Letter To The Editor: Reader Decimates Cowboy State Daily Automotive Writer For Endorsement Of SUV

Dear editor: I just read Aaron Turpen's review of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and how it's the "perfect small family sport utility vehicle for Wyoming." Reminds me of a great and true Chuck Yeager story..."

March 08, 20232 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Mr. Turpen,

I just read your review of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and how it’s the “perfect small family sport utility vehicle for Wyoming.”

Your article reminded me of a great – and true! – story my retired Air Force husband likes to tell.  A KC-135 crew, staying overnight at an air base, were having drinks in the Officers Club bar when the young co-pilot spots Chuck Yeager, the legendary pilot famous for having first broken the sound barrier, at one of the other tables. 

The co-pilot says to his buddies, “Hey, I’m going to go say hi to Yeager!” and gets up, tropical drink complete with parasol in hand, and marches over to the other table.  “General Yeager,” he says breathlessly.  “I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration your career has been to me.” 

Yeager just looks the kid up and down, sees the parasol in the kid’s glass, points to it and says, “That’s a pussy drink.” 

Son, Wyoming cowboys are legendary, and the Mitsubishi Outlander is a pussy car.

When it grows up, can haul six hay bales in the back, and tow a horse trailer it will be the perfect vehicle for Wyoming, even for Wyoming “small families.”


All the best,

Candace C. Bowen

Dubois, Wyoming

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