Dave Simpson: So WE'RE Extreme? Are You Kidding Me?

Columnist Dave Simpson writes, "We hear plenty about 'far-right extremists,'  but never far-left extremists. I say throwing open our southern border is the very definition of extreme."

Dave Simpson

January 22, 20244 min read

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When our Democrat friends call us extreme,  I'm reminded of that famous “PLAYOFFS?” rant by football coach Jim Mora in 2001.

After a humiliating loss in which young quarterback Peyton Manning racked up five turnovers, a  reporter asked Mora if his Indianapolis Colts could still make the playoffs.

“PLAYOFFS?” Mora shouted incredulously. “You talkin' about PLAYOFFS?  Are you KIDDING ME?”

Substitute “extreme” for playoffs, and that's how people like us feel when some very extreme people call us extreme. Let's take a look at where the real extremism is these days:

- I say running up $34 trillion in debt is extreme. And it's bipartisan extremism, with members of both parties mindlessly saddling future generations with crippling debt. Most Americans know how a checkbook works, but not, apparently, our federal government.

At least Republicans feel sheepish about it. Democrats are mostly OK with it. And we're called  extreme for asking how long this can go on.

- I say it's extreme, in a conservative state like Wyoming, for a drag queen seminar to be held recently in the Education Auditorium at the University of Wyoming. I'm also outraged at drag queens shaking their junk in front of little kids in parks and public facilities. I call that extreme.

- Boys in sororities? And liberals call us extreme?

- “Gender Queer” in school libraries? That's the hill they want to make their stand on? When even the author said it wasn't written for young kids?

- We hear plenty about “far-right extremists,” but never far-left extremists. I say throwing open our southern border is the very definition of extreme. We've taken in millions of illegal aliens, given them cell phones, plane or bus tickets to wherever they want to go, and as much as $5,000 in spending money on credit cards. Many get free health care.

And we're the extremists?

- Our clueless big city mayors, who once sang the praises of sanctuary cities, are now screaming like mashed cats over the cost of dealing with illegal immigrants. People were in tents in Chicago's freezing temperatures last week, sleeping on cots at O'Hare Airport, and the city was putting them on idling buses to keep them from freezing. (Diesel buses, not electric buses, which are harder to heat.)

And yet, those mayors blame Republicans, instead of our oblivious president, who caused this mess. Pretty extreme.

- The state of Maine is considering legislation to become a  “gender-affirming health care” haven, protecting youngsters who want to switch genders and not tell mom and dad. Doesn't government taking over the role of parents strike you as extreme?

- Late-term abortions? Maybe it's the grandpa in me, but that strikes me as awfully damned extreme.

- Banning Donald Trump from election ballots? To quote Jim Mora, “Are you KIDDING ME?”

- Four indictments and 91 separate charges against a former president of the United States – the first time an ex-president has been charged - and they're calling US extreme? (Our liberal friends always seem to go too far.)

 - A  few determined Republicans try to rein in the crazy deficit spending in Washington, but Democrats and the media call them dangerous extremists. Insolvency doesn't scare Democrats, but the thought of a government shutdown (in which everyone eventually gets paid) strikes terror in progressive hearts.

And we're the extremists?

- The state of Texas tries to stem the tidal wave of immigrants, attempting to do the job Joe Biden refuses to do. Biden responds by suing Texas for putting floating barriers in the Rio Grande, shipping containers along our shore, razor wire atop those containers, and closing a park to block access. It's one thing to not fix a problem you created. It's another whole realm of insanity to sue people trying to solve a problem you created.

And we're supposedly extreme.

- Making us energy dependent on nutty foreign countries that hate us, turning our campuses into far-left indoctrination camps, jamming electric vehicles down our throats with no idea where the electricity will come from – it's the full-court press of extremism from our determined Democrat friends.

And they have the gall to call us extreme.

My first editor over in Laramie had a word for this:


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