Dave Walsh: Watch Former Cowboys In The NFL Playoffs

Dave Walsh writes: Im one of those who just really loves football and then theres the Pokes in the Pros' factor. There are 11 former Wyoming Cowboys football players on current NFL rosters and many will play this weekend."

Dave Walsh

January 13, 20234 min read

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We are facing the end of one of our favorite sports for the year. We’re approaching that part of the calendar year when we do without this popular game of ours. 

We’ve already seen the finish of the college version, the preps just completed their season too. And now the pros will begin the final stage of their football season. 

I did learn just recently that the Georgia Bulldogs are, by far, the best team in college football. They might be better than a couple of teams at the next level. In fact, I’d love to see a championship of the state of Georgia, the Georgia Bulldogs vs. the Atlanta Falcons. 

That game will never happen of course, but there are several very big NFL playoff games that will be played over the next few weeks. These are the final football games of the year. 

And many of those games will garner special attention from University of Wyoming Cowboys football fans. 

There’s Josh Allen, of course. But there is so much more. Or I should say, so “many” more.

I’m one of those who just really loves the game. Football is special to so many. The NFL version is the top of the chain talent-wise, so it is especially interesting. 

And then there’s the “Pokes in the Pros” factor. There are 11 former Wyoming Cowboys football players on current NFL rosters. 

So many Cowboys football fans have become huge Buffalo Bills fans. The Josh Allen factor is obvious here. We thoroughly enjoy watching No.  17 do his thing in the National Football League. The Bills host the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. 

Many Pokes fans are now Cincinnati Bengals and Jacksonville Jaguars fans as well. I know I’m biased here, but it seems like Logan Wilson is making every tackle for the Bengals defense. The Bengals will play the Baltimore Ravens in Cincinnati on Sunday. 

I like to watch the Jaguars, and Chad Muma and Andrew Wingard can be seen flying around making plays on defense and special teams. 

We’ll keep a lookout for No. 55 for the Bengals. Logan Wilson is everywhere. 

Chad Muma, No. 48, will start at linebacker, and he’ll be making a lot of tackles for the Jaguars. 

Andrew Wingard, No. 42 for the Jags and sporting the long blonde locks, will be seen always around the football, predominantly on the punt and kickoff teams. 

The Jaguars will host the Los Angeles Chargers Saturday evening. 

Former Wyoming defenders Marcus Epps and Tashaun Gipson are on NFL playoff rosters, but it’s not certain whether either will play. Epps and the Eagles have a bye this weekend after gaining the No. 1 seed in the NFC. Gipson and the San Francisco 49ers will play host to the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday afternoon. 

These are the former Pokes we could see in the NFL playoffs. There are other Cowboys who have seen their NFL season come to an end. 

There are already a lot of Denver Broncos fans among those who live in Wyoming, and there are more Cowboys fans who have become even more avid Broncos fans because of Mike Purcell. 

The former Wyoming defensive lineman had quite a season stuffing up the Denver interior defensive line this year. 

Carl Granderson, another former Wyoming defensive lineman, has taken his game to the NFL and is coming off a very productive season with the New Orleans Saints. 

Former Cowboys center Chase Roullier and former Wyoming defensive back Tyler Hall have already made big splashes in the NFL, but both have had to fight through injury this season. 

Roullier is still listed as a starter for the Washington Commanders, and Hall is expected to return to the Los Angeles Rams secondary. 

And former Cowboys wide receiver Tanner Gentry was a member of the Buffalo Bills practice squad this season. 

So enjoy these final games of the year. Football season is coming to a close. 

The NFL certainly knows how to put on a great show. And for a lot of us, these final shows have so many former Cowboys performing as its stars. 

That’s even more of a bonus, and I’m in.

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