Cowboy State Daily Radio News: Monday, August 14, 2023

This is Cowboy State Daily Radio news for Monday, August 14, 2023. Listen to today's newscast and read to see what radio stations are airing our newscasts.

Wendy Corr

August 14, 20232 min read

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Good morning, and welcome to Cowboy State Daily radio! 

Today’s top stories:

Low livestock numbers coupled with excellent range conditions have set the table for a strong market year for Wyoming ranchers. 

Casper-based Infinite Outdoors aims to change the way people hunt in Wyoming by getting them on exclusive private properties at rates average folks can afford. They say their approach will help keep hunting from becoming a "rich man's pastime."

Wendy Bidstrup met the charming David Leyba in the park in Laramie one sunny afternoon after he’d biked all the way from Denver to Laramie. Leyba now faces up to 10 years in prison for allegedly breaking Wendy’s face — and he is still on the loose.

Fossils are found everywhere around Wyoming, but finding a Mongolian dinosaur in a Wyoming rock shop is unique. And illegal. 

And an increasing number of students, corporations and tourists are looking for the kind of out-of-the-world experience which can only be had under a vast night sky unpolluted by modern lights. It’s called astro-tourism, and a company in Jackson Hole has been capitalizing on Wyoming’s clear air and dark skies. 

Radio Stations

The following radio stations will air the CSD the newscasts on weekday mornings, afternoons and evenings. More radio stations will be added soon.

KYDT/KBFS — Sundance

KYCN/KZEW — Wheatland

KANT — Guernsey

KZQL — Casper

KMXW — Casper

KTGA/KBDY — Saratoga

KJAX — Jackson

KZWY — Sheridan

KROE — Sheridan

KWYO — Sheridan

KYOY — Cheyenne

KRAE — Cheyenne

KDLY — Lander

Check with individual radio stations for airtime of the newscasts.

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Wendy Corr

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