Dave Walsh: Keep An Eye Out For Philly’s No. 22, Former UW Star Marcus Epps In The Super Bowl

Dave Walsh writes: No. 22 on the Philadelphia defense brings special interest. Former Wyoming Cowboy, Marcus Epps, will be manning the secondary for the Eagles."

Dave Walsh

February 10, 20234 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

No. 57 sure looks like a winner!

Super Bowl LVII has all the makings of a “super” Super Bowl. We’ll soon see when the National Football League stages its championship game on Sunday.

There seems to be little doubt that the two best teams in the NFL are playing in this Super Bowl. 

The Philadelphia Eagles got off to a torrid start this season and dominated most of their opponents. The Kansas City Chiefs might not have been quite as dominant, but they won just as many games. 

Both teams had first-round byes in the playoffs and both, of course, have advanced to the Super Bowl with two wins in the post-season.

And just how even does this matchup happen?

Oddsmakers have made the Eagles the favorite, but the spread is miniscule. Philadelphia is a 1.5-point favorite.

Both teams won their divisions and finished with 12-3 records heading into the playoffs and both come into the Super Bowl with identical 14-3 records.

And these two teams are very similar in their approaches to the game. 

We might be looking at the two best offenses led by, just possibly, the two best quarterbacks in the league. 

I think Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts are two of the most explosive quarterbacks in the league. They both make big plays, and a lot of them. 

Mahomes and Hurts can beat you in so many ways. Both are outstanding in the pocket and even more destructive out of it. They have become very effective passers, and both have the ability to tuck the football and become a running back.

The quarterbacks are the stars, they are the big draws in this game.

But there is so much more. 

There are supporting casts on both teams that are loaded with All Pros.

The Eagles might just have the best offensive line in all of the NFL. The Chiefs might have the most-improved offensive front in the league. 

Both teams have playmakers on the outside and are blessed with very adequate runners and outstanding tight ends. The Patrick Mahomes-Travis Kelce quarterback/tight end tandem is special, truly one of the best ever.

Isiah Pacheco and Miles Sanders are both dependable running backs. 

With all of those stars on the offensive side of the ball, and two big-time quarterbacks leading them, it will be fun to watch no matter who has the ball.

Yes, the offenses are special and appear to be playing at the top of their game right now. I think most will be expecting a lot of big offensive plays and a lot of scoring.

So … that means it’ll probably turn into a defensive struggle, right?

Well, with the defenses these two teams have in the game, it very well could happen.

The Eagles defense led the league in sacks during the regular season and has recorded eight sacks in two playoff games. 

The target in this game is one of the slickest and slippery quarterbacks in the game. Mahomes can be very hard to catch, and he’s probably the best at making big plays when he does get away. 

The Kansas City defense has the very same problem – what to do with Jalen Hurts? 

Hurts can be just as dangerous as Mahomes, and he goes about it in very much the same way.

I just don’t see an advantage for either team on offense or defense. 

If that’s the case, then it could be a big play on special teams that decides things. 

It also could come down to turnovers. I know, turnovers are a factor in most games, but the takeaways and giveaways will be even bigger in this game. 

But that figures; after all, this is the Super Bowl.

We’ll be paying close attention when Kansas City has the football. Mahomes is so much fun to watch, and No. 22 on the Philadelphia defense brings special interest. Former Wyoming Cowboy, Marcus Epps, will be manning the secondary for the Eagles.

But I’m picking the other guys to win this one. I’ll go with the underdogs in a close game.

Now don’t go betting the ranch on this. I mean, really what do I know? 

I do know that trying to pick winners in sports is silly. But then I’m not opposed to being silly once in a while, so here goes: Kansas City 27, Philadelphia 24.

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