Sheridan Woman, 64, Found Dead In Home Had Blunt-Force Trauma

Investigators converged on a Sheridan home Sunday after a 64-year-old woman died of an apparent homicide and blunt-force trauma. Police say there’s a suspect, who is "not at large," and not yet charged. 

Clair McFarland

January 08, 20242 min read

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A husband found his 64-year-old wife dead in an apparent homicide Sunday afternoon in residential Sheridan, local police report.  

Preliminary evidence indicates the woman died of blunt-force trauma, Capt. Tom Ringley, public information officer for Sheridan Police Department, told Cowboy State Daily on Monday. He noted the woman was found inside the home.  

Officers first went to a home on Gladstone Street at about 7:07 p.m. Sunday evening, after a husband found his wife dead, says a Sheridan Police Department call log.  

“There is no danger to the community,” the notation adds.  

Authorities have identified a suspect, and that person is “not at large” and not yet charged with a crime, Ringley said.  

“The suspect does not have access to the public,” added Ringley, saying he could not elaborate on that statement yet because it could compromise the integrity of the investigation.  

There are multiple reasons a person may not have access to the public, including (but not limited to) being jailed or being confined on a mental health hold.  

Ringley said Wyoming State Crime Lab investigators arrived on scene Monday morning.  

Sheridan County Coroner Dr. Robert Byrd told Cowboy State Daily at 2 p.m. Monday afternoon that he was not yet on scene, but was “standing by” for his portion of the investigation. He said police investigators were still in the home.  

Authorities have not yet released more specific details of the apparent blunt-force trauma, such as how many times the woman was hit or with what.

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