Here Come The Bears! First Grizzly Of The Season Spotted in Yellowstone (No One Mauled Yet)

Just in time for 307 day, the first grizzly of the year was spotted in Yellowstone National Park on Tuesday. The 350-pound bear was, not surprisingly, eating at the time.

Jimmy Orr

March 07, 20231 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Hibernation is over. At least it is for one bear in Yellowstone.

The National Park Service on Tuesday reported the year’s first sighting of a grizzly bear.

Not surprisingly, the bear was spotted eating.

“The adult bear, estimated at 300-350 pounds, was seen near the remains of a bison carcass in Pelican Valley, in the central-eastern part of the park,” said a spokesperson for the park.  

A wildlife biologist who was on a radio telemetry flight reported seeing the bear.

Sadly, the agency did not release a photo of the hungry bruin, despite what would be overwhelming interest in seeing it.


It’s not unusual for a grizzly to be spotted in early March. The first bear sighting of 2022 also occurred on March 7.

Male grizzlies are the first to emerge and come out in early March. Females with cubs come out in April and early May.

As usual the Park Service is warning people not to disturb the bears.

“Sometimes, bears will react aggressively to encounters with people when feeding on carcasses,” it said in a release.

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