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Letter To The Editor: The Lack Of Real Journalism Is What Killed The Newspaper

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Dear editor,

Dave Simpson’s recent column, “Very Sad”, got me to reminiscing.

I delivered the Casper Star from 1967 to 1972. It was a different time then and it is hard to imagine an eleven year old out on the streets at 6:00 AM now.

I didn’t just deliver the paper, I also read it which started a nearly lifelong habit. It was during my ten year exile to Texas, where I subscribed to the Houston Chronicle, that my relationship with the newspaper ended.

I came to realize that the paper was primarily opinion and emotion. I could spill my coffee on the paper without wetting a fact.

If Woodward and Bernstein had been like modern reporters they’d have asked people how they felt about the Watergate break in without digging any deeper.

That’s what is really sad. The lack of real journalism is what killed newspapers.


Mark Christensen


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