Dave Simpson: More Evidence It’s Best Not To Leave The Sane Boundaries Of Wyoming

Dave Simpson writes: If Moms for Liberty is an extremist hate group, who's next? The Little Sisters of the Poor?

Dave Simpson

June 19, 20234 min read

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Has there ever been a better time to stay the heck in Wyoming?

Nine miles away in the People's Republic of Colorado, the 39,000-member Colorado Education Association approved a resolution opposing — wait for it — capitalism.

It opposes the “arsenal of democracy” that defeated Germany and Japan in World War II. It opposes the economic system that spurred and rewarded invention of everything from the miracle of flight, the assembly line, putting man on the moon, the computer chip, to the internet and Lord knows what we'll see tomorrow.

They're against it. (Someone once called people like this “short-pants communists who can't park their bicycles straight.”)

These teachers oppose the economic system that puts a wide array of every product imaginable in stores in just about every town. (A whole aisle of toilet paper at Walmart.)

What is it about having your choice that they oppose so vociferously? Read, “Boris Goes to the Supermarket” if you don't believe me.

Even though I could walk to Colorado from my house, it's been years since I've actually been down there for anything other than Front Range health care.

One reason we chose to retire in Cheyenne was proximity to Denver International Airport, but who the heck wants to fly anymore? I see stories of fistfights on planes, addled passengers raving out over crying babies, fat people upset about tight seats and even a guy in South Korea who opened an emergency exit at 700 feet (everyone survived). Some airlines charge $25 to print a boarding pass.

The bus is more friendly.

No thanks. I'll stay home. If I get the wanderlust, I'll drive over to Egbert.

Geezer bias exists everywhere these days. Podcaster Megyn Kelly noted that her mother needs help remembering certain words. It happens to folks our age. My wife and I — she's a lot older than I am, 24 days — help each other recall words. Between us, we have one adequate memory.

Kelly and a couple of young squirts were talking about old people and memory, and they mentioned the Air Force Academy graduation where President Biden tipped, and he also forgot the name of the Thunderbirds aerobatic team. (He did, however, remember that two Thunderbird pilots are women, as if a woman flying a plane was something Democrats thought up.)

So, these young pundits were pontificating over age and memory, and one said it's not uncommon for oldsters (like us) to forget something as simple as “the Blue Angels” performing at the Air Force Academy graduation.

Ha, ha, ha.

I don't think so, Mr. Young Person With All His Marbles.

Maybe his youthful gray matter missed the fact that the Navy aerobatics team is unlikely to have performed at the Air Force Academy graduation. Even a geezer like me figured that out.

Meanwhile, I read that a group called Moms for Liberty has been declared an extremist hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. You can't be too careful around those wily moms, sneaking around behind your back, driving kids to soccer practice, cooking dinner, hemming pants, up to no good.

And who wants to be identified with “liberty” these days? You might as well admit to wanting to make American great again, and we all know that's the last thing anyone wants.

Who's next on the Southern Poverty Law Center's hit list? The Little Sisters of the Poor?

Not wanting to end this on a negative note, I heard something useful last week on “A Way With Words” on National Public Radio. A caller wanted to know about the word “spendthrift,” which is used often in the face of a $31 trillion national debt.

One explanation is that a spendthrift spends another person's thrift, which pretty much sums up affairs in Washington.

They provided two wonderful synonyms for spendthrift: “spendall” and “dingthrift.”

How cool is that?

Expect to hear more here about the spendthrifts, spendalls and dingthrifts in Washington.

A couple years ago on “A Way With Words,” I heard this wonderful Russian expression about politics: “Circus left, clowns remain.”

Pretty much sums it up, don't it?

Best to stay home in Wyoming.

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