Letter To The Editor: Wyoming’s Heritage Is Fraught With White Supremacy

Dear editor: It’s sad when the “Equality State” does not treat people equally because of their race or gender. This hatred and fear only furthers the “heritage” of Wyoming’s ‘good old boys’ system.

April 01, 20234 min read

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Dear editor,

Open letter to Gov. Mark Gordon:

Words such as “heritage” are used to rile Gordon’s base. “Heritage” should rarely be used in speaking about laws and governing. Wyoming’s “heritage”, Governor Gordon, is fraught with white supremacy.

Your due diligence should be paid regarding the suffrage movement and history of Wyoming. Stating “….I really try to think of what, in my memory and my experience, what really makes sense for Wyoming. It’s heritage.”

This is a dangerous statement for Wyoming voters. Doesn’t the law require legislators to keep up with the era? It’s almost as if Wyoming lawmakers and you, Governor Gordon, have forgotten how to ‘read the room’ (so to speak).

Warren Air Force Base members and leadership have had conversations about the systemic issues of racism in the state.

It’s sad when the “Equality State” does not treat people equally because of their race or gender. This hatred and fear only furthers the “heritage” of Wyoming’s ‘good old boys’ system.

Anything different that may require change causes the older generation of lawmakers to hide in fear because they cannot stand to change with the times.

Human nature fears anything that is different from what we know, and allowing laws to further Wyoming’s “heritage” of hatred and racism is dangerous for Wyoming’s future. 

What’s changed in Wyoming’s demographics and socioeconomic status? I don’t see anyone of childbearing age (Gen Z) becoming more affluent in Wyoming.

I don’t see Wyoming’s economy supporting wage gaps between genders. I particularly don’t see Wyoming jobs paying our childbearing generation higher wages to support the family structure the Republican party so frequently likes to espouse as vitally important.

Wyoming lawmakers (you) continue to make the next generation of child rearing Wyomingites poorer and more destitute, which makes them less likely to stay in the state even IF they COULD afford to pay for a college education.

So, I would genuinely like to know how the lawmakers address these important topics versus passing hyperbolic laws about microchip implantation in Wyoming workers. It’s frankly embarrassing. These points are necessary to consider to further Wyoming families and Wyoming’s future generations.

You may not be “immune” or “oblivious” to criticisms and don’t “look for national attention”, however your inability to determine what’s actually good for all Wyoming citizens is a national concern in and of itself.

When laws come to your desk and your veto powers are at hand, you have an obligation to look to the future of your state, not how popular you are with your constituents! Wyoming still needs an answer as to the specifics that have changed in the state that supports your authoritarian style of governing!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the vast majority of Wyoming women aren’t so much different with regard to being used to having bodily autonomy than any other women.

How does Wyoming plan to support the medical infrastructure of Wyoming women’s healthcare after a 50 year precedent of bodily autonomy? How will that be addressed?

How does Wyoming plan to support the already hungry children of Wyoming? Can it afford to take care of more hungry and unwanted children? How does that affect the Wyoming economy in our future? Do any lawmakers, statewide and nationwide, actually look into what will happen if they completely ban abortion?

Or does everyone have to go cry into their “morals and values” that they only use when it’s convenient for keeping the older generation’s vote?

That generation won’t even be around in 10+ years, Gen Z will be. It’s pretty telling when people want to claim they are banning abortion “for the children” yet have no regard for the parentless children going hungry in Wyoming and across the nation. The ridiculous hypocrisy you and Wyoming legislators have shown this year is embarrassing and appalling.


Joy Werre, Cheyenne

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