Doomsday Theorist Says World Will Blow Up Soon; Will Speak In Cheyenne In January If Earth Still Exists

Although he has very little, if any, support in the scientific community, a doomsday theorist from Colorado says the Earth will be devastated by a massive thermonuclear explosion very soon. He is scheduled to speak in Cheyenne on January 7 if the world hasn't exploded by then.

Leo Wolfson

December 30, 20223 min read

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A popular internet doomsday theorist will visit Wyoming to talk about the solar system and its relationship with everyday life on Earth.

Ben Davidson runs Suspicious0bservers, which boasts a YouTube channel with 649,000 subscribers, will host a “Lunch and Learn” meetup in Cheyenne on Jan. 7. 

According to its IMDB page, Suspicious0bservers is an online research community dedicated to investigating solar activity, earthquakes, astrophysics and weather.

Specifically, Davidson propagates his belief that solar storms and flares have an intimate effect on everyday life on Earth. He also believes earthquakes are influenced by the sun and that humans haven’t caused climate change. 

Davidson releases at least one new video a day detailing his solar forecast for the day and other theories and predictions.


He believes that electrical activity on Earth can help predict where earthquakes will happen, that climate change is a massively flawed concept because of improper accounting of “solar forcing” and that dark matter is simply normal matter we can’t see.

Davidson promotes the idea that around every 12,000 years, magnetism causes a thermonuclear explosion emanating from the sun so powerfully that it causes severe destruction on Earth. He believes the Earth is due to receive one of these explosions soon.

There is very little support for most of his claims in mainstream science, but Davidson said his research and publications have influenced many scientific papers. 

A former equity financer with no formal education in science, Davidson started Suspicious0bservers in 2011 to follow his passion of astrophysics. 

He says that scientists have neglected the effect of solar particles, cosmic rays, the interplanetary magnetic field and Earth’s weakening magnetic field in causing climate change. 

The warming effect of greenhouse gasses is well established and so is the link between human activities and Earth’s current warming.

Doomsday theorist Ben Davidson has more than 600,000 YouTube subscribers, and also plenty of skeptics who respond to him.

Plenty Of Skeptics

Davidson’s books include “The Next End of the World” and “Weatherman’s Guide to the Sun,” and cover topics of space weather, solar-terrestrial physics and modern catastrophism. 

Davidson has plenty of detractors, some of whom have described him as a “grifter” and his work as “pseudoscientific.”

Over the past year, Davidson has been building an Observer Ranch in his hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

The facility is described as an education campground and learning center aimed at countering “the narrative of fear by equipping and informing folks of all ages through sharing research related to solar-terrestrial physics” as well as teaching about gardening and homesteading. 

Observer Ranch will offer cabin and RV rentals as well as classes and a conference series.

Tickets to attend the Jan. 7 “Lunch and Learn” from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Kiwanis Community House in Cheyenne are $100 each. 

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