February 19, 20244 min read

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Sunday night at dinner, I brought up something Rush Limbaugh said years ago.

(Turns out it was three years to the day since the vastly-popular radio broadcaster died.)

Mention that you listened to Rush and it brings out the crazy in our Democrat friends. (Luckily, there were no Democrat friends at dinner Sunday.)

For them, it confirms what they've long thought - that we are knuckle-dragging troglodytes, rubes, slack-jawed gomers who ain't been to college, and who voted for Donald Trump. You know, the old “basket of deplorables.”

Admitting you liked Rush puts you in the cross hairs of intellectuals, professors, and people who call their co-workers “colleagues.” (My father said, “Highbrows tend to have pointy heads.”)

So, from time to time, for fun, I like to point out in a column that I listened to Rush for 33 years.

The shocked response takes me back to my newspaper days, when I was that rarest of newsroom oddities – a Republican. A two-headed toad.  Republicans were like Bigfoot, often rumored, seldom seen.

What I recalled Rush saying was a prediction he made during Donald Trump's term in office.

He warned that the powers that be in Washington, and in liberal infestations everywhere, would do everything in their power to destroy Donald Trump, to destroy his businesses, to destroy his family, and to send the message that scruffy, no-account voters like us must never, ever elect a person like this again.

His destruction would demonstrate the entrenched muscle of the bureaucracy, in power far longer than any president, and willing to go to great lengths to protect their sweet deal.

Rush, obviously, was right.

It was the full-court press against Trump from the very start, with women in pink hats protesting his very existence, and actual discussion of putting a wire on a Justice Department official to entrap Trump in something illegal. From the start, there were calls for impeachment and invoking the 25th Amendment to get him out of office. Madonna said  she “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

After spending millions investigating Russian collusion and coming up empty, they impeached him over a phone call, for something Joe Biden stupidly admitted doing in a video.

They impeached him again, this time after yahoos stormed into the Capitol, after Trump urged a crowd to go “peacefully and patriotically” to question an election that raised a lot of questions. (That “fight like hell” quote was taken out of context. Check it out.)

Predictably, the Senate voted not to kick a guy out of office who was already out of office. (Duh!)

Then the new cool thing for liberals was to say their rank hatred for a guy we elected president was somehow “saving democracy.”

And then, after Trump left office, they brought civil and criminal charges against him. And not just one or two charges against a former president – something never done before – but 91 charges in four indictments, plus an attack on his businesses in New York, and an assault charge long after the statute of limitations had passed. (Trump haters in New York passed special, temporary legislation to make the assault charge possible.)

So far, the civil actions against him amount to $5 million, $83.5 million, and just last week $355 million. He's barred from running businesses in New York for three years, and his sons for two years. His sons were each fined $4 million. (The lady who won $83.5 million was so jubilant that she promised to take liberal icon Rachel Maddow on a shopping spree. Weee! New shoes for Rachel!)

And the criminal trials haven't even begun yet. He's charged with 43 counts of keeping classified documents, while it was announced last week that Joe Biden is too forgetful to face even one charge for the same offense. Apparently, having all your marbles works against you with special prosecutors.

Rush Limbaugh's prediction that the deep state would punish Trump and his supporters was one of the more prescient things he ever said.

Trump's consistently high poll numbers, however, show that many of us – maybe enough to elect a president – hate to see a pack of wolves tear an elk to pieces.

We resent like hell this concerted, organized, despicable jihad against a guy we elected president.

Dave Simpson can be reached at: DaveSimpson145@hotmail.com

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