Josh Allen’s Christmas Gift To Brokenhearted Young Bills Fan

Former Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen didn't see a young fan's homemade sign asking him to sign his jersey. But Josh did see the video later. So he found out who the little boy was and made it right...

Jimmy Orr

December 28, 20232 min read

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It looked as though former Wyoming Cowboys quarterback Josh Allen was unknowingly a Grinch to one young fan last weekend.

The 9-year-old Bills fan named Ari was attending the Buffalo-Chargers game in Los Angeles and had made a handmade sign asking Allen to sign his jersey.

Problem was, Allen didn’t see him. But the quarterback did see another young fan close by and tossed up his hat to the kid — which delighted that little guy.

Meanwhile, Ari was caught on video crying next to his Dad while the other young fan celebrated.

Not to worry, though. Josh Allen saw the clip.

“I obviously remember being in that situation as a kid,” Allen said in a media availability. “I texted [Bills Director of Communications Kevin Kearns], I sent him the clip and I go, ‘Can we get this kid’s number?'”

Kearns delivered. He worked his magic and was able to not only identify Ari, but got his number.

“It doesn’t take too much to do something like that to make a kid’s day or resolve a problem that happened,” Allen said.

So, the day before Christmas, Allen made the phone call.

“I just wanted to call you to say I’m sorry about last night,” Allen said on speakerphone — and captured on the parents’ security cam.

“I wish I would’ve seen your sign,” Allen continued. “Merry Christmas. Thank you for supporting the Bills and I’m going to send you out a couple things if that’s OK with you.”

The little guy did not protest. He politely thanked the quarterback and thanked Allen for the gifts.

“Merry Christmas to you buddy and I hope you have a great day,” Allen said.

“That was Josh Allen!” the kid excitedly told his mom.

Ari later told Buffalo TV station WGRZ that he would much rather have had that phone call with Josh than to have his hat.

Josh said he was more than happy to oblige. He said he wished he could do this for every little fan.

“The fact is, you can't make everybody happy,” Allen said. “But I’m just glad I could make this right.”

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