Man Videos Himself After Being Shot On Wind River Indian Reservation

A man working a mobile food booth on the Wind River Indian Reservation on Thursday was reportedly shot. The victim posted several videos, including one immediately after the shooting proclaiming, “I just got shot by this f***ing racist.”

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September 29, 20233 min read

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Update: Two people were shot in this incident and hospitalized. None were arrested as of Friday, according to a comment the FBI sent to Cowboy State Daily Friday after this story’s publication.

RIVERTON — A mobile food booth cook working on the Wind River Indian Reservation was shot Thursday afternoon, then posted a video of himself to Facebook immediately after the shooting, and twice more from the hospital.  

The entrance to Rendezvous Road off of Highway 789 just south of Riverton was closed Thursday afternoon. because of a shots-fired incident at 2 p.m., Cowboy State Daily confirmed on the scene.  

There were no fatalities as of Thursday, according to an unofficial source. At that exact time, however, a man running the Facebook business page Brothas Wingz – a mobile food vendor – posted to the page that he’d been shot by a man who called him a racial slur.  

The man, who appears black, called his shooter a “racist.” A woman in the comments disputed that, saying the shooter has children who are “half black.”

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Thursday evening the man posted another video saying he made it to an outside hospital on an air ambulance and was stable, and was headed into surgery to get his bullets removed.  

“If I don’t make it out of surgery, to all my family, to all my friends, to my daughter, to my son: I love you,” he said.

Friday morning, the man posted yet again thanking everyone who showed support and concern. He survived, but still had one bullet left inside him that the doctors planned to leave because there were too many complications associated with taking it out.  

The man said he didn’t understand why doctors couldn’t get the wound to stop bleeding, “But I’m alive. I’m still here. I'll see you all soon.”  

The man did not respond to a Cowboy State Daily text message by publication time Friday.  

The FBI, which oversees felony-level crimes on the Wind River Indian Reservation, did not immediately respond Friday morning to a Cowboy State Daily email requesting comment.

It was unclear how many shots were fired or how many times the man was hit.

Two people were shooting at each other, both got injured and both had weapons, according to an agency-assist notation by the Riverton Police Department.

That’s The Scene 

Meanwhile, Offdawall Kitchen, another food vendor in the area, posted a video of the crime scene Thursday afternoon. The video shows a blue residence, the Bureau of Indian Affairs police vehicles, and briefly shows BIA Police Chief Erick Blackburn working on scene.  

At one point, the man shooting the video focuses on an officer’s BIA badge.  

He then pans to the intersection of Rendezvous Road and Highway 789.  

Another man speaking on the video questions why the agents were working near the residence off the road, when "that shit happened right here." 

The camera then focuses on a food vat under an outdoor pop-up tent.

The man who shot the video turned the camera on himself briefly, and said "Quit bein' racist." He accused the shooter of being racist, and said "That's why he's layin' up there with some slugs in his ass."

  • It's not clear how many shots were fired at a food vendor in Riverton on Thursday.
    It's not clear how many shots were fired at a food vendor in Riverton on Thursday. (Cowboy State Daily Staff)
  • Investigators at the scene of a shooting in Riverton on Thursday.
    Investigators at the scene of a shooting in Riverton on Thursday. (Cowboy State Daily Staff)

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