Dave Walsh: It's 12 Weeks Before Wyoming Cowboys Football Begins

Columnist Dave Walsh writes, "What an opening game match-up that is for the Cowboys and their fans. A big-time opponent, from a big-time conference. And Cowboy fans have a great opportunity to take it all in, up close and personal. Wyoming versus Texas Tech, in War Memorial Stadium."

Dave Walsh

June 09, 20234 min read

Dave walsh Uw

I think it’s time to start the countdown.

I’m sure there are those who believe that it is still too early.

But not for me.

We are now a mere three months away.  We are less than a hundred days away.

Tomorrow, we will hit the 12-week mark.  Just 84 days from the start of Wyoming Cowboy Football.

I know.  It might be a tad too soon to start the countdown.  The players haven’t even returned to campus yet.  It’ll be another month or so before they report.

That doesn’t mean they haven’t been working hard and preparing in their own way.  Players are always working out and conditioning during the offseason.  There are just no team workouts, no “live” coaching, so to speak, for another few weeks.  

I know the coaching staff has been preparing for the upcoming season.  They have been getting ready for the 2023 season since the day after the 2022 season ended months ago.

Eighty-four days from now, on Saturday, September 2, the Cowboy football season begins.  The Pokes will host Texas Tech in War Memorial Stadium.

And what an opening game match-up that is for the Cowboys and their fans.  A big-time opponent, from a big-time conference.  And Cowboy fans have a great opportunity to take it all in, up close and personal.  Wyoming versus Texas Tech, in War Memorial Stadium.

Now that’s big time. And that’s the way to begin a season.

This is a game that gets one’s attention. 

Wyoming will, in fact, play five of their first six games right there in War Memorial Stadium.  And the first one, versus Texas Tech, is certainly an eye-catcher.  The only roadie for the Cowboys in the first month-and-a-half of the season comes just two weeks after the opener. 

Wyoming will be in Austin, Texas, to play the Texas Longhorns.  After the Texas Tech game, Wyoming will play Portland State in Laramie.  Then it’s the Texas game in Austin, followed by Appalachian State in the final non-conference match-up, in Laramie.

The Cowboys will start Mountain West Conference play the next Saturday in Laramie against the New Mexico Lobos.  And then, one week later, the Pokes play Fresno State in War Memorial Stadium.

So, five of the first six games of the season for the Cowboys will be played at home in Laramie.  The Cowboys get their first two Mountain West Conference games at home. 

That’s a great early-season schedule for the Cowboys.  And it sets the stage for a fast start to season for the Pokes.

But the stage is set for a big challenge in the second half of the schedule for the Cowboys.

The Cowboys will play four of the six games on the road.  Wyoming will get just two home games, versus Colorado State and Hawaii, in the second half of the season.  All six games will be Mountain West Conference games, and the four road games for the Cowboys will include visits to the Air Force Academy, Boise State, UNLV, and Nevada.

It really is an interesting schedule for the Cowboys.

It’s a good schedule for the Pokes in that they will get seven home games.  And that means the Cowboys will have just 5 road games on this season’s schedule.  Seven of the twelve games on the regular season schedule will be played on their homefield in War Memorial Stadium.

But again, the Cowboy schedule is front-loaded with home games.  Wyoming will play five of their first six games at home, and four of their final six games on the road.

And since the Cowboys will be playing their first two league games at home, they must play four of their last six Mountain West Conference games away from Laramie.

The Cowboys will have an open week, but it comes after seven straight Saturday game days.  Wyoming will play three conference games before the open date on October 21st.

It’s a great schedule for the Pokes, and with seven home games this season, it’s even better for Cowboy Football fans.

And it all gets going soon.

Only 84 days, and counting!

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