Letter To The Editor: Cat Urbigkit Is Wrong Comparing Oral Sex To Michelangelo's David

Dear editor: "Cat Urbigkit’s recent column establishes her literary 'credentials.' If she’s so familiar with literature, yet promotes pedophilic pornographic propaganda to minors, she can’t be innocent."

August 16, 20234 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Dear editor:

In Gillette, Wyoming, dozens—if not hundreds—of books in the Campbell County libraries contain advice for teens on oral and anal sex. None of this should be taught to minors, And yet, Cat Urbigkit compares homosexual oral sex to Michelangelo’s David. Discerning persons see through this agenda. Anatomically correct nudity isn’t comparable with mouth-to-genital how-to advice or other sexually explicit, pornographic exhortations.

In Gillette, Wyoming, Campbell County Public Library Director Terri Lesley was fired for refusing to take sexual propaganda out of minor sections of the library. The community requested Sex+ (which suggests teens explore nipple electrocution), This Book Is Gay (a blow job and sodomy advice resource), Gender Queer (a graphic novel depicting oral sex between an adult and a minor), and other similar books be moved to adult sections of the tax-funded library.

Cat Urbigkit characterizes protecting minors from sex propaganda as “...sidestepping the opportunity to engage in a discussion of cultural norms, religious and art history, with contrasting views...” She pretends Campbell County residents are having this reaction to the David statue, when they’re actually protecting children from mental molestation.

It isn’t “criminalizing librarians” to expect they restrict minor access to porn. Terri Lesley was fired, not jailed.

Cat’s column went on to lie in bullet form; here’s a rebuttal:

  • The LGBTQIAP+ community in Campbell County did deface a church. No one threatened magician Mikayla Oz, according to Mikayla Oz, as publicly reported by county commissioner Del Shelstad.
  • Stacking porn propaganda pushing anal sex on teenagers (This Book is Gay) in the adult section isn’t removal, it’s a move. Cat is wrong to say funding was cut because books would not be removed.
  • Sex propaganda in youth library sections is different than smut in adult bookstores. It’s appropriate to explore prosecution when adults use power to corrupt youth.
  • Community standards upgraded at CCPL are not undefined. Cat incidentally demonstrated this when she referenced community standards which have changed the collection development policy. CCPL has decided nudity and sexuality should not be pushed on youth. Good.
  • It’s reasonable to fire a library director who won’t enforce library management protocols instituted by an appointed board acting as her legal superiors.

Sodomy, nipple electrocution, advice on gay oral sex, it’s all pornography. Such things don’t encourage literary acumen, but addiction and harm. This isn’t about intellectual freedom. The Supreme Court established CIPA, the Child Internet Protection Act, in opposition to the ALA. CCPL’s collection development policy reflects the standards set forth by CIPA for a reason. History recalls decadence presaging social collapse. Greece, Rome, Egypt, Babylon; all demonstrate this.

Contrary to Cat’s arguments, free access to ideas and information isn’t restricted at CCPL. The policy was upgraded to move pornography and protection children. to the section of the library intended for non-minors.

Cat is correct the CCPL cut ties to the ALA. The same ALA recently elected a Marxist lesbian as president. The ALA has pushed sexually explicit books on teens for decades through their Marxist agenda.

Cat quotes MassResistance in critique, but MassResistance is right: “...a large number of libraries have attracted dysfunctional and sexually deviant people who should not be around children...as library employees they are driven further by the poisonous American Library Association’s stream of sexual propaganda – which normal people would simply ignore.”

Cat admits membership to the ALA and WLA. That’s bias. Rat poison is 99% food and 1% poison. The ALA and WLA don’t exclusively push pornographic propaganda. That doesn’t mean their other activities counteract Marxist poison.

Protecting children from mental abuse isn’t “political interference.” Cat Urbigkit’s recent column establishes her literary “credentials”. If she’s so familiar with literature, yet promotes pedophilic pornographic propaganda to minors, she can’t be innocent. Libraries should foster environments where children aren’t corrupted by adults through pornography. The library board in Gillette, Wyoming is doing the right thing by excluding perversity from literary administration at the CCPL.

Respectfully Submitted

Ed Sisti

Wyoming MassResistance

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