About Half Small-Town Wyoming Bars Report Bud Light Boycotts

Small-town bars in Wyoming are reporting more Bud Light boycotts than larger towns. Cowboy State Daily surveyed 14 rural bars around the state to see how sales were influenced after the company chose transgender "influencer" Dylan Mulvaney to promote the beer.

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April 13, 20236 min read

The Split Rock Bar in Jeffrey City reports no change in sales of Bud Light. That's because "nobody cares," said owner Isebel Hyatt.
The Split Rock Bar in Jeffrey City reports no change in sales of Bud Light. That's because "nobody cares," said owner Isebel Hyatt. (Getty Images)

Small-town bars in Wyoming are reporting more Bud Light boycotts than larger towns.  

Cowboy State Daily surveyed bars in large Wyoming towns last week, and all reported their sales of Bud Light have not been impacted since the company partnered with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney earlier this month.  

Many readers voiced outrage, saying small-town bars are a better sample of Wyoming sentiment.  

So, Cowboy State Daily surveyed 14 bars in small Wyoming towns, from Sundance to Burns.  

About Half 

Two of the 14 declined to comment. Seven of the 12 that commented said they’ve seen no noticeable change in Bud Light sales since the controversy began.  

The remaining five reported changes from barely discernible to very severe.  

“They’re down,” said a woman who gave the first name Lannie at The Tumbleweed in Burns. “I hear quite a few customers talking about it. I would say a lot actually. We’re a cowboy bar, so …”  

Lannie said some customers are switching to Guinness.

And they’re discussing the controversy.  

‘Closet Drinking It’ 

But Michael Dean Coronato at the Ponderosa in Hulett said regulars are still drinking their Bud Light.  

“They all talk shit, but they drink it still,” said Coronato with a laugh, adding that a few are angry about the controversy.  

“Let’s just say they’re in the closet now, you know?” he said. “They’re sort of closet drinking it.”  

Coronato said he was surprised at the marketing move by Bud Light because Mulvaney isn’t the typical Bud Light customer.  

“It’s like a redneck beer,” he said, adding that putting a transgender influencer on the brand is “a bold move on their part. Or crazy.”

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

The Breakdown 

The following is a breakdown of how the 14 bars responded: 

K Bar Saloon in Powell: Bud Light sales have gone down noticeably. The beer was once the bar’s top seller and now it’s down to No. 2. Many customers have switched to Coors Light and are asking for PBR, but PBR isn’t available this week.  

The Turf Bar in Sundance: The bar sold a case or three fewer of Bud Light this week. People who are switching aren’t managing to escape Bud Light’s parent company. “I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t realize Corona and Michelob Ultra are made by Anheuser Busch,” said a bartender. “It’s been an educational thing for me, learning what other beers Anheuser Busch sells.”  

Sutton’s Tavern in Sheridan: There were boycotts initially, but they faded quickly. 

Tumbleweed in Burns: Several have switched to other beers. 

The Lucky 5 Lounge in Shoshoni: Multiple customers have switched, but Bud Light is still selling. 

Ponderosa in Hulett: No change in sales. 

Silver Dollar Bar And Grill in Cody: No noticeable changes or boycotts. 

The Split Rock Bar in Jeffrey City: No noticeable change because “nobody cares” and everyone has been snowed into town most of the winter anyway. Bar owner Isebell Hiatt had ordered enough beer – including Bud Light – to get through the winter.  

Bear Bottom Bar and Grill in Centennial: One customer commented, the others rolled their eyes. No discernible change. 

Goose’s in Worland: No noticeable change. 

Desert Bar in Wamsutter: Bud Light sells the same as always, which is not very well. Coors Light has outsold Bud at this bar for years, said a bartender.  

Point Bar in Point of Rocks: A bartender said she was sold out, and that Bud Light has always been a good seller. “No controversy here, thank you,” she said, then hung up.  

The Rustic Pine Tavern in Dubois: No comment. 

Millstone Pizza Company and Brewery in Cody: No comment. 

365 Days 

Mulvaney in an April 1 video touted the partnership while dressed as Audrey Hepburn and speaking in high-pitched, enthusiastic tones about having reached “Day 365 of womanhood.”  

Detractors called Mulvaney’s pitch sexist and insulting to women, while supporters decry Mulvaney’s detractors as transphobic.    

A movement on Twitter has since followed in which females post how many thousands of days they’ve been women and what they’ve experienced as women.  

“Today is my 20,075 day of womanhood,” said Twitter user Val Unser. “I’ve had 2 children, 1 miscarriage, 372 periods. I had a full hysterectomy 12 years ago due to massive bleeding which threw me straight into menopause and all that comes (with it). No man pretending to be a woman will ever experience this.”  

The trend has spread like wildfire.  

Another Twitter user, Stephanie Seymore, said she’s on day 20,498 of womanhood.  

“I’ve been widowed at 36, remarried, raised 7 children, love an amazing husband, and have 6 precious grands,” said Seymore. “I was an athlete in school and even held a record or two.”  

On A Larger Scale … 

The New York Post reported last week that Bud Light parent company Anheuser Busch’s shares fell about 4% after Mulvaney’s video surfaced, which amounts to about a $5 billion loss.  

The company’s market capitalization fell from $132.38 billion March 31 to $127.13 billion Wednesday, the Post reported.  

The Detractors’ Detractors 

Some Twitter users took to the keyboards to defend the brand and ridicule its detractors.   

"Watching fragile middle aged white men toss their Bud Light because they found out a trans women (sic) drinks the same beer only to replace it with Coors Light (which has) been aligned with the LGBTQ community for years, is top tier comedy," wrote a Twitter user on Wednesday.   

Famed heiress Paris Hilton congratulated Mulvaney with a one-word comment: "Cheers."  

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