Dave Simpson: 'Uptick?' 'Fair Share?' You're Killin' Me!

Columnist Dave Simpson writes, "If this is an illegal immigration 'uptick,' I'd hate to see what a surge looks like."

Dave Simpson

December 25, 20234 min read

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As the year ends, we've got 10 pounds of news in a five-pound sack. Let's touch some bases:

- I was taken aback the other day when National Public Radio reported there has been an “uptick” in people illegally crossing our southern border.


If this is an uptick, I'd hate to see what a surge looks like. Estimates of people who have crossed our border range from 6 million to as high as 13 million, depending on when you start counting. (Hint: Inauguration Day 2021.)

Daily reports from the border indicate that 11,000, 12,000, as many as 13,000 immigrants are crossing our southern border every day. Recall that Jeh Johnson, former head of Homeland Security under President Obama, said 1,000 illegal crossings a day constitutes “a crisis.”

So we're now 11 to 13 times that amount, and this is just an “uptick?” They're catching people on the Terrorist Watch List on a regular basis. But how many aren't being caught?

Even America's clueless big city mayors are waking up. They seek the universal elixir to every problem: More federal (borrowed) millions and billions to deal with immigrants.

The revelation last week was that improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are now showing up at the border, so far intercepted by Mexican authorities. But how many got through?

Last week the president called the president of Mexico to talk about the problem, no doubt because of the impending election year. Talk about too little, too late.

When the inevitable attack on our country occurs, how will the president escape responsibility for throwing open our southern border?

Wait. I know. Democrats and the news media (hard to tell the difference) will blame Donald Trump. That's how.

If Republicans and Democrats can agree on anything, it should be putting an end to this dire threat to our security, foisted on us by the seemingly oblivious President Joe Biden.

Can't we even agree on that?

- Also on the topic of knee-slappers, do you suppose someone on the president's staff has advised him to stop telling us to “pay our fair share?”

One would think having a son being prosecuted on tax charges would be enough to stop a guy from the “fair share” talk. And now records claim that the president's daughter Ashley also owes $5,000 in back taxes.

For the rest of us who pay our taxes, the challenge is not to break out laughing when he says “fair share.” Most of us are too polite to hoot loudly and say, “There he goes again!”

Until he straightens out the tax problems in his own family, let's hope Biden spares us the lecture. While he's at it, he might quit claiming that “Bidenomics” is some kind of success, when a simple trip to the grocery store proves otherwise.

- Also on the subject of hypocrisy capable of choking a Clydesdale, now that our nutty neighbors in Colorado have banished Trump from the 2024 ballot, could our Democrat friends put a lid on the talk of “voter suppression?”

What could suppress voters more than barring a candidate from appearing on the ballot? (For committing a crime even the pack of rabid prosecutors haven't charged him with?)

If ever there's ever been a time for the U.S. Supreme Court to step in and stop the madness, it is now.

- While Sen. Tommy Tuberville was attacked – including by numerous fellow Republicans – for holding up military promotions over paying some abortion expenses for service members, the one thing you didn't hear was anyone suggesting changing those policies. No, it was all about how irresponsible Tuberville was.

Funny how that works. Abortion clearly remains the holy grail.

- And lastly, I notice AARP ads on TV with people saying “while I might not agree with everything AARP does,” they like the organization's stances on Social Security issues.

Interesting that AARP is admitting some have disagreed with their past stances. When they helped kill a much-needed tax cap effort over in Nebraska years ago, I vowed to never have anything to do with them again.

In the words of Taylor Swift, “ever, ever, ever.”

Buckle up, Habitual Readers. Looks like 2024 will be an epic roller coaster ride.

Dave Simpson can be reached at: DaveSimpson145@hotmail.com

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