Yellowstone Not Hosting Race Against Bears On Motorized Coolers Again This Year

After causing an outcry of concern last year when people thought a fictitious race against bears on motorized coolers was really going to happen, "race officials" have announced they're hosting the event again. This year, however, participants are required to carry rotten trout with them on the coolers.

Jimmy Orr

June 07, 20233 min read

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For the second year in a row, Yellowstone National Park is not hosting a race where visitors try to outrun bears on motorized coolers.

The fictitious event drew an outcry of concern from people last year when administrators of the popular Facebook page "Yellowstone: Invasion of the Idiots”  put up a facetious poster announcing the "1st Annual Motorized Cooler Bear Run."

The park was besieged with phone calls and Cowboy State Daily received numerous emails wondering about its veracity.

“I understand that Yellowstone is proud of its heritage, but this could be dangerous,” Alicia Jessen wrote to Cowboy State Daily. “Surely, there has to be a better way to raise money for the park than doing this. I hope wisdom prevails and they cancel this horrible idea.”

It didn’t have to be canceled because it was all a joke, although it took a long time for that word to get out.

“It just goes to show that idiots abound,” founder of the site Jen Mignard told Cowboy State Daily last year. “Our group has been infiltrated by the people we’re showcasing.”

Doing It Again

And now that a year has passed, Mignard is doing it again. She posted an updated poster promoting the second annual cooler bear run and it’s falling on the same day as it did last year: June 31.

“Despite the numerous attempts to stop last year’s race by those who emailed the NPS and Cowboy State Daily about this abomination, you can get your coolers loaded, because the 2nd Annual Motorized Cooler BEAR RUN is on!!” Mignard said in announcing the event.

Mignard said this year’s event will be better than last year’s because it has increased the difficulty level. 

Some participants now must include at least three 1-week-old unfrozen trout in their coolers — which is tantamount to lacing yourself with chum.

“Race officials will be checking!” she promised.

Beautiful Poster

The poster remains the same as last year — a man wearing Ray-Bans and loafers on a motorized cooler with a grizzly close behind. 

And, just like last year, commenters are certain people will show up ready to race.

“OK, some stupid nimrod is going to show up with a motorized cooler with trout and actually try to do this,” wrote Patsy Latimer.

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