Logan Wilson’s Goal When He Plays Josh Allen In Two Weeks Is Not To Get Hurdled

When former Wyoming Cowboy linebacker Logan Wilson meets former teammate Josh Allen in two weeks, he's got one goal: not to get hurdled.

Jimmy Orr

December 16, 20222 min read

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When two former Wyoming Cowboys play against each other in two weeks, the goal of one is not to get hurdled by the other.

That’s what Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Logan Wilson told sportscaster Kay Adams on Thursday when asked about the upcoming game against former teammate Josh Allen, the quarterback of the Buffalo Bills.

“Not to get hurdled,” Wilson said of Allen’s favorite way of eluding tacklers.

“He’s been known to hurdle some guys,” he said, laughing. “He’s a freak athlete, truthfully. And he’ll also run you over so you gotta worry about everything he’s going to do when he’s got the ball in his hands.”

Last week, the announcers of the Jets – Bills game said they thought Allen’s hurdle ranked in his top three of all time.

Not only did Allen get the first down but to accomplish that, he pulled-off a 360 degree hurdle.

“We’ve seen that 1,000 times but that’s one of his top three right there,” the announcer said. 

“At the very end of [this play], he shows this ‘creature of another planet’ move,” he said.

Was it a John Elway ‘helicopter’ move? Yeah, similar. Not as much on the line but hopefully Allen will be in that position in February.

The Bills play the Dolphins in Buffalo this Saturday at 6:15pm (Mountain Time) while his buddy Logan and the Bengals play the Buccaneers in the late window on Sunday at 2:25pm (Mountain Time).

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