Letter To The Editor: Children Should Be Taught What Energy Is So They Can Fight Idiocy

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Dear Editor:

In response to Kevin Killough’s March 10 article, “America’s Energy IQ“. First I thought it was a good article, however I feel one could write whole books on the subject, and some have. 

The problem I see is that those books and articles such as Kevin’s are only read by and acknowledged by open minded people that for the most part already know these things.

We fail because we don’t teach energy to our children in the public school system, but climate change is being heavily taught by school teachers, and in most cases being taught to an agenda and not science.

It is so bad there is a national hotline for climate depression, we have filled our children’s heads with climate doom and fossil fear so bad that colleges including Harvard have a psychologist on staff just for it.

If we actually taught our children in junior high and high school in both science and history classes what energy is and what energy abundance has actually done for us then they would have a better shot at making an informed opinion on things like the idiocy behind banning gas ranges in our kitchens.

One should not have to go to engineering school to learn what energy is and what it has done for us.  My two and half cents.


Richard Nielsen, Gillette

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