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Letter To The Editor: Bill Sniffin Made Up Numbers In His Column

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Dear editor:

I was doing a positive head nod as I read the opinion piece from Bill Sniffin about common sense. My positive head nod got bigger as I read more– until Mr Sniffin criticized Liz Cheney.

His definition of common sense did not understand why any politician would sacrifice their own career, in order to defend the country from a defeated, now possibly indicted politician who attacked our electoral process, denied the reality of his defeat and violently opposed the legal transition of power.

What Cheney did as a patriotic elected official, who had sworn an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, makes perfect sense to me, Common sense.

His common sense is based on numbers. He states there were a million peaceful protesters on January 6th? There weren’t even close to 20,000.

His numbers say that only 1/10 of 1% crashed the capital? A tenth of 1% of even 1 million, is 1,000 attackers. We have all seen, with our own eyes, over and over, that his numbers used are not close to reality.

Oh, perhaps those numbers were based on the tapes released by Tucker Carlson in  an effort to provide truth and honest reporting to the American republic. The numbers make no sense, no common sense.

Mr Sniffin’s common sense says that January 6th was not nearly as bad as 9-11. I understand that many more American lives were lost on 9/11, but that attack did not jeopardize our electoral process, did not jeopardize the peaceful transition of power, did not violate our constitution in a way that threatens our democracy.

The attempt to downplay January 6th makes no sense to me, no common sense- – unless you are politicians, desperate to revise history in order to obtain votes in future elections. 

Bill states that Biden wants to close our coal-fired power plants, and we should use India and China as examples to help us make decisions in the United States and Wyoming.

Everything I read, including in the Cowboy State Daily, shows that the power companies want to change the use of coal as a fuel source, based on the market, a good old-fashioned standard of capitalism. And I don’t consider what India and China are doing as an example when I am making decisions. Makes no sense to me, no common sense. 

I agree with Mr Sniffin, that common sense is very important. Because it is so important, it is important to me that it is based on positive values, and reality. Makes sense to me, Common Sense.


Jim Barr

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