Oooops, Part Two. Wyoming Road Sign Error Has Been Up For Three Years

One Cowboy State Daily reader on Tuesday said a sign on State Highway 24 near Devils Tower that says "Picture Turonout" has been up for more than three years.

Jimmy Orr

July 25, 20233 min read

Road Sign on Highway 24 in Crook County
Road Sign on Highway 24 in Crook County (Photo courtesy, Jennifer Pierson)

There are road sign mistakes and even better road sign mistakes.

After publishing a story on a jumbled road sign in Park County, Wyoming, on Monday about a sign that read “American All” road instead of “All American” road, a reader sent Cowboy State Daily a much improved mistake-riddled sign.

This one spells out a variation of a popular frankenword "touron" that's a mix between the terms "moron" and "tourist."

This one is close.

"Picture Turonout, 1 Mile" the sign blares with Devils Tower monument in the background.

Of course, it's supposed to be "Picture Turnout, 1 Mile."

Three Years

Jennifer Pierson, who lives in Moorcroft, Wyoming, said the sign on Wyoming Highway 24, or better known as the Bear Lodge Highway, has been up for a long time.

“I first noticed it three years ago,” Pierson said. “I laugh about it every time I go by.”

As our friend Cody Beers, a public relations specialist with the Wyoming Department of Transportation, fairly pointed out on Monday, it’s a typo — which happens to everyone, including Cowboy State Daily.

“Just like journalists, sometimes we print mistakes,” Beers said. “We published our mistake for everybody to see.”

Before anyone chastises WYDOT, the agency produces hundreds of signs per year and these mistakes happen everywhere — all across the globe.

Other Typos

One sign in South Carolina pointed travelers to the state "fairgroungs" outside of Columbia instead of "fairgrounds.” That sign was up for more than six years.

Then there was the case of four misspelled road signs in New Orleans which, unfortunately, spelled the name of its own state wrong.

Louisiana was spelled Lousiana — forgetting the "i."

Perhaps the most glorious was a misspelling of the word 'school' which was painted on a road in Cape Town.

Of course, Cowboy State Daily has typos as well and it makes us cringe every time we have one.

And we're a fair target when a reader spots one.

Editor Dipsh*t

Rep. Landon Brown took us to task in a lighthearted way -- we think -- on Sunday when the subject line in our morning newsletter had the unfortunate words "Castling Rustling" instead of "Cattle Rustling."

"Way to go, editor dipsh*t," Brown texted on Sunday, followed by, "I’d hide my face forever."

Makes no difference that this was a 12:30am mistake. A typo is a typo.

One reader completely lost his mind over having to endure the horrors of a typo on a product he receives for free.

"Castling Rustling??? An insult to those of us who can read and spell. No excuse with the advent of spell checkers, just laziness," Steve Dempsey wrote.

As of early afternoon on Tuesday, WYDOT has not responded.

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