Don’t Worry, Procrastinators, Wyoming State Parks Still Have Memorial Day Campsites Available

As camping season kicks off over Memorial Day Weekend, Wyoming’s state parks should be busy, but not overrun — and it's not too late to get a spot.

Mark Heinz

May 26, 20233 min read

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As camping season kicks off in Wyoming over Memorial Day weekend, state parks are expected to be busy, but not completely mobbed.

Even those who waited until the last minute to book a campsite should be able to find one, said Gary Schoene, spokesman for Wyoming State Parks and Cultural Resources.

“Memorial Day for us is usually busy, but we don’t typically sell out and fill up every campsite in every state park,” he told Cowboy State Daily.

He expects this year to be “typical” in terms of people heading out to camp and play in state parks after being cooped all winter.

“That means that by now, sites might be 90% full in some areas,” Schoene said on Friday. “In other places it might be 80%, or 70, or even only 60%.”

Folks who hope to snag camping spot should visit the state parks website or call 1-877-996-7275, he said.

Grads, Dads And The Fourth Of July

While Memorial Day might bring out a sizable crowd, state parks are more likely to fill completely for Father’s Day and the Fourth of July, Schoene said.

Wyoming weather is usually still on the chilly side over Memorial Day Weekend, but things get warmer around Father’s Day, making a camp-out with Dad more appealing, he said.

But it’s the mid-summer celebration of the nation’s birthday that really brings out the throngs.

“The Fourth of July is always our busiest time, particularly when it falls on a weekday,” he said.

It’s on a Tuesday this year.

“We’ll get two waves of visitors for the Fourth of July when it falls on a weekday,” he said. “The first wave will come in and fill the campsites the weekend prior. Then it might settle down some during the week. But then the second big wave comes and fills things back up the weekend following the Fourth.”

The scheduling of school graduations also can affect the size of crowds at state parks, Schoene said. If people are busy celebrating with new grads, they’re less likely to go camping.

“In southeast Wyoming, such as in Cheyenne, most of the schools have had their graduations already. So, some of the parks in this part of the state, such as Curt Gowdy, might be busier than those elsewhere,” he said.

Expect Pleasant Camping

Although typically Wyoming chilly, the weather is expected to be pleasant for camping in most state parks this weekend, Schoene said.

“There should be some afternoon thunderstorms, but otherwise it should be pleasant,” he said.

“I’ve been hearing reports that the fishing is looking good this Memorial Day weekend as well,” he added. “In Glendo, for instance, the water has warmed up and the fish are getting active.”

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