Man Stuck In Yellowstone Bathroom Because Giant Bison Was Outside The Door

A man was stuck in a Yellowstone restroom Tuesday because when he opened the door, a giant bison was standing outside of it. His dilemma attracted a crowd which, of course, decided to video the event.

Jimmy Orr

July 12, 20232 min read

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The old saying is appropriate in Yellowstone National Park: Expect the unexpected.

So when one person went into a restroom Tuesday, there was likely some surprise in opening the door to see a giant bison standing in front of it.

The guy did the right thing by waiting until the bison moved a safe distance away before leaving.

But the sight of the man peering through the cracked bathroom door attracted an audience, and in these days of social media, of course someone took video of it.

Let's Video The Guy!

Taylor Caropolo captured the awkward encounter and shared it to the popular Facebook page “Yellowstone: Invasion of the Idiots.”

To be fair, the guy stuck in the bathroom was anything but an idiot, as he acted appropriately, according to park rules.

But it was still funny.

“Look at the guy peeping out,” one child yelled as people laughed at the poor sap.

Caropolo said the bison was “massive” and questioned the intelligence of those who got up close to take photos and video.

“One older lady got within a parking spot of him. Her grandkids were yelling at her to get back,” he said.

Did The Right Thing

Linda Veress, a spokesperson for Yellowstone, congratulated the stuck bathroom guy for sticking it out.

“He did the right thing by waiting for the bison to move away from the restroom,” Veress said. “The distance requirements remain the same.”

Veress shared a link detailing those distance requirements which suggest 25 yards is the closest one should ever get to a bison.

Better Than The Others

Although the man may have been embarrassed to see the crowd and people filming him while stuck in the bathroom, he fared a lot better than a woman who fell head-first into an outhouse while retrieving her phone last year.

Or even worse, the person who jumped down into an outhouse to retrieve his phone and ended up being stuck there for hours. 

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