Dave Simpson: Is 'Gender Queer' Author A Book Banner?

Columnist Dave Simpson writes, "Is it the equivalent of Nazi Germany for library boards to decide that some books are appropriate for children, and others aren't? Even when the author agrees that her book is inappropriate for young children?"

Dave Simpson

October 02, 20234 min read

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When my kids were little there was an arcade in Steamboat Springs with a game called “Bop the Gophers.”

The object was to bop as many cute little gopher heads as possible when they popped out of their gopher holes.

There's as much news these days as gophers popping up their little heads. Let's see how many we can bop:

- I see that the author of “Gender Queer,” the incredibly graphic book about sexual options and techniques that our liberal friends believe belongs in libraries, now says that the book is inappropriate for younger audiences. This, despite the strident argument from librarians – most notably in Gillette – that not putting such books on the shelves of children's libraries would somehow be a violation of the First Amendment.

Does this mean the author of “Gender Queer “ is a “book banner,” as charged by those – including our incoherent president – who seem to believe that not offering a book is tantamount to banning it?

Is it the equivalent of Nazi Germany for library boards to decide that some books are appropriate for children, and others aren't? Even when the author agrees that her book is inappropriate for young children?

Answer me that, Bullwinkle.

Our liberal friends get hysterical from time to time, and I believe this is one of those times.

- At a coffee shop in North Platte, Neb., in 2003, I couldn't help hearing the discussion at the next table over. The University of Nebraska had fired its head football coach Frank Solich, and they were searching for the next coach to lead the once-vaunted Cornhuskers.

“I just hope they don't hire someone from some JERKWATER school like WYOMING,” the loud-talking Husker fan said.

Now, when you're the local editor, you find yourself in the middle of more fights than you can successfully prosecute. So I swallowed hard, and resisted the urge to interrupt, and say:

“You mean like that JERKWATER coach from JERKWATER Wyoming BOB DEVANEY?” (Hall of Fame coach of the Huskers from 1962 until 1972, cherry picked from the University of Wyoming, and whose name graces the sports complex in Lincoln.)

The guy at the next table got his wish, and they hired Bill Callahan as their next coach, who didn't recruit North Platte's own Danny Woodhead, who went on to national prominence at Chadron State, and a remarkably successful career in the NFL.

Callahan got fired a few years later.

Let's say our prayers that Nebraska won't lure Wyoming's coach Craig Bohl – who played at Nebraska and was an assistant coach under Tom Osborne – away from Wyoming. (Nebraska, 0-2 in the Big 10 this year, got beat 45 to 7 Saturday by Michigan.)

Talk about jerkwater.

- Let's review:

The same people who have opened the southern border to millions of illegal aliens claim to know what's best when it comes to the gas stove in your kitchen.

The same people who can't control crime in our major cities are sure that you shouldn't be allowed to own a gun to defend yourself.

The same people who have presided over loopy social programs that have decimated low-income families in the big cities for decades figure they should be able to keep it from you if your kid wants to switch genders.

The same people who are $33 trillion in debt, and spend $1.30 for every $1 they have in revenues, figure they need 80,000 more IRS agents to make sure you're paying your fair share.

- A study by the Conservative Political Action Conference found that Wyoming was number two in a rating of most liberal Republican legislatures, coming in second to Mississippi, and ahead of South Dakota and Idaho. The study explained that Democrats tend to be unified and committed to their nutty leftist notions, while Republicans lack fire in their bellies. Our guys are putty in their hands.

So it's safe to say that here in Wyoming, seldom has it taken so little blue to turn bright red into wishy-washy purple.

Do some research on your supposedly Republican legislator  – voting records of legislators are out there on multiple websites - and look for a tint of blue around the edges.

Dave Simpson can be reached at: DaveSimpson145@Hotmail.com

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