Cheyenne Daughters Of American Revolution Chapter OK With Transgender Members

After some members protested, the Cheyenne chapter of the national Daughters of the American Revolution organization has agreed to follow national rules to accept transgender women.

Leo Wolfson

October 20, 20233 min read

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Transgender women will be considered for membership in the Cheyenne chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution moving forward.

Cheyenne DAR Regent Judy Lindsay told Cowboy State Daily on Thursday that the local chapter rejected a proposal at its meeting last weekend to restrict membership to people who were born as biological females. She said the bylaw would have required applicants to provide an original birth certificate with the applicant’s original birth sex on it for entry.

She said the proposal was defeated by a 9-6 vote. A ⅔ majority would have been required to approve the bylaw change.

“I just think that there has been a lot of pressure from all directions,” Lindsay said of the failed bylaw change, which she supported.


Lindsay has drawn national and statewide attention in recent months for speaking out against a bylaw change at the national DAR organization’s convention this summer that clarifies the group accepts transgender female members who meet other requirements and have had their birth certificates changed to female.

The defeated Cheyenne chapter bylaw was brought in protest of that decision.

Previously, becoming eligible for the group was solely based on a woman proving her lineage of descent from a man or woman who had “unfailing loyalty” to American independence, served as a sailor, soldier or civil officer in the several colonies or states, or was a recognized patriot during the Revolutionary War. 

Lindsay opposed the change and spoke to multiple media outlets about it. 

Her actions drew criticism from some state and national leaders and a few attempts were made to remove her from her regent position but none succeeded. 

Lindsay said a bylaw change was unanimously approved at Saturday’s meeting that requires new members to attend three chapter meetings before being allowed in the group to allow current members “to get to know them.”

Moving Forward

Lindsay said she has no concerns about being removed from her leadership position before the end of her term, which expires in May 2024. She said she will announce in November whether she plans to run for reelection.

Her husband, Mike Lindsay, said many of her supporters have resigned over the bylaw change and ensuing actions. 

Judy Lindsay has a positive outlook moving forward. She mentioned a commemoration planned for next spring at the Wyoming State Museum to celebrate the installation of a plaque that will honor America’s 250th anniversary, an effort that Linsday pushed lawmakers on extensively earlier this year. Said the national president and state regent of DAR will be in attendance at the event.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to have a beautiful celebration of our country,” she said.

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