Dave Simpson: The Never Trumpers Get Their Man

Columnist Dave Simpson writes: "They won't be truly happy until our 45th president appears in Alex Murdaugh jail coveralls, pink shower clogs, and gets his maximum-security head shaving."

Dave Simpson

April 03, 20234 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Nice to see smiles on the poor dears faces.

It's been such a long and disappointing road. They've suffered so much. We thought they'd never smile again.

They cried openly when the man they consider Beelzebub defeated their dream candidate in 2016. They wore pink hats, gathered by the hundreds of thousands, and declared themselves the Resistance from the very start. Madonna said she wanted to blow up the White House.

More bitter disappointments followed. They pinned their hopes on Russian collusion, but after months of investigation and millions of dollars spent, that came up Robert (I don't recall) Mueller puny. Then there was Impeachment One, over a phone call, and they thought they had the goods on President Evil. But that too was (as some are wont to say here in Wyoming) all hat and no cattle.

Then, hope springs eternal, there was Impeachment Two, the Sequel, and darned if they couldn't even fire a guy who had already left the job. (Sequels are never as good as the original. Except Godfather II.)

Talk about harshing their mellow.

Then came the disastrous Idiot Storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021, and our liberal friends were like Ralphie at Christmas, feverishly anticipating finally getting his Rough Rider BB Gun after years of waiting. They still hope to get Trump over that one, and one in Georgia, and a flap over President Beelzebub holding on to classified documents (which we all know no president has ever done).

Those three investigations could still draw blood.

But that was then. And this is now. And last week, glory hallelujah, a grand jury indicted former President Icky for relations with a woman not his wife (which we all know has never before happened in American politics). And our liberal friends are beside themselves in giggling Christmas morning excitement. They're trying to hide their grins, but it isn't working.

I expect Conga line dancing to break out at any moment at MSNBC, led by giddy Joe and Mika (President Beelzebub once tweeted that Mika had cosmetic surgery, and that was it for that friendship), followed by Evan Thomas, Michael Beschloss, Rachel Maddow and race-obsessed Joy Reid. They even brought Chris Matthews who said in a previous get Trump effort, We've got him now! out of  MeToo banishment for the celebration.

Such glee. Such joy.

Our liberal friends might need to breathe into a paper bag if they get light headed in their euphoria. They think they've finally got their man, and might be so giddy that they get dizzy and fall off their bicycles.

According to news reports, there will be no perp walk in handcuffs Tuesday when Trump is arraigned in New York. This comes as a disappointment to Trump haters, who wont be truly happy until our 45th president appears in Alex Murdaugh jail coveralls, pink shower clogs, and gets his obligatory maximum security head shaving.

Such hatred. Such fury. Such dogged determination to relentlessly pursue the guy who while often coarse and needlessly confrontational  nevertheless got amazing results in his four years in office. Bottom line: He threatened to upset the Deep State Washington DC apple cart.

 And that wont be tolerated.

Meanwhile, here in Wyoming, I see that Republicans who do not consider themselves members of the Wyoming Freedom Caucus are forming the Wyoming Caucus, which apparently will be the home of milder traditional Republicans who don't get all unpleasant and conservative about things.

My questions are these:

Do Wyoming Caucus members believe that it is OK for Wyoming residents who refuse to take experimental Covid vaccines to lose their jobs? Do they have concerns about reports that those vaccines aren't performing as promised, and may cause long-term health problems?

Do Wyoming Caucus members want school teachers talking about sex and gender with students in Kindergarten, First, Second and Third Grades? Members of the Senate didn't, but that bill didn't even make it out of the Speakers drawer.

And lastly, are Wyoming Caucus members OK with teenagers receiving life-altering gender transition treatments and surgeries?

Seems to me theres already a caucus for legislators who are OK with those things.

It's called the Democratic Caucus. And they've got plenty of room for new members.

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