Harriet Hageman Starting To Show Some Humor And Personality On Social Media

Freshman Congresswoman Harriet Hageman is starting to show some personality on her Twitter feed. From mocking the movement to ban gas stoves to lampooning the Biden administration on the Chinese spy balloon, Hageman is interspersing humor along with policy statements.

Jimmy Orr

February 04, 20232 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

You never know how an elected official will use social media. 

Will it just be a platform for them to communicate policies or will they show some personality? Or will it be a combo meal?

It looks like freshman Rep. Harriet Hageman is pursuing the third option.

Social media proponents say personality is important to show as it humanizes the user. It’s let the consumer see more of who they are in real life.

Someone who just pushes links isn’t that interesting, they say.

Instead of just telling her constituents, for example, that she voted for a resolution on Thursday that denounced socialism, she called attention to those who did not.

“It’s not a trick question,” Hageman tweeted. “Is socialism bad, yes or no? 100 Democrats refused to denounce the horrors of socialism. What does that say about the modern Democratic Party?”

In fact, 86 Democrats voted against the resolution while 14 voted “present” — which means they abstained from answering.

Of course, Twitter is a cesspool and Hageman immediately was pounced-on by foes including the official “Socialist Party” account.

“That, just maybe, unlike you, they know that what came about in Russia, China etc was STATE CAPITALISM, you ignorant clown,” they wrote.

Hageman showed more personality last month when she tweeted a photo of herself at her kitchen in Cheyenne.

“I’m glad to be home cooking a lovely dinner for my husband on my assault stove on this chilly evening,” she tweeted next to her gas stove.

This was in reference to very real efforts to stop using natural gas to power stoves. 

Sometimes it’s better just to retweet a message because that tweet is hard to beat. Like on Saturday some time before the Biden administration shot the Chinese balloon down.

She retweeted her colleague from Kentucky, Rep. Thomas Massie.

“If Biden shoots down the balloon, it will be the first thing he’s ever done to combat inflation,” he tweeted.

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